Why Humans ‘Need Not Apply’ For the Future…

future-tech1Truthstream Media – by Aaron Dykes 

What happened when we went from nearly everyone producing food to only a few mega-corporations?

That’s just part of the problem in the wake of self-driving autos, software replacements to human jobs, robotic factory workers and beyond. It is the road to a future where human labor is not needed – just as transhumanist Ray Kurzweil and others predicted (or planned for).  

Check out this eerie video; how relevant is this becoming to your life?

Don’t get over this one, let it sink in deep and figure out how to stop feeding the rise of the machine regime – at least when it comes at the expense of our freedoms and livelihoods. Re-find your purpose and hold onto it!

Our lives can’t be summarily replaced by highly-functioning computers, but that won’t stop the powers that be from trying.



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