7 thoughts on “Witness to King Soopers shooting describes scene

  1. I have literally never described where I was using n s e or w.. only pOlice and military do that. if I’m at Lowes I say by the lumber or by the garden center. i don’t say.. hey come pick me up at the southwest corner of Lowes. my friends would be like wtf are you talking about?? lumber or garden!?? and of course he’s 6’2 240 w a SHAVED HEAD! I am so full of hate and disgust!

    1. True that was my first thought as well.

      As stupid as this interview was, he did say he worked at NOAA, or NOAH..? Got to check if there is a NOAA Across the way as he stated.

    1. hahahaaa!! BOOM. mic drop. I watched it but mostly these days it’s just blablabla.. I never even paid attention!

  2. “There was a woman next to me and I ran. His behind everything and ran to an exit.” Classy.
    “I’ve been through an active shooter drill… But this was way too real.” As is more real or actually real.

    why does he look like a cop and talk like one too.

    Better get out your Muslim bashers. Dems are back.

    1. yeah.. also funny how he made sure to emphasize how scared he was.. only thin blue line Hee-Rowz run TOWARDS the gunshots ehh??!

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