Zionists Finally Admitting Wave of Hatred That’s Consuming Israel

21st Century Wire

Earlier this month 21WIRE reported on a spate of violent incidents carried out by extremist Israeli settlers, police and IDF, against the native Palestinians.

Israel, its lobby and its agents have been working overtime to rehabilitate Israel’s image ever since last year’s massacre by the IDF in Gaza. Despite dubious events like the Charlie Hebdo Attack, Israel continues to lose the global public opinion war.

Until it addresses its own issues of extremist ideologies, as well as violence and racism directed at the native Palestinian population – Israel will continue to lose the battle of hearts and minds.

Even the Israeli leadership and its media – are admitting as much now…

Armed Jewish settlers routinely intimidate, violate and abuse indigenous Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation.

Jewish Telegraph Agency

(JTA) — As thousands took part in protests Saturday night against violence and homophobia, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin warned against a wave of hatred “spreading throughout the land.”
Speaking at a rally in Jerusalem — others were held in Tel Aviv and Haifa — Rivlin said that Israel could no longer afford to downplay violent attacks carried out by Jews. The rallies were organized in response to a stabbing attack Thursday at Jerusalem’s annual gay pride parade and a subsequent arson attack against a Palestinian home in the West Bank that left 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha dead and his family members battling for their lives.

“Citizens of Israel, a Jewish and democratic Israel, democratic and Jewish Israel, needs a wake-up call today,” Rivlin said.

These flames, which are consuming all of us, cannot be extinguished with weak condemnations [by politicians]. These flames cannot be extinguished with solidarity rallies; not even with this rally. These flames cannot be extinguished with posts on Facebook and statements in the media. These flames cannot be extinguished with repression, denial and disregard. Incitement, ridicule, frivolity, laxity and arrogance of the heart cannot extinguish the fire, but only allow it to burn stronger, with fervor, to spread in all directions, and permeate all walks of life,” Rivlin said. “We must be thorough and clear; from the educational system, to those who enforce the law, through to the leadership of the people and the country. We must put out the flames, the incitement, before they destroy us all.”

News media quoted Israel’s Channel 10 on Saturday night as saying that authorities suspect the arson attack was carried out by two settlers from an illegal outpost in the east Shiloh area of the West Bank. The outpost is near the Palestinian village of Duma, where the attack took place…

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7 thoughts on “Zionists Finally Admitting Wave of Hatred That’s Consuming Israel

  1. They’ll just continue with their genocidal agenda. It’s all they know.

    “Forget what the whole world thinks. The Jews are kind and caring people, and the whole world is anti-Semitic. We only commit genocide in self-defense” — Bibi

  2. Right, Israel, go ahead and do bogus damage control only because you’re getting caught, not realizing that after 60some odd years of wannabe genocide the world is finally noticing.

    But that’s okay, Israel–God noticed wayyyyy before “the world” did! And you WILL be punished for this! There are not enough “blessings” from Christian Zionists to even hope to save you!

  3. This reactionary behavior is only going to get worse when the vatican opens up its palestinian embassy, and the UN recognizes their voting rights.

    1. I hope so and the GD joos get what they deserve. Palestine belongs to Palestinians, not filthy greedy khazars. Isrealhell having complete control of every part of our Nation hasn’t worked thus far. Quite the contrary. As far as the vatican goes, do you believe they are in control of this show? Martin Luther called it almost 500 years ago who controlled it and it wasn’t in the name or teaching of Jesus Christ.

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