40 thoughts on “Women fighting at Walmart

  1. @Paul, If you enjoy watching the behavior of mankind’s most gifted just crazy glue a quarter to the floor in Walmart and buy yourself some soda and popcorn for the show.

    1. Hey #1, it all boils down to the “haves and the have nots”, those that have a brain and those that don’t. 🙂

        1. Yes #1, it is sad but I still have hope that even those not bestowed with observable intelligence will be able to discern the truth when the time comes.

          1. No doubt you already know to what I attribute most of this type of mentality, right?


  2. Those aren’t women. A real woman would never behave in that manner. Look at the fine example they are setting for that one little girl, as she is crying her eyes out. It’s sad watching the death of a civilized society.

    1. Deb
      Notice how the little child kept following her momma. Poor kid. Some people don’t deserve to have children.

      1. I did notice that Bulldog. My guess is that her mama was the one on the receiving end of the beat down.

        It would be nice if these “women” would educate themselves to the real problems of the world and concentrate their efforts on that, instead of fighting with one another.

        I tried to listen to what instigated the fight in the first place, it was hard to hear, I think one of them bumped into the other. Not sure, it was just chaos.

    2. Deb, if i may. A true LADY would never behave like this. A woman on the other hand would. Just saying. 🙂 I am married to true lady, and have been since 1969 December 13. I definitely know the difference, thank God.

      1. 44 years Paul. Outstanding!!!! Missy and I are at 24 and going strong. Hope to make 44+! I am married to a lady as well. A strong lady, but still a lady.

      2. Be lucky you guys found a lady. There aren’t too many of them in America anymore. All I ever really see are beasts and this video only adds to it.

      3. Yes Paul, I get what your saying. I like to pride myself on being a true lady. I have been married for 27 years, and I know my husband considers me a lady. He usually apologizes to me if he swears in my presence. LOL

        I could never imagine myself fighting with someone in a retail store and acting like, well an animal. That is what these “women” were doing.

        Now if it were a situation where I had to fight for the life of me or my children, that would be different. Only I would have the right “tool” for the job. 😉

        1. Deb” Now if it were a situation where I had to fight for the life of me or my children, that would be different”. is one sign of a true lady my dear.

        2. Deb, I was going to reply to you on another story but got busy and could not. You said you were starting to clean houses. I did that for years when bulldog was in the army. It gave me the flexibility to be at home when I needed to on my schedule. Yes I am a clean freak too!! One thing I learned start at the back of the house and work your way out. I started my own cleaning business in Texas and then Kentucky, the money was good and under the table! When I left Kentucky in 2006 my peeps I cleaned for were begging me not to leave. But I did find a replacement for me!! Office cleaning is good money too and easier than houses!! 🙂

          1. Missy, that was the menopause thread, and boy I can’t believe it’s still going! haha

            I don’t mind cleaning houses at all, and yes an office environment is even better. I’m waiting on an office gig from the owner of a company who is an awesome woman. I would rather take the office cleaning versus the house to house cleaning any day.

            My oldest daughter is cleaning houses under the table right now. The money and tips are good, but sometimes she runs into clients that never pick up after themselves. One family that she is going to clean for tomorrow, still has their live Christmas tree up! LOL 🙂

            Congrats to you and Bulldog on your 24 year marriage. You guys are cool, and obviously excellent together.

            Wonderful 🙂

          2. Deb I have some secrets on mopping. Too long to post ask Henry for my email, its a trick I learned from a German girl and it is the easiest and best way to mop with unconventional tools! I still mop this way and my house only has 3 of the 4 bedrooms with carpet. The rest of my house is tile or wood and I have 9 animals, 5 cats and 4 dogs!!! And I hate when my floors even have a cat hair on them. Congrats to you guys on 27!! 🙂 We make 25 on July 26!!

          3. Thanks Missy, I’ll ask him.

            I have a dog, cat and a guinea pig residing inside my house and I can relate to the having one cat hair on the floor. It’s a never ending chore around here. Thank goodness I have the other 4 dogs in the garage, or I would be pulling my hair out! haha

  3. Amazes me how there were no cops tasing the hell out of these women. After all, most Walmarts have a police squad car, in addition to their own security squad car, patrolling the place all the time.

  4. when I was a little girl many years ago, I used to watch Wild Kingdom on TV and go to the zoo sometimes, also. But never anything like this.

  5. Are the zoo-keepers on strike or something?

    It’s hard to believe that two humans would find something worth fighting over in Walmart, of all places.

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