Whistleblower Exposes How Illegal Migrants Are Qualifying To Purchase Homes In Utah

By Wall Street Apes

A qualification system in place allows for 6 names to be used and up to 10 illegals incomes are taken. They qualify for the home, move all their illegals in and then then American tax payer picks up the tab

“You can apply by groups, the system can only take 6 names, but they can apply 10 people. So so they go and buy a house. Let’s say you and your wife arrive at the same time that me and my husband and we go and buy a house together. I live on the basement. You live upstairs, and it’s cheaper than renting a place”

“So now I get a house. 4 of us are qualifying for that, and I have people move in, and now I’m living in Midvale. And I’ve moved in with next to no money down. And who paid for it? The taxpayers.”

The full hope also alleges cities are offering free money for home purchases using taxpayer funds and NGO contributions

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