3 thoughts on “What they say Translated – ⁣the real meaning of the Agenda 2030 goals

  1. The word Government
    Derived from the combination of two Latin words

    Governo and Mentis

    Governo = to control
    Mentis = of the mind

    It’s been fckin mind games with these fcks since the beginning

    1. Thanks EOTS, rounds out the onslaught in terms of what they’re going after. And what could be more important than the mind? It moves the heart.

      “Here is something I came across by Patrick Wood, the editor of “Technocracy News and Trends.” It warns us to not be fooled:

      “Don’t be fooled by the deluge of propaganda stating the war is between Russia and Ukraine. Rather, it is a war between Technocracy and the rest of the world. As the nation state model of government dissolves, it will be replaced by leaders of the corporate world, central bank oligarchs and private financial institutions.

      “During the breakdown of the global supply chain, the financial and currency systems will also break down, allowing central banks emergency powers to replace currencies with a system of digital currencies. Digital currencies require digital identity. Digital identity will enable Universal Basic Income and rationing of all necessities of life. Governments will bow, Technocracy will take over and the Great Reset will be complete.

      “Also don’t be fooled by any humanitarian concern among any circles of global technocrats. The lives of millions will be snuffed out as necessary casualties to drive home their campaign of global conquest.”


      A good thing we have our Bill of Rights and everything we need to kill the tyranny.


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