Whistleblower Says His Objections To Cuomo’s Order For New York Nursing Homes Ignored, Silenced In Fox News Interview

Daily Caller – by David Krayden

A Staten Island nursing home administrator said in an interview airing Thursday that Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s order to move COVID-19 infected patients into nursing homes left him “petrified.”

Michael Kraus told Fox News in an interview that he and other state officials opposed the directive but that Cuomo overruled and “shot down” their objections. 

“Many facilities vocalized it,” Kraus told the network. “They were petrified, but they were more petrified of the Department of Health … once it [my concern] was shot down, I never spoke [about it] again.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) reported May 15, 2020, that New York had hidden the amount of people who had died of coronavirus in reports that concerned nursing home deaths. The New York State Department of Health admitted the omission in a statement to the DCNF.

Cuomo’s advisers altered a report of nursing home deaths and those deaths likely exceeded 15,000 people, The Wall Street Journal reported. The New York Times also reported the same after conducting interviews and reviewing documents.

Cuomo is facing mounting opposition from both Democrats and Republicans in the New York state assembly who want to impeach the governor or force him to resign.

The governor also remains the focus of a growing sexual harassment scandal with his sixth accuser saying Cuomo groped her.

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