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  1. With the new hype they are putting out on Hillary they just might be leaning towards Trump to calm things down so I voted Trump, but that could change in the next 48 hours.

    1. Yes, this thing is fluid, and as you said, just depends on how prepared they think they are.

      I voted Trump too, but who knows, just interesting taking a shot in the dark.

      1. Ditto, early voted for DJT.

        ….whilst thinking, the kosher-script reads:

        “popular-vote landslide for Donald” and electoral college fiasco to the “bitch-witch.”

        …call it Judaeo-drama…writ large!!!


        That said: ….I have always believed in the old axiom that goes thus….

        Washington(DC), cannot win a sniper’s war.

        1. Unfortunately, there is no one with the WILL to do it. The Oligarchy is not afraid of their sheeple slaves..

  2. Wow, I’ve thought Trump would be inserted into the presidency since the conventions, Hillary is the worst candidate the Democrats could possibly run, the pattern seems the same as the 2008/2012 cycles when the Republicans ran McCain and Romney against Obama. Trump is perfect to run the NWO football further down the field for two reasons, 1: Trump has cult of personality and 2: Trump is and will continue to be divisive (the same reasons Obama has been a useful Golfer in Chief). Divide and conquer is the game and I’ve always known that it will be a republican that will drop the hammer, I’ve never heard a liberal say “turn em in to a glass parking lot” (I’m no fan of liberals mind you) and the NWO crew is going to need the good old boy gun owners to be sitting on their hands while the police state runs wild. Time will tell.

      1. And all points made by Brandon Smith at alt-market.

        Everyone knows there are too many plates to keep spinning, and TPTB need an acceptable scapegoat for when they fall.

        Just like the EU blowing up will be blamed on Brexit, the US blowing up will be blamed on Hairpiece.

      2. Thanks tc and MN I’ve never heard of that gentleman but its not surprising someone else had the same line of thought, we will find out soon.

    1. Called that shit, no surprise at all but they really tried hard with their carnival shit show, I even had slight twinges of doubt thinking they could put Hitlery in. Get ready folks its about to get goofy.

  3. Hmmm. I dunno. I don’t usually try to differentiate between my targets. I mean, one target is as good as the other. As long as the rounds go in where they’re supposed to then the target is serviceable.
    I see three targets listed so eneemeeneemineemo.

  4. I was assuming Hillary was due her payoff from the puppet masters, but with all the really gooey stuff coming out of wikileaks, I’m thinking they’ll switch to the Trumpraeli, either one works for the puppetmasters goals anyway…

  5. You know what I think, and everything’s playing out exactly as I told you it would months ago.

    Trump by a landslide, Hillary being tossed under a bus, and us losing WW3 shortly after Trump is elected….. invasion to follow the war, or end the war, exactly as we saw in WW2 Germany.


    I know the entire MSM appears to be supporting Hillary, but they all lied in unison about Sandy Hoax, 9-11, and a hundred other things. They’re supporting Hillary because the public now knows they’ve been betrayed by the media, and will do the opposite.

    The population is on the brink of revolution. ONLY a candidate like Trump, who’s promising to tip over the whole apple cart, will get elected in this political environment. That’s why he’s there, and that’s why Hitler was installed, too.

    Simple matter of history repeating itself, all paid for by the same family.

    1. Remember: “We’ll have our new world order, either by consent or conquest”

      Guess what? No one’s consenting to it, so they’re moving to the “conquest” option. They expected disarmament after Sandy Hoax, tried again at Pulse nightclub, and what they got for their efforts are groups of armed Americans standing up to them, and ignoring all their new gun laws. (thank God)

      They have no choice but to crank up WW3, and end it with an invasion that disarms this population, or their “new world order” isn’t going anywhere. It’s their next step, and their only option, because we forced their hand.

    2. “Trump by a landslide, Hillary being tossed under a bus, and us losing WW3 shortly after Trump is elected…”

      DAMN!!! I MISSED IT!!!!!

      When did the fat lady sing?

        1. That was a scam, Cynicles.

          Between producers, directors, and technicians, there are a lot of people involved in getting something on your TV screen. It’s impossible that none of them noticed that the election was a week away.

          1. I’m not saying it wasn’t on the TV screen.. I’m just saying it was an intentional “mistake” that will have the same effect as their support for Hillary — more people will flock to the polls to vote for Trump.

            They have no credibility to protect anymore, but they do need to encourage voting, and showing the the election is rigged will do exactly that. People will turn out in droves to vote the other way, in defiance of the crooks.

      1. Well Hatr… anyone can figure it out after it happens…. hopefully. The trick is to accurately predict it.

        Trump is winning by a landslide, and Hillary is being tossed under a bus. And all of the media support for Hillary, only produced more voters for Trump.

        1. JR, you should know by now that whoever the voters vote for doesn’t mean crap. It’s who counts the vote, so if the elite want Hillary, then they’ll select Hillary. Producing more voters for Trump doesn’t matter.

          1. That’s only true when they can convince the public that it’s a close race, and a landslide victory for one of the tyrants convinces the remainder of the public that their tyranny is the will of the people.

            They want a landslide victory for Trump to make his gestapo and Nazi tactics (soon to be revealed) unquestionable.

        2. Well, just the same… think I’ll wait until THEY give us the ‘official’ result, JR.

          Till then , no one (except the Rothschilds) knows the final (s)election ‘result’ yet.

  6. Everyone just stay home, save your gas, save your time, it’s already a done gig. Hillary by electoral college. There you have it. “We just decided for you to take your burden away.” “Yes, we know it’s hard to decide, so we “decided” for you!”

    So, crack open a cold one, kick back, and watch the end of the world at your leisure!

  7. Anyone stop to think that perhaps they will put Trump in so they can claim that the election was in fact not rigged and everyone like us is a lying bastard? Have him win by a landslide and usher Hillary out quickly, totally restoring the sheeples faith in the system and thus pacify them. With Koernke and many others trying to keep things calmed down it would be perfect, it would put everyone back to sleep and you would see anyone against the government just go home claiming it is all ok and they will not wake up nor fight no matter WHAT happens to them for another four or eight years.

    1. “Anyone stop to think that perhaps they will put Trump in so they can claim that the election was in fact not rigged and everyone like us is a lying bastard?”

      Well, wouldn’t that make Trump a liar, too? He has been babbling on incessantly about how the vote is rigged. That would make the next President a liar. Gosh, he’d fit right in.

      Here’s our next president.
      President Lying Bastard.
      USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

    2. The rigging “rumor” would put egg on Trump’s face, as he also claimed this.
      Barry Soetoro esq. who post’s his vids. here theorizes she’s staying in the running just to get the donor monies, then she’ll go retire on her yacht, all the while knowing what she’s doing, as well as Soros and the gang knowing. Simply riding it out till her pockets are lined, and lined good. I can definitely see this. I think they will only be pacifying a very small # of people, the majority have had it, and nothing will pacify them. Most people voting for Trump are only doing it out of a last resort, to not let HC in. In other words, he’s not there guy either.

  8. I didn’t vote in the polls on the site.
    I couldn’t beer to submit my agreement to pick between two pieces of dog sht and 2 psychopaths.
    I believe we need a 3rd candidate.
    Hey …why waste your time with amateurs. …..?

  9. If you participate in a poll, you are part of the establishment that governs polls. This media driven non sense is all planned to make you think your lives matter.
    They don’t! I will not learn any one on this site about this bullshit show. Some of us are pissed.
    blades of grass mofo,

  10. We’re dealing with Hillary Clinton, Soros & Co. That much should have told you when she chose to run, that the fix was already in.

  11. Dammit! It looks like they’re going to insert Trump into the presidency. Ugh! Another 4 years of slow torture and stupidity with the sheeple instead of all out war and getting the party started.

    1. I’m sure your not surprised, and these particular sheeple are the ones copblock.org calls “cop suckers”. I’m of the opinion they are more dangerous then the anal prolapsed leftists (excuse my crudeness but I’m pissed about the whole situation).

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