Your Tax Dollars at Work: Ukrainian Supreme Court Chief Justice Arrested for Accepting $2.7 Million Cash Bribe by Jim Hoft

Ukrainian Supreme Court Chief Justice was arrested this week for accepting a $2.7 million bribe. Vsevolod Kniaziev is the Chief Justice of the Ukrainian Supreme Court – a true man of integrity.

Before the War with Russia started Ukraine was considered the most corrupt nation in Europe. Obviously, not much has changed.

The Biden regime has gifted Ukrainian leadership with over $110 billion in US dollars and weapons. The whereabouts of the money has not been audited.

In January The Gateway Pundit reported on Ukrainian officials blowing millions in US dollars on sports cars, mansions, and luxury vacations.

Ukrainian anti-graft authorities said on Monday they were investigating large-scale corruption in the country’s Supreme Court system and shared a photograph of piles of dollars neatly lined up on a sofa.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) did not name anyone accused of corruption, but two local media organizations reported Supreme Court Chief Justice Vsevolod Kniaziev had been detained on suspicion of receiving a $3 million bribe.

Reuters could not independently verify the reports.

The country’s anti-graft authorities displayed the photograph on its Facebook page, which said the discovery followed investigations by NABU and the office of the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor (SAP).


2 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at Work: Ukrainian Supreme Court Chief Justice Arrested for Accepting $2.7 Million Cash Bribe by Jim Hoft

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