Why is nobody nailing Obama for this HUGE bald-faced lie he was just caught in?

BizPac Review – by Michael Dorstewitz

President Barack Obama was caught in another lie, this one involving his former secretary of state’s email scandals.

The New York Times reported Saturday that the president had emailed Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton at least 18 times to her private, non-secure server while she serves as secretary of state:  

The State Department on Friday said for the first time that “top secret” material had been sent through Hillary Clinton’s private computer server, and that it would not make public 22 of her emails because they contained highly classified information.

The department announced that 18 emails exchanged between Mrs. Clinton and President Obama would also be withheld, citing the longstanding practice of preserving presidential communications for future release. The department’s spokesman, John Kirby, said that exchanges did not involve classified information.


However, in May of last year, Obama told CBS News that he’d first learned of Clinton’s use of a private server “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

Watch the exchange, via CBS Evening News.

But if you’re a fan of ABC News, and pretty much any mainstream news outlet, don’t expect to hear anything about this reported.

ABC News dedicated a mere one minute 28 seconds to the bombshell revelation that the State Department had uncovered 22 top-secret emails that he been run through Clinton’s private server, according to the Media Research Center. The network didn’t even wave as they sped right by the information about the 18 emails from Obama.

Can you imagine if it was George W. Bush?

This is the same server she claimed was never used to send or receive emails contained any classified information.

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3 thoughts on “Why is nobody nailing Obama for this HUGE bald-faced lie he was just caught in?

  1. “Can you imagine if it was George W. Bush?”

    Zionist Derstowitz’s question leaves out many crimes committed against Americans since our founding by both parties and tries to make loyal party following sheeple feel appalled at the other sheeple party.

    George Bush got to help orchestrate 9/11 with little more than a finger pointing.

    That’s not my imagination. THAT’S what happened!

    But questions like Derstowitz’s stir emotions in the naive and appeal to the goldfish memories of the loyal “republocrat”, until the next federal govt crime is perpetrated against US.

    It’s all got to go. All of them. Until then, scumbag, lying, self-serving commie joos like this will ask stupid questions to stupid people who will respond with stupid answers based on predetermined limited choices that don’t include the real answers that solve the real problems.

  2. Obama could be caught like two dogs stuck together.
    Ya know , where you try to use the water hose to spray them apart.
    But it doesn’t work.
    You just get wetter. And more pissed off!
    Just pack your shit up Barry… and get the fk out you fag.
    We have to get ready for the new ” Clown in Chef”.

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