White House Locked Down Over Suspicious COFFEE CUP!

Daily Mail

The White House briefly went into lock down on Wednesday afternoon after an ‘unattended package’ was discovered in the park across the street.

The object inside the package turned out to be a coffee mug, the Secret Service said.

President Barack Obama was not on the premises when the lock down went into effect, at approximately 2:58 pm.   

At the time, the president was on a pre-scheduled visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, in upper Washington, to visit wounded armed service members.

The suspicious package was declared safe and the lock down ended at roughly 3:35 pm. At that time the affected area was re-opened.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the package was discovered in Lafayette Park.

The Secret Service subsequently closed public access to Lafayette Park and Pennsylvania Avenue as it and the Explosive Ordinance inspected the item.

The coast was declared clear before the president returned to the White House at 3:47 pm.

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6 thoughts on “White House Locked Down Over Suspicious COFFEE CUP!

  1. Yes, they’re idiots, but when you’re in the business of betraying 300 million people, anything could blow up on you, and I hope it does.

  2. Yea and they say we are not like North Korea.

    Lil Kim only drinks water that he owns for fear that someone will poison him. Barry only takes things that he knows where it came from for fear someone may poison him.

    So how are the two different?

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