Woman Arrested for Filming Police from Home

Update: Charges against the Rochester, New York woman that was arrested after filming police outside her home last month have been dropped, a month after she was detained by cops for recording from her front lawn.

0 thoughts on “Woman Arrested for Filming Police from Home

  1. bad boy’s bad boy’s what you going when they come for you shit i dont get it they get filmed for the show cops all the time the best thing is there filming us all the time what happened she interupt a tazing moment with his partner henry think you have something with this clicking sorry still cant stop laughing abought that

  2. He was on a power trip. I got this guy cuffed and if you don’t obey me your next. It wasn’t about safety. There were two other officers present and they didn’t appear threatened. Here’s the deal, they don’t like being filmed after all that has happened and with todays technology there is some form of a camera everywhere. Too bad. From your yard or from your sidewalk, it’s not illegal to film in this fashion since she was not jeapordizing their safety. In the end it will be another lawsuit and payment will be made courtesy of the taxpayers.

    1. Dave,
      You’re goddamn right and if I was sitting on the jury, she’d get $10 million. That’s what I would reward her for at least knowing it its her property and trying to stand on her rights. She’s one of us and they are them, and we must have an attitude of zero tolerance when it comes to them violating our rights.
      As for it costing the taxpayers, it should. If we fail in our absolute duty to protect that woman’s rights through our neglect of enforcing our laws on those we hire to enforce our laws, we should have to pay a penalty. And when we have seen we have had to pay a penalty, we should not only fire our employees, but also see them held criminally responsible for their criminal actions.
      At least this is what I read into our Constitution.

      1. Totally agree, he did’nt feel safe???????????????, he and his brothers in arms have guns, and he did’nt feel safe???? What bullshit!
        And I suppose a court would agree with him?????????? I’ve seen cops do this before and would love to know how their captins explain their rights to them-because they are getting incorrect info on what their rights are!

        1. It’s obvious that they are being trained and required to behave in this way since it is so widespread.

          What does this tell us? Duh!

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