What Does Obama Have to Do to Get Impeached?

As NATO planes continue to pound Tripoli, Congress fails to pass two funding bills as a result of President Obama’s refusal to adhere to federal statutes and constitutional law, which dictate that he must gain Congress’ consent for any military action proceeding past 90 days.  I believe the trouble is Obama cannot justify his little war because it does not meet the criteria for a U.S. invasion of a foreign sovereign nation.

Obama, being the liar he is, has come forth with the most outrageous assertion imaginable in saying that the U.S. is not involved in military action in Libya.  You will remember that the original stated cause for our planes dropping bombs on Libyan real estate was to establish a no-fly-zone.  This assertion soon became so ridiculous that they quit saying it.  And now as public opinion is calling for the withdrawal of our forces from Libya, the proponents of the industrial war complex are actually stepping up operations, saying they want to hurry up and get Gaddafi before they are forced to leave.

Why is not President Obama being impeached?  Better yet, what would he have to do to be impeached?  He has committed one blatant crime after another against our Constitution since he came into office, beginning with his reaffirmation and expansion of the Patriot Act, which he promised to repeal during his presidential campaign.  This man can be called nothing short of a cold and calculating criminal.  And our justice system has become a running joke in the eyes of the world.

We are currently pounding the Libyan capital with bombs.  We have their ports shut down in an effort to cause hunger among its people.  We are killing innocent civilians, and all in the name of a humanitarian mission.

Our Air Force was sent in as a support mechanism for an Al Qaida overthrow of the Libyan government.  The majority of the Libyan people support the Libyan government.   Now we, of the so called freedom loving Republic of the United States, led by our Nobel Peace Prize winning president, are murdering the Libyan people to punish them for supporting their government, which in reality is the enemy of Al Qaida, which we have spent a couple trillion dollars and thousands of American lives fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past ten years.

Like I said, what does this illegitimate treasonous fraud posing as our president have to do before impeachment articles can be filed against him?  I say he could order the drowning of newborn Libyan babies and get away with it, calling it preventive terrorism asserting that if we allow the children to grow up they might become terrorists.

My God people, have we become so weak and lax in our morality that we would allow this running violation of our Constitution that Barack Insane Obama represents to continue?  Even to the extent of possible reelection and four more years of treason and international murder, which in the end we will all be held responsible for?

God, what has happened to our country?

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  1. Rick, fantastic article ! Your asking the question that I keep asking, over and over. Why is this traitor and criminal not impeached !? Thirty years ago, the media and our representatives would have run this bum out on a rail.

  2. “The early impeachment and ouster of President Barack Obama is almost inevitable as an event before or during the coming Summer months, unless the backers of Obama, especially from London, were to copy the Adolf Hitler option with the likeness of the British creation, Adolf Hitler’s March 24, 1933 Ermächtigungsgesetz.”


      1. Good God, this shit just keeps getting better and better. This is gonna be a long, hot summer !

  3. same as my question… why hasn’t he been impeached not when… but… for so many years commnuist parties weeded into our government and finally they got the person to take our rights so we could be commnuist cheap labor . i am thankful for judge vinson stating obamacare unconstitutional…. at least america was lucky to have a honest judge that got obamacare. and he said it right rhetoric behavior. and to think it carried its own private army to carry out the laws of obamacare…. never have i seen a policy that stated that in a reading… but obamacare much more than health care. so many laws and not for we the people. it sure seems if any man took oath that they swear to protect and keep us free…. that in fact tried to turn our country into a commnuist country would have been long impeached. it seem we need congress to be replaced also if no one in charge will protect and not take their oath to heart… not one of those should be allowed…. to remain.our fathers before us died to fight for their freedom and the future to have free land to live… not be in fear. we need to get commnuist parties out of the government. and fast!!!God bless our christain nation. stop tyranny now. no obamacare.no taking of rights… that is a oath taken when the man swears in to be our president…. if broken then congress was to step in but it looks thry have not been for we the people.look at all the things most would have been impeached . r. nixon didn’t do nearly as bad but….we the people have cried for help…. congress do you not hear? we want freedom and our rights back.

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