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Will Gun Confiscation begin with Debtors’ Courts?

As more and more jobs continue to leave the United States, there are fewer and fewer people paying taxes and making purchases within our economy as consumers, which means less business for small businesses and less taxes being paid by them, hence further layoffs and a continuance of the US economic spiral downward.

The corporate cabals, though they too are seeing reductions in revenues within the US, are being compensated via their operations in other countries.  This is how the corporate elite conquer a country.  This is the same technique used by the big international corporate farms to put the family farmers out of business.

They will move into an area wherein the farmers’ main cash crop is, say something like olives.  They will then not only put every acre they have in the United States capable of growing an olive to that use, but also every acre they have around the world.  The price of olives on the world market that the US farmer is forced to compete in plunges.  Thus the crop fails to sustain the family farm.

The farmer goes into bankruptcy and the big corporate farm buys up that land at a fraction of its worth and then adjusts the global corporate production to make the land profitable again.  And do not forget to add foreign slave labor to the equation when examining the cabal the US entrepreneur is up against.

This has been and is a deliberate effort by the global elite to destroy the US economy and capture our land.  It has been successful to the point that the corporate elite, in taking over the court system in the United States, is now bringing back debtors’ prisons, which will facilitate the US national not only being fully dispossessed, but also being made a bonded corporate slave upon the land he or she owned but a few short years ago.

I personally expect to see, as a part of these corporate debtors’ courts through the examination of assets, a provision that will allow the confiscation of privately owned firearms for the purpose of satisfying the debtors’ obligation to the corporations of which, as previously mentioned, will have been crafted through international monopolies and out and out fraud.

We will soon see US FEMA camps being filled with paupers as the local jails and prisons go out of business via lack of funding.  I don’t have to tell anyone that we are seeing the end game in an absolute corporate takeover of the United States across the board.

What land cannot be taken through monopolization will be seized and made nonproductive through the implementation of international environmental laws through Agenda 21.  The end goal is absolute world slavery for the majority and the status of gods for the chosen few.

This article is factual and the content undeniable.  Stand on your feet and fight or die a long slow miserable death on your knees.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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9 Responses to Will Gun Confiscation begin with Debtors’ Courts?

  1. David2 says:

    The elite, the entitled ones are all powerful, they own the elected whores in congress, they write their own laws, they control the courts, they make rich the lawyers, the scribes and they operate the private for profit prisons.

    The military, the cops, the so called protectors of the people are in fact mercenaries in the employ of the fascist regime.

    All is financed by the private control of the issue of money, whoever issues the money of a nation is all powerful. They can empower the chosen few such as Romney and they can devastate and impoverish the many, there is no human quality in these people, they know that they are the entitled ones and could care less if 90% of the population starve to death.

    They have a fatal flaw and that is greed, they are greedy beyond all else, their motto GREED IS GOOD for them. The chief executive of Goldman Sachs called it DOING GODS WORK. That is why we must have a christian president capable of DOING THE PEOPLES WORK.

    Pride comes before a fall is an old saying, their banking empire is falling, chunk by chunk they are becoming exposed as over leveraged and corrupt, they are becoming blinded by the light of truth and are zig zagging towards the abyss. We need to cheer them on!

    Do not compromise with the devil, get some protection such as supplies, keep any cash outside their banks, buy things for barter and that will increase in value such as silver coins, silver quarters.

    Support Ron Paul and the constitution the promise that the founders gave to the people for times like this. We will win, they will fail if we do not compromise.

  2. Mel says:

    I’m thinking their not to worried about us using our guns against them. Heck, why would they? They do however want to leave us as vulnerable as possible. We’ll be fending off our neighbors first and up the chain it goes. Notice they always have ways of keeping us from them. Hence their rediculous laws that keep the commoners from realizing its not for their protection. As a native i never understood how Americans could cheer on such an enslaving system of their own kind. Not hard to look generations into the future to see where this is heading. Right now their hitting us with full force. Fukushima for instance, but who would want to believe it.

  3. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    Right now there are over 10,000 pieces of illegally owned government land up for sale to the highest international bidder. They are labeling this land “excess land”. They are trying to sell off anything that isn’t nailed down. What they are really doing is consolidating the corporate land domination world wide.

    They have stolen the land from the American people and are selling it off, without any oversight from us whatsoever. Again, we don’t matter. Even if you have a job today, you still don’t matter. This is why it’s ridiculous to own anything of any real value. They will just take it from you.

    These idiots have even sold parking meters in New York to a company in China for peanuts. The Chinese got the deal of a lifetime because the idiots undervalued them by mistake. New York taxpayers lost a fortune. They weren’t even asked for there approval, it was just done.

    There are Government public land auctions, but not for the most valuable lands, those are off limits.

  4. #1 NWO Hatr says:

    @ Henry: You mentioned “the big international corporate farms” in your article. You wouldn’t by any slim chance be refering to that wonderful humanitarian outfit known as Monsanto, would you?

  5. Dave says:

    There’s been way too much focus on “corporate” threats, the real dangerous threat is from government.
    Corporations just want money, they can’t thrive with a populace in chains or broke, they need a large, free group of people with disposable incomes.
    Governments on the other hand, crave to put people in chains & to limit the ability of the people to fight back verbally or physically to overthrow them, which is why gun confiscations is high on their list.

    Don’t forget, our founders weren’t concerened about “corporations” kicking in our doors, silencing our political speech or confiscating our guns, they knew that the threat was from government.
    Proof of this can be found in the mountains of bodies generated by Stalin, Hitler, Mao, PolPot & even Jim Jones of Koolaide fame who wanted to create a “socilialist paradise” in Guyana.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Bullshit. Corporations are the government and government is the corporations. And if you want to go back to the Revolutionary War it was the equivalent of corporations within the English House of Lords that commanded the tyranny heaped upon our founding fathers.
      Do not make any attempt to defend the corporate elite on this site. We know who our enemies are.

  6. #1 NWO Hatr says:

    Jim Jones was a CIA funded MK Ultra mind control experiment.

  7. #1 NWO Hatr says:

    Exactly right, Henry. The elite are only interested in two things – money and power. Corporations = money, Government = power + control.

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