12 thoughts on “Why Government Fears Veterans

  1. If each capable veteran would train one citizen we would be well covered and could stand with you prepared.. How bout it vets?

    1. I know a Veteran here locally who is willing to take me out to the shooting range and help me become weapons trained. Saweeeet! ­čÖé

      If you need training, take the responsibility upon yourself and ASK a veteran for help. Don’t sit around waiting for an offer, because they may not know you need training. Believe me they will be glad to help get you trained!!
      . . .

      1. For me NOT I have a frozen right arm a left leg walking on bone on bone and a new knee on the right that has nerve damage to most of the lower leg. I can not stand for over a few minutes and can only walk about a block. I am near useless but the spirit is very much alive.

        1. Not to worry … the rest of us will protect you! ­čśë

          I should have reworded my comment to reflect that I was actually speaking to people in general (as in if people need training) and not specifically to you. Sorry for the miscommunication.
          . . .

          1. I got it just the same for many are doing just that and some vets are offering their time free to do so. Bless them.

        2. GrinNbarrett…hi! You need not even find a vet…if you should wish to become proficient with a hand gun, ask someone either for a reference, or call a likely person on the phone…so that you might be both trained and then own a hand gun for your own protection so that if there is an invasion (so to speak) you can make the decision to stand and defend or Not….it must be lonely and at times, frightening to be so open to abuse….and worse, if a through round up should come…..I can not for see that happening, at this time……….could it? well, not impossible….but should it….one will know with lots of time before the fact happens….personally, I am a combat vet out of Nam, 1969. you probably already know that….There are tons of military vets in this country. If something big starts, I believe they well present a horror for any of the feds and such who start this….

          1. I really hope they perservere in their quest to STAND. For me I can not take a life even an enemy maybe because I spent most of my life nursing so many back to as best that they could be.

  2. “Battle of Athens, Tennessee is not only a pristine example of a fight for freedom and democracy,…”

    Let this be known by all:


    1. “and to the Republic, for which it stands” is what I fight for #1, well, that and my kids and grandchildren.

  3. I don’t believe people are meant to kill one another. THats why I resisted going into Viet Nam. I was thrown there against my will…Go in or go to jail…for not going…I did not have to shoot anyone nor blow them away via other means..I will defend myself, neighbors our homes and such….without a doubt…..Because the idea of being done in via violence from the feds….won’t fly with me…My thought was, being disabled, you may want to defend yourself…Each of us has to live with themselves…and I respect that….of you too…

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