When farcical US elections are held…

“When farcical US elections are held, we the people have no say over who serves in high office or how the nation is run. The nation’s founders designed things this way, creating governance of, by, and for ‘the rich, well-born and able,’ as John Adams explained. Behind the scenes dark forces decide things. It’s been this way from inception. The nation’s founders created a system to serve their interests – and the nation’s privileged class overall – at the expense of the general welfare. The Constitution was the creation of duplicitous framers and close allies, scheming to cut the best deals for themselves. Government of, by, and for the people is doublespeak. The general welfare is for the privileged few alone.”
— Stephen Lendman, 11/6/20

3 thoughts on “When farcical US elections are held…

  1. Lendman is a leftist…sometimes, leftists get it right. I am amazed at how many folks have no clue about this and about how these folks that created the Constitution set this country up, knowing the vigilance would weaken at some point. And weren’t some of the Founding Fathers Freemasons? (And wasn’t Ben Franklin a member of the Hellfire Club? Hmmmmmm…….)

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