Will it be Chris Christie or Obama?..…What?

It is October 3rd and a cry resonates throughout the land.  “We need Chris Christie.”  “Chris Christie for president.”  “Will Christie run?”  ……..pause……… I apologize; I usually do not puke until the end of the article.   Now where were we?  Oh yeah……. “Only Chris Christie can save us from the confines of the Constitution.”  Can the propagandists think for one minute that anyone is going to buy into this Chris Christie excrement?  Is this bizarro world?

The neo-cons on Wall Street are calling on Chris Fat Ass Christie to champion their cause as the protests against Wall Street expand throughout the nation.  What are they thinking; that if the country went into chaos the people would have to hang Christie first and there is just no rope big enough?  That was just a joke, I wish Chris Christie no ill will as I’m sure the fat around his heart will eliminate him in due time as the parasite on the ass of society he represents.

The mainstream propaganda can only be considered chaotic as they have completely lost control.

Barack Obama is now trying to use the booing of the gay soldier during the Florida debate as a weapon against his opposition in saying the GOP candidates should have came to the soldier’s defense.

I cannot comment on this as I must confess I too, in the privacy of my living room, booed.  Not at the gay soldier, but at the fact that he was trying to interject a social issue to serve the interest of a minute minority at a time when our country is under attack from without and within by the international elitists, who are hell bent on the destruction of our country and the procurement of our slavery.

We are here in the Trenches, our enemy is advancing in waves, and we should just stop and drop everything and start discussing the two men kissing in the corner?  …….pause……. I’m sorry; this is proving a tough article to write.

I have said it many times, no matter how distasteful it may seem, we the American people of the American race have got to put all of our differences aside and defeat our common enemy.  After which we can start addressing social issues, which if we fail in vanquishing our main enemy, will be made meaningless to our lives as slaves.

The mainstream propagandists are also pushing Mr. Herman Cain.  I will not go into the thousand and one reasons I would not vote for Herman Cain.  I will just say even our enemies acknowledge that we are at war.  Herman Cain is an ex-CEO billionaire.  He is clearly on the other side of the fence and if he were ever elected president he would simply pick up were Barry Soetoro left off.

Ron Paul will be the next president of these United States and even our enemies have ceased calling this eventuality an impossibility.  The only way Paul can be stopped is through fraud or murder and in either case the revolution will go hot.  And if this happens I believe the people will not stop until the international elite are wiped from the face of this planet.

So pray for peace and prepare for war and remember, ultimately it will be the international elite who will make the final call.

I’ve got to go finish puking now if there is anything left.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Will it be Chris Christie or Obama?..…What?

    1. My God…what a disgusting slob! Can you imagine? THAT morbidly obese glutton in the White House? And the tragic comedy continues! He must not live in a fooot desert. Uh…ya think? Yeah…definitely time to puke. (I keep a pail by the desk now….too many accidents lately!)

      I hear Charlie Sheen is throwing his hat in the ring with Johnny Depp as running mate. Sorry…is that Jonny…Jonnie…or maybe Jonni….Gahnni…Gianny…ahh…who gives a f***?

  1. it.s late and I have had a good laugh. Thanks guys and looking forward to more tomorrow
    night night or knight knight oh ya night-cap got kit. ops it

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