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So much drama. Drama is distraction. Now they got everybody talkin’ about Kanye (I’m the best human being alive) West, or about the flavor-of-the-day candidates and their phony elections, or about Pelosi being a beard for her beat-up husband. Who’s talkin’ about The Bill of Rights?!! Who’s Pounding the Gong revealing the way out? Who clearly sees the solution? Who’s 100% fed up with communism and all its many varieties of surveillance, slavery, war, death? I guess that would be us. We at The Trenches, we who are willing to fight for that solution and bring it into being.

Just about everybody I know is talkin’ but not about famous people. Instead they’re talkin’ about inflation and the challenges to make ends meet. And added onto that is all the anger over all our money going to Ukraine and to the Nation-Invaders pouring over our border. And added onto that is more of their rage, rage about the perversion and mutilation being pressed upon our kids. And few can keep from mentioning the lethal bio-weapon that we are ever urged to take. They’re unending message to us: Be afraid, be very Very AFRAID!!

More false-flags on the horizon? Very likely, as things are a bit quiet right now. Hey, let’s mess up Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of this mishmash is happening while they continue to play the race-card and stoke the Divide-and-Conquer fire. But the people of the world are becoming so adept at removing the veil and exposing the common enemy, that hiding is hardly an option for them anymore. This little lull we’re seeing right now seems to indicate that they are bankrupt and don’t know what to do with intelligent humans who not only see the oppressive game, but who know their rights and are hell-bent on defending them. As they say, TIME TO DOUBLE DOWN!!

9 thoughts on “What We Have Today

  1. What we have today is a propaganda machine on steroids making a desperate attempt to pump out anything that will divert people from the truth, no matter how goofy, implausible, or regurgitated. I see it happening not only on the “news”, but in most things that are given a public platform, the stirring of drama. The timing and intensity of it all confirms my suspicion that they are just prolonging their doom.

    I used to let all of the drama and outrage dread my mind but I found peace of mind after finally understanding what was happening. This is my favorite quote of all time and often bring it up on conversation.
    “ Governments now act as if they were afraid to awaken a single reflection in man. They are softly leading him to the sepulchre of precedents to deaden his faculties and call attention from the scene of revolutions. They feel as if he is arriving at knowledge sooner than they wish, and their policy of precedent is the barometer of their fears.” – Thomas Paine
    I use it to explain that it is all a distraction to save their asses from being smeared, not so metaphorically, like a mosquito.

    1. Thanks, Adrian. Great quote. Reminded me of another quote though I don’t know who said it:

      “Crazy is often being right too early.”


  2. Kanye’s punchin’ harder, sharper. Hard to dismiss him. Even if he doesn’t have the whole story or if he’s off the mark on some things, he’s going for what he and many others see as the head of the snake. We may never know all the names in the demented brain of the snake, but the whole head is venomous.

    And what will come of Kanye’s disclosures? Will his 15 minutes pass and leave him forgotten by all but a few, or will his current bumpy ride serve to rattle the Long Lie and help unhinge it from its firm-hold? And one man speaking truth, if truth it be, cannot take away our burden of the fight ahead. No one’s going to surrender because a hip hop guy said horrible and incriminating things about him.

    Does Kanye know The Bill of Rights? Is he, as some claim, a C.I.A. agent? Could it be he is no longer defined by the mistakes of his past? I do not know. And now this billionaire is being cancelled/crucified. Says he doesn’t care about the money but about the people. Who knows what’s in his soul?

    Forgive my indulgence into celebrity. I know we have to call ’em as we see ’em and that requires taking off layers. In all humility I just do not know what to make of him. Have I been falsely pulled in to entertain a false hope that anything good could come out of the world of madness and money? Which begs the questions: Is he capable of change, and am I to embrace or abandon anyone who reveals my oppressor? Gurss I’m in process.

    And today…

    Antisemitic messages seen at multiple places in Jacksonville this weekend:



    1. I’ve been thinking a bit about the Kanye drama, I looked up the things he said last night and was a bit humored. But, what is the object here? Kanye seems to double down on exposing the Jews but does he understand the implications and the ends of them? Is his agenda to rally his fellow patriots to extradite these dirty kikes? Probably not, even after removing Jews from power, we still have all the real Jews at the forefront of corporate America and it’s body politics.

      And so what if they are Jewish, there’s already plenty of evidence to have all the elite hung a thousand times over, whether Jewish or not. And if Kanye is such an ardent patriot of freedom, he has condemned Trump right? Surely somebody told Kanye of Trump’s administration reeking of Oy Boys.

      Smells like a lot of horse sh*t to me. I have seen the rise in anti-semitism but some of these people who partake in the hate train do it just to fit in, otherwise their logic would compel them to disavow the whole corporate United States machine. I understand people already worship this clown and want a savior but just because he talks the talk, doesn’t mean he’ll walk the walk. This reminds of the rise of Trump, & it’s a bit foreshadowed considering Kanye was actually on a previous presidential ballot.

      This guy is a shill, & I’m sure he will play the masses like a fiddle but at least he has done something to fight the oppressors. The Jews can no longer hide their fraud, & if history is any indicator, it’s time for that mass exodus but it has to be done the right way. It must be accomplished through the Bill of Rights, not some new release valve.

      1. Re: “…disavow the whole corporate United States machine.”

        Yeah, that’s what has to happen. Along with the naming of names and the trials and punishments of the criminals in our Common Law courts. So hard to believe anyone who’s not championing The Bill of Rights.


    2. As to Kanye, I think he is capable of change just as I think a few within the elites are capable of change (as one of my evil novel characters repented so to speak)..examples: John Todd (an avowed satanist who ran Zodiac Productions who turned Christian) and Ronald Bernard (former head of Dutch banking who left the evil after witnessing a satanic sacrifice of a child…it’s on a video). But has Kanye really changed? Maybe, or is what he is saying now just a psy-op? I hope he really has changed though, because others in “the industry” (as DMX would put it) might change then as well. Evil must be exposed and defeated! It is up to us, Christian or not.

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