Nuclear Contamination from Fukushima and U.S. Plants

The disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is still ongoing in spite of a virtual news blackout in the mainstream media.  However due to the diligence of those among us concerned for our safety and wellbeing, the truth is leaking out.  No pun intended.  What is that truth?  The Japanese continue to attempt to contain and diminish the radiation leakage, however in doing so vats of contaminated water continue to accumulate, of which it is being said may very well be dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

You will remember the report a couple of months ago in the mainstream, which was quickly removed, showing a Japanese ship taking nuclear contaminated water out into the ocean to be dumped.

Best estimates say that the plant cannot be completely shut down until next year and that cleanup will take between 50 and 100 years.  And of course this is the best case scenario.  In the worst case scenario there is another huge aftershock which starts the crisis all over again.

Anyone who tells you that the magnitude of the contamination around the world has, is, or will be ascertained is lying through their teeth.  It is a mathematical impossibility, as there are just too many variables to be considered.

As mentioned in previous articles a relaxing of safety standards definitely contributed to the magnitude of the disaster at Fukushima.  And now we are finding out that the relaxing of standards, as nuclear plants around the world grow older and are deteriorating, has become the standard.  We are finding out that nuclear plants here in the United States are leaking radioactive material.  But that’s all right because they still meet industry standards, which as previously noted are continuing to be downgraded.

When these standards were originally put in place it was through a meticulous calculation to determine what are safe levels of radiation in relation to the perpetuation of human life.  It is becoming shockingly clear that human life is gradually being removed from the equation and being replaced with the economic benefit of a handful of elitists around the world.

In Nebraska a couple of these plants are in the middle of a flood.  Somebody please tell me who the genius was that decided to build nuclear power plants on a flood plain.  And this is not the worst of it.  They have apparently been storing spent rods outside of the reactor containment vessel.  Yes, they are just laying there in open vats, waiting for flood waters to wash the radiation into the Corn Belt.

I guess this is just another example of the diminishing safety standards; if we can even call them safety standards anymore.

And of course the lies continue in reference to the further contamination from the Fukushima Power Plant in the United States from sea to shining sea.  If you watch the above video you will see a gentleman at the end measuring the radioactivity of rain water taken from his car.

People, this contamination is continuing hour by hour, 24/7, without a mention of it in the mainstream news media.   On every news channel for the past couple of weeks, it has been the Casey Anthony trial.  Somebody please explain to me how this minor, though admittedly tragic, incident can compare with the nuclear contamination of our country and everything living upon it.  Like I’ve said before the less they tell us and the more they try to distract us, the surer we should be that this thing is really bad and in fact getting worse instead of better.

I guess if nothing else, this should go to show the unbridled power and influence the international nuclear conglomerates have over what is supposed to be our government that is supposed to be putting our well being first and foremost before all other things.

We need to start demanding answers and accountability on every level.  The fact is most of these plants were built around the same time and it would seem that they all have deteriorated to the point that they are beginning to fail.  Mark my words, if we just ignore this it is not going to go away.

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    1. Ah…a true blessing for humanity! And it’s so reassuring to know how diligently the industry is managed!

      We are living under the reigne of madmen! (So that’s new?)

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