7 thoughts on “YIKES!! A toddler troll, and horse-face

  1. Oh…my fkng God.
    That has to be the worst chairman mao man pant suit I’ve ever seen her in.
    And I’m being nice.

    1. It’s battery operated, #1, but I dare say out loud what it probably is.
      It probably flashes her and her epic pantsuit back to her old “college dorm” days, if ya catch my drift?! 😉

  2. I think I finally figured out why cher is clapping.
    She just made Hillary sing a karaoke version of
    I got you babe.
    For a million dollar donation.
    Then cher had to abruptly leave.
    Because she was late to get back to Macy’s to be put back in the front window display.
    Next to the other mannequins.

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