Writer John Vibes Discusses His Cancer Treatment With Cannabis Oil, B17: True Solutions

Era of Wisdom – by Cassius Kamarampi

For the past 2 years, John Vibes has been ill. He went back and forth between doctors describing strange symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, lightheadedness, dizziness and shortness of breath: most doctors dismissed the symptoms as no big deal.

Contrary to the initial opinion of most doctors, after months of uncertainty John finally learned he had lymphoma in April 2016.  

Being a writer in the alternative media for years, covering stories of cancer being cured naturally, he knew just what to do: treat it with naturopathic remedies ranging from full spectrum cannabis oil to B17.

In this interview with Era of Wisdom, John goes into great detail about his treatment and story. It contains pertinent, sharp, insightful details relevant to anyone seeking naturopathic treatment for cancer. It contains valuable grains of philosophy about allopathy v.s. naturopathy, and Agorism, or the philosophy of creating alternatives.

John is getting better fast. His symptoms are significantly decreasing, he is getting less fluid drained from his lungs every few weeks, and when the cancer is hopefully gone, he and his wife plan to write a book about their experience.

The book will be from the perspective of both a patient and caretaker, and will be available for free on PDF, with inexpensive paperback copies available as well. Please share this with as many people as possible: don’t let a family member endure chemotherapy without thoroughly researching these alternatives.


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2 thoughts on “Writer John Vibes Discusses His Cancer Treatment With Cannabis Oil, B17: True Solutions

  1. John Vibes, what a cool guy. So enjoyed his video, very encouraging, and I also will keep him in prayer.
    I’ve seen lots of articles posted by him and always enjoyed them yet never had seen a picture of him, so it was great to see some of his heart in this video. So glad he’s doing better!

    1. Always liked him too, Katie. Been reading his stuff for a few years. This was the first I’ve heard of his cancer, however. BUT…

      “John is getting better fast.”

      That’s a given, using B17. Good call, John!

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