Witness Silenced: Is there More To Asiana Flight 214′s Crash?

Boeing 777 Crashes At San Francisco AirportIntelliHub – by Shepard Ambellas

SAN FRANCISCO — The tragic crash of Asiana “Flight 214″ that left two 16-year old girls dead Saturday, possibly might have more to it than meets the eye.

The Chicago Tribune reported the official story explaining how the, “NTSB Chair Deborah Hersman, speaking at a news conference at the airport, said there were no indications of any problems with the plane or the landing until 7 seconds before impact, when the crew tried to increase the plane’s speed. Hersman said data recorders show the plane was traveling “significantly below” the planned speed.  

The crew tried to initiate a “go-around,” in which it would accelerate and abort the landing, just 1.5 seconds before impact. Controllers became aware of a problem only when they saw the plane hit the seawall.”

However, after the crash the events got a little shaky as at least one passenger witness was indeed silenced by officials after the crash.

Interestingly enough, a local news outfit, ABC 7, interviewed the passenger in question on live TV, when something out of place happened.

The passenger was in the middle of describing what happened during the plane crash to the press as police officers and a woman approached him from behind. The young man was then asked abruptly by the police officer, “Were you in the crash?” The young man then acknowledged the officer and was whisked away. Some woman stood close by in attendance as she likely was of some authority.

The ABC 7 newscaster then spouted, “Well, you see the police pulling that man away, trying to keep him to avoid speaking with the media at this point”.







11 thoughts on “Witness Silenced: Is there More To Asiana Flight 214′s Crash?

  1. Okay, my false flag meter is now redlining with this article.

    It was already high to start with.

    1. So was it a false flag or an assassination that didn’t go as well as they hoped?
      I thought conspiracy as soon as the FBI got involved.
      Here’s a headline:
      Pilot was attempting his first Boeing 777 landing at San Francisco airport, airline says
      A bunch of people from across the world can take planes with boxcutters and hit 3 out of 4 targets but an actual pilot can’t land a plane.
      Would an airline admit anything this early in the game?
      Stories falling apart already.

      1. I’m still trying to figure out how almost the entire cabin section burned up without the fuel tanks catching fire.

  2. Couldn’t that be considered as assault? unlawful detention? It couldn’t be legal to just drag him away like that. It was definitely not a request.

    1. They got their own agenda Luddite.. Anyway GOOD NIGHT YOU GUYS ALL, I`M CALL`IN IT A NITE, 🙂 🙂 See ya`ll tomorrow I hope 🙂

  3. Okaaaay then! So who was on that flight that was targeted for assassination??
    Why take everyone else?? Strange story indeed!!

    . . .

    1. Why take everyone else? Because the majority of people wouldn’t or couldn’t believe that the PTB could be so totally evil.

  4. well they should have taken his whole name down before the interview that way they can do a follow up later, too late, but I am sure they can find him by his image.

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