1829 Newspaper – Rothschilds Have Purchased Jerusalem

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This 1829 article exposes the fact that William E Blackstone (born in 1841) or Theodore Herzl (born in 1860) were not in any way, shape or form – the originators to “gather a large nation” and/or “re-building of the temple“, as the “narrative” goes.

Just the 1829 wording of connecting “Rothschild“, “Jerusalem“,”gather a large nation“, and “re-building of the temple” throws any and all previous held ideas of some sort of “miraculous thing” out the window. Obviously this has been percolating for quite some time.  

Finally the author of the above 1829 article, Hezekiah Niles, describes the 1829 time period as “these strange times“. One can only wonder what was really happening back then that somehow was never conveyed in the history books.

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3 thoughts on “1829 Newspaper – Rothschilds Have Purchased Jerusalem

  1. He’s Satan personified. The enemy of enemies. The root cause of all that’s wrong with the world.

    Name the horror; any horror, and it can be guaranteed to be traced back to Rothschild money.

  2. “To the Sultan, the country is of no great value; but, in the hands of the jews, directed by such men as the Rothschilds, what might it not become,…”

    I think we all know the answer to that.


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