WHISTLEBLOWER: Federal Prosecutors Have Evidence Joe Biden Met with Hunter’s Chinese Energy Client CEFC by Cristina Laila

The House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday released devastating depositions detailing accounts of Biden corruption from two IRS whistleblowers.

The two IRS whistleblowers told lawmakers about the Justice Department’s effort to block search warrants and cover-up Hunter Biden’s tax crimes.

House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith (R-MO) on Thursday detailed MULTIPLE felony charges that whistleblowers said the IRS recommended against Hunter Biden.

The IRS recommended charges against Hunter Biden that included:

  • Attempt to evade or defeat tax – A FELONY
  • Fraud or false statements – A FELONY
  • Willful failure to file returns, supply information or pay tax

“These tax crimes cover an estimated $2.2 million in unreported tax on global income…from Ukraine, Romania, and China, totaling $17.3 million from 2014 to 2019.”

He added, “Mr. Biden personally received $8.3 million.”

Joe Biden’s DOJ blocked two search warrants and multiple felony charges against Hunter Biden, according to an IRS whistleblower who spoke to lawmakers.

According to Just the News, Shapley told lawmakers that an Assistant US Attorney in Delaware working on Hunter’s case REJECTED a search warrant for Joe Biden’s Delaware home in 2020.

A separate search warrant for Hunter Biden’s storage locker was also blocked by Joe Biden’s henchmen.

Shapely confirmed to prosecutors that Joe Biden met with with officials from CEFC, a Chinese energy company.

Hunter Biden took millions of dollars from CEFC, an energy company that is effectively an arm of the Chinese Communist Party.

On August 8, 2017, $5 million was wired from a CEFC-affiliated investment vehicle (Northern International) to the bank account for Hudson West III, which spent the next year transferring $4,790,375 million directly to Hunter Biden’s firm, Owasco.

Rob Walker, a Biden family associate, recounted a time where Joe Biden walked into a meeting with CEFC officials at a Four Seasons.

“Walker went on to describe an instance in which the former Vice President showed up at a CEFC meeting. Walker said: “We were at the Four Seasons and we were having lunch and he stopped in, just said hello to everybody. I don’t even think he drank water. I think Hunter Biden said, ‘I may be trying to start a company or try to do something with these guys and could you?’ And I think he was like, if I’m around and he’d show up,” Shapley told lawmakers, citing his conversation with Rob Walker.

He continued, The FBI agent asked: “So you definitely got the feeling that that was orchestrated by Hunter Biden to have like an appearance by his dad at that meeting just to kind of bolster your chances at making a deal work out?” Walker answered: “Sure.” The FBI agent continued: “Any times when he was in office, or did you hear Hunter Biden say that he was setting up a meeting with his dad with them while dad was still in office?” Walker answered: “Yes.”

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