20,000 Shoulder Held Missiles, False Flags, and the Good/Bad Al Qaeda

It is being reported that 20,000 shoulder held anti-aircraft missiles have disappeared in Libya and it is being discussed as a possibility that these weapons might very well be used by the radical Al Qaeda to attack Americans.  So do you think that just maybe this whole so called Libyan conflict might have been orchestrated to procure oil for Great Britain while simultaneously setting the stage for another CIA orchestrated attack on the Homeland, designed to precipitate another war against our friends/enemies, the good/bad Al Qaeda?

The aggressive state of Israel has fallen into an ominous state of obscurity in the past week.  Could this be the quiet before the storm?  If an attack on Iran is to be perpetrated, citing as justification the notion that Iran is using its new nuclear facilities to develop a bomb, would not the necessity to get this war under way be apparent?  That is, saying the longer Iran operates its nuclear facilities without developing a bomb, the more inclined the peoples of the world will be to believe that they have no such intentions.

I believe the pot has been stirred and the US backed Israelis must strike before the brew settles.  And what better way to prompt the people of the US to step in against Israel’s enemies than to blow up a planeload, a stadium full, of or a mall full of our fellow citizens?  Considering the fact that the Al Qaeda and CIA have pretty much become indiscernible, the CIA could conceivably perpetrate an attack and blame it on Muslim extremists without notice.

How diabolical do the traitors in our government have to get before we the people put a stop to their international reign of terror?   The Obama Administration is once again claiming victory for killing an alleged Al Qaeda leader in Yemen.  I say again, because this is not the first time Anwar al-Awlaki has been eliminated.  Like Osama Bin Laden and Ali Hassan al-Majid (Chemical Ali), Anwar al-Awlaki has suffered prior deaths.  I have never dismissed the possibility of reincarnation; I just never imagined it could happen so fast.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barak Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is, is gaining notoriety not only in the field of international assassination of foreign leaders, but has now stepped it up a notch and is ordering the execution of US sovereign citizens without trial.

To say the world is going to hell in a hand basket, I believe, would be quite prudent at this juncture.

Ron Paul continues to be criticized for putting forth the assertion that the peoples of the Middle East might just be justified in wanting to kill us as a form of retribution for the genocide our armed forces are committing in their countries, rather than the assertion that they hate us and want to strap bombs to themselves and blow us up because we have TVs and microwaves.

We have reached the point that absurdity has become the norm and our options are running out.  We must elect Ron Paul as president as the point of no return is upon us, as will be God’s judgment.

God bless and protect Ron Paul.

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  1. ya just one where can I get an offical copy of the chart showing the activity prior to the earthquakes. not that I don’t believe the artical but just checking.

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