1975 Video: CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinfo

Truthstream Media – by Melissa Dykes

It has been verified by a source who claims she was there that then-CIA Director William Casey did in fact say the controversial and often-disputed line “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,” reportedly in 1981.

Despite Casey being under investigation by Congress for being involved in a major disinformation plot involving the overthrow of Libya’s Qaddafi in 1981, and despite Casey arguing on the record that the CIA should have a legal right to spread disinformation via the mainstream news that same year, this quote continues to be argued by people who weren’t there and apparently cannot believe a CIA Director would ever say such a thing.  

But spreading disinfo is precisely what the CIA would — and did — do.

This 1975 clip of testimony given during a House Intelligence Committee hearing has the agency admitting on record that the CIA creates and uses disinformation against the American people.

Question: “Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation — American journal?”

Answer: “We do have people who submit pieces to American journals.”

Question: “Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?”

Answer: “This I think gets into the kind of uh, getting into the details Mr. Chairman that I’d like to get into in executive session.”


Question: “Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to the national news services — AP and UPI?”

Answer: “Well again, I think we’re getting into the kind of detail Mr. Chairman that I’d prefer to handle at executive session.”

It’s easy enough to read between the lines on the stuff that was saved for the executive session. Then-CBS President Sig Mickelson goes on to say that the relationships at CBS with the CIA were long established before he ever became president — and that’s just one example. Considering 90% of our media today has been consolidated into six major corporations over the past decade, it’s not hard to see that you shouldn’t readily believe everything you see, hear or read in the “news.”

“I thought that it was a matter of real concern that planted stories intended to serve a national purpose abroad came home and were circulated here and believed here because this would mean that the CIA could manipulate the news in the United States by channeling it through some foreign country,” Democratic Idaho Senator Frank Church said at a press conference surrounding the hearing. Church chaired the Church Committee, a precursor to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which was responsible for investigating illegal intelligence gathering by the NSA, CIA and FBI.

This exact tactic — planting disinformation in foreign media outlets so the disinfo would knowingly surface in the United States as a way of circumventing the rules on domestic operations — was specifically argued for as being legal simply because it did not originate on U.S. soil by none other than CIA Director William Casey in 1981.

trumanciaFormer President Harry S. Truman, who oversaw the creation of the CIA in 1947 when he signed the National Security Act, later wrote that he never intended the CIA for more than intelligence gathering. “I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations,” Truman penned in 1963 a year after the disastrous CIA Bay of Pigs operation.

Again, please keep this in mind when you watch the mainstream “news” in this country…

“In their propaganda today’s dictators rely for the most part on repetition, supression and rationalization – the repetition of catchwords which they wish to be accepted as true, the supression of facts which they wish to be ignored, the arousal and rationalization of passions which may be used in the interests of the Party or the State. As the art and science of manipulation come to be better understood, the dictators of the future will doubtless learn to combine these techniques with the non-stop distractions which, in the West, are now threatening to drown in a sea of irrelevance the rational propaganda essential to the maintenance of individual liberty and the survival of democratic institutions.”

Aldous Huxley, “Propaganda in a Democratic Society”
Brave New World Revisited

(H/T Daniel LeBlanc)


3 thoughts on “1975 Video: CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinfo

  1. The Zionist media has every right to lie to you all they want. It’s part of their freedom of speech. As far as I know, there’s no law against lying unless the lies are used to separate someone from their wealth (fraud), or are told under oath (perjury).

    The problem is that the American people keep looking toward the liars for truth, and that’s just plain stupid. How many times does someone have to lie to you before you stop believing them?

    I don’t know, but I’m amazed by people who should know better, who keep returning to the idiot box for information. “I know they lie constantly, but today they said this, and then they said that”…THEY’RE LIARS…..who gives a sailing shite WTF they said?

    Once they’re discredited as a reliable source of information, you should really start to look elsewhere for your facts.

    And we see the same phenomenon with politicians. NOT one of them has ever told the truth, everyone accepts that they’re all dishonest, but when they hit the TV screen millions of idiots have their attention focused on every word they say as if they were receiving the ten commandments.

    Can this stupidity be cured, or treated, or is it terminal? Why does the illuminated TV screen, printed words, or an expensive suit lend credibility to anything someone says? (especially someone with a long history of shoveling dung)

    1. Unfortunately JR, It goes way further than that. It seems over the past several decades, that this HABIT of lying, is becoming the norm. People don’t even know they’re doing it anymore! It’s as natural as breathing to them.

      I know you’re thinking, “How can this be so?” That some people don’t realize what they are saying. Some is ignorance, the most forgivable by others to a point, some intentional/pathological with an agenda, some caused by prescription medication. In any case, always have the BS detector on. It’s getting to the point one doesn’t know whom or what to believe anymore, especially for the TV watching crowd. Any combination of the above can and does exist.

      Don’t hesitate to call that person/statement on the carpet. Sometimes people will be offended. Sometimes people will have irrefutable proof of the voracity of their statements. Friends will not take lasting offense. The point is, the people you associate with regularly will pick up a new habit, always justifying what they say in their mind, before they speak it.

      The government and TV types are paid to lie. There is no salvation for them in the average persons eyes…I don’t believe one of them, EVER, without irrefutable proof.

      Once a liar, always a liar. It’s a HABIT.

    2. “Can this stupidity be cured, or treated, or is it terminal?”

      Terminal IS the cure, JR.

      For 100% effectiveness with no relapses, anyway.

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