1300+ Hondurans Begin Organized Trek to U.S. Border

Breitbart – by Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby

More than 1300 Honduran men, women, and children began a trek that is expected to take them through Central America and Mexico. Some of the migrants plan to seek asylum in Mexico while others plan to head to the U.S. border. The march appears to be organized through social media.

The march, dubbed “March of the Migrants,” began this weekend in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where more than 1300 men, women, and children began a trek that will take them from Honduras to Guatemala and into Mexico where some will seek refugee status. Others are expected to continue north to the U.S border, Reuters reported.  

Soon after the march began, social media groups promoting the well being of Honduras and Central America posted videos and photographs condemning the government and the lack of opportunities in the country.


The march is largely being organized through social media where Honduran residents were called upon to begin the trek in San Pedro Sula, Reuters’ Gustavo Palencia reported in Spanish.

Mexico’s Azteca Noticias reported that the ultimate goal of those in the march is to reach the U.S. border to escape the poverty and the violence in Honduras.

According to Reuters, the primary reasons being mentions by those taking part in the trek are lack of jobs and violence. The march comes just months after a similar effort organized by the U.S. group Pueblo Sin Fronteras helped coordinate a caravan of more than 1,500 men, women, and children that trekked through Central America into Mexico seeking to reach the U.S. to request asylum, Breitbart Texas reported. While some members from that caravan stayed in Mexico, a large number made their way to the border where they worked to request asylum at the international ports of entry.

“There is no work and so much violence that you can get killed walking down the street,” 25-year-old Javier Solis told Reuters. He said he has not been able to find work for a year and wants to make his way to the United States. It is not his first attempt to illegally make his way to the U.S. Reuters reported that his first attempt ended in deportation after he made it to the Mexican border.

Ildefonso Ortiz is an award-winning journalist with Breitbart Texas. He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Brandon Darby and Stephen K. Bannon.  You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook. He can be contacted at Iortiz@breitbart.com. 

Brandon Darby is the managing director and editor-in-chief of Breitbart Texas. He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Stephen K. Bannon. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He can be contacted at bdarby@breitbart.com.


6 thoughts on “1300+ Hondurans Begin Organized Trek to U.S. Border


  2. Been saying exactly what Brother Jay did…meet them at the border with a few A-10’s loaded with napalm and leave the corpses to rot in the sun. The convoys will stop.

  3. A couple of A-10s should DIS-Organize this trek.
    Very Quickly.
    Well before the Jew media can begin to push the narrative.
    We just need to wait long enough for the “big name” media reporters to get there to “cover” it.
    It’s likely that it is BS.
    Who, in their right mind would announce…we’re a comin’ on this day at this time.
    No one who wasn’t paid….by the Jews!

  4. My favorite video of the GAU-8.
    I love how it speeds up slightly after the ammunition belt is empty.
    In this video it has a musical quality for me. You can tap your foot to the firing and the breaks.
    I have subconsciously wished I had one of these on a difficult Elk hunt. Not really. But frustration can do strange things to a person. (No compensating for male organ size comments here, please…just joking…keeping it clean)
    I read everything about this gun I could in college in the late 1970s.
    If you see this plane pointed at you.
    You are going to have a really, really bad day.
    It will discourage any future “organized treks”.
    Why doesn’t it happen?
    We all know why.

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