4 thoughts on “What I Don’t Understand About Border Patrol Checkpoints

  1. Without watching the video, I’d say EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH BORDER CHECKPOINTS.
    Saved a bunch of time, too!

      1. Don’t be like that. You both need to watch the video. You might learn something. At the very least, you should get pissed at the subject and maybe do something (like resist).

        1. Yeah, the video should be watched, but the purpose of the video is for the psychiatrist/Zio-government operative, John Stossel, to attempt to create an excuse for the inexcusable. No mention of the 4th Article absolute requirement for a search warrant with two affidavits attached.
          I don’t have to answer your f-king question because you do not have a f-king warrant. You are detaining me illegally.
          If only these Gestapo were so aggressive to the invading forces that fall under the admiralty down on the f-king border. The federal corporation does not have the authority to simply cancel our rights on one single inch of what is the united States of these Americas.
          I watched the video and I saw the Bill of Rights being shit on, pissed on by what looked to be these German Stasi. The people have the right to defend their rights with deadly force, which is apparently becoming more necessary every day. Just another abuse in a long string of abuses. This shit is going to end in a hard way.
          There, I said it.

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