We Must Stop the Work Visas Now!

In my article yesterday we talked about laborers bringing brought in from Mexico on visas to do forest cleanup.  Mind you, this is the State of Oregon, we are loggers and woodsmen.  The jobs were stolen from us and why?  So the contractors would not have to pay Social Security and other taxes that they must pay by law for U.S. workers.  Now that my attention is focused on this issue, I am seeing it literally everywhere.

52% of businesses want to make new hires.  These are high tech businesses and they are now saying that Americans are too inexperienced and too stupid to learn so they would like to bring in foreign workers on visas.

It is like this people, what have they been trying to do?  What is their ultimate goal?  They want to get rid of Social Security and all other corporate taxes.  The people have stood up and said, “No we will not let you.”

So what is the next step?  Bring in foreign workers on visas whom they do not have to pay Social Security or taxes for.  And if they do the hiring under the guise that they have no other choice, they can of course use this outsourced/in-sourced labor while getting federal contracts and paying these foreign employees with economic recovery monies.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat is pushing right now for 400 billion more dollars under the guise of his jobs bill.  We cannot forget the stimulus monies from the last $800 billion that was used to build plants in China and India and South Korea and create jobs for those foreigners.  And of course those industries were bolstered as our natural resources were pumped into those countries for manufacture.  Caterpillar yesterday was boasting of 44% surge in their 3rd quarter profits.  This is not due to anything going on in our country, but rather due to the construction of their new plants in foreign countries, which they will get to write off their US taxes 100%.

This $400 billion the Rat wants now is destined for the pockets of the contractors to be used, not only for subsidized labor, but for subsidized labor brought in from other countries under work visas.  Notice they are no longer saying that these are jobs that we do not want, but rather jobs that we are not capable of doing.  You know, like having to bring Mexicans in to do the work in the forests of Oregon that the people who grew up in those forests are not capable of accomplishing and the pears that can only be picked with the hands of foreigners in orchards that have been upon this land since it was settled.

We need to get on this subject and force it out into the mainstream.  The reason the corporations want foreign workers on visas is because they do not want to pay Social Security and taxes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  If these businesses don’t like the conditions here, they can get the hell out yesterday.  We don’t need them.  They have stole and continue to steal us blind.   They have made record profits while we have lost everything we have worked our lives to gain.  They have left us with less than 10% of the wealth of our country and now they want that too.  And they want to get it by forcing us to compete with foreign labor under visas in our own country.  Their ultimate goal is to get rid of the shipping costs for sending our raw resources out of the country for manufacture and have us reduced to doing the work right here in the US for the same slave wages they pay in China.

We should rise up and demand that the visas stop immediately.  What is going on in Oregon is going on all over the country.  Make no mistake.  What we are seeing now is an effort to make foreign labor within the boundaries of the United States a fate accompli.  Not only will those who are still working be competing with the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs through outsourcing, but also millions of foreign nationals who will be brought in on these work visas, who will take the American jobs because the corporations do not have to pay Social Security and taxes or offer even the smallest benefit to the foreign labors.  This is corporate treason run amok and it is time the people started shouting “Get out” at the top of our lungs.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. This country has been flushed down the toilet. States must ban together and secede if there is to be any hope. Washington has become too corrupt to handle all the lower 48 effectively. Billionaires have been given too much power. Oregon has big power because of big natural resources and these resources are being given away to other nations. Oregon timber no longer even belongs to Oregon. Texas is being over run by China, and other states aren’t far behind. America is no longer what it once was, it’s become something else.

    California is accepting Mexican ID’s for identifaction now for Christ sake.


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