5 thoughts on “Who is Ryan Payne?

  1. Well he certainly looks Jewish, and people are going to have to start noticing these things if they want to avoid constantly falling victim to one subversive infiltrator after another.

    It’s not “bigotry” or “anti-semitism”. It’s the nature of the struggle we’re in, and if you take a good hard look at EVERYONE responsible for the endless subversion of EVERY political movement you’re going to find the same Jewish heritage.

    ALL of the information you’ve received for your entire life was delivered by Zionist Jews, and you were taught to find this avenue of thought offensive, but you’re going to have to re-educate yourself and get over it if we’re to ever stop the infiltration and subversion of everything we do that requires cooperation between Patriots. The infiltration of every group that forms has always been their chosen method of destroying it.

    And all of the in-fighting that transpired at the Bundy ranch is typical of what Jews do to EVERY movement that challenges the Zionist agenda.

    Get used to it. It’s part of our battlefield, and that’s why I insist on pointing out the Zionist root of all the problems we face as a nation.

    I’m NOT saying that all Jews are evil or bad. I AM saying that we’re faced by a coordinated Jewish movement to destroy this country just as Jews have destroyed a hundred others, and you better start getting over your “political correctness” brainwashing now if you want to avoid this same thing happening over and over.

    Many Jews are on our side, and I appreciate their help, but Patriots need to be cautious regarding their actions, and make sure they’re not working to “divide and conquer” as they’re accustomed to doing.

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