9 thoughts on “2nd American Civil War! Pt. 8: RED FLAG LAWS!

  1. Yes I know, this guy believes in left and right, that’s not why I posted this. I posted this because that’s what we do here, present all opinions, so we can argue with some kind of background information.

    I’m not pretending to be anything here but a man who met Henry Shivley 10 years ago and believes in every word he says, and backs him up WITHOUT QUESTION, simple.

    Nothing else is more important other than eating and sleeping, oh yes, working to make a living.. 🙂


  2. he failed his own litmus test.. nuclear weapons are reserved for govts… WHAAAATT???!! The sword and EVERY TERRIBLE IMPLEMENT of the GOVT soldier is the birthrite of an American. he only believes in his freedoms. very very VERY FEW give a shit 100%.

  3. 20 seconds in and I can’t listen to it. Did this idiot not hear trump push gun control??? No left and no right it’s just us versus them.

  4. At the end of the day, is this fellow a patriot? Or not? It’s real easy to forget where we all started from when we were first awakened to this Luciferian NWO. Either he will grow and learn more, change his viewpoints and opinions God knows how many times, or he will become complacent and go back to sleep. I’ve been knocking around with my eyes open since the early 90s and I’m still learning. Cut the guy a break. This fellow still has decades of brainwashing and status quo to undo.

    1. My cutting of the slack ends when the words Civil War are spoken. This is not and will not be a civil war. A small percentage of the population who have defrauded the people out of a lot of wealth have done so through the violations of the supreme law of this land, the ratified supreme law of this land, the Bill of Rights.
      This very small percentage of these lawless cretins, via acts of treason and sedition, have removed our courts. But what is about to happen here is that the mass majority that are beyond sick of this miserable shit are going to exercise their absolute right under the 2nd Article to enforce the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, using whatever force that is necessary.
      We have had the means to straighten this issue of law out for a long time, but as to do so means we have to stop everything else we are doing, go out, arrest, try, and hang those in violation of our ratified law and our authority, we have been neglectful to a fault in this sacred duty. The longer we wait, the uglier it is going to be.
      The corporate aristocracy is going to be brought into compliance with the superior law of this land in such a harsh way that never again will our servants presume to rule over us through a foreign unlawful jurisdiction.
      I have no tolerance for half-assers. The violations to the law are just too blatant and the actions needed are just too simple. It is the 14th Amendment and slavery of the multitudes under a handful of aristocrats, or it is freedom and liberty under the Bill of Rights, and the aristocrats hang.
      Anyone who can’t see this clearly at this point is illiterate, ignorant, cowardly, or a part of it. Either way, I could give a shit less. They better pick a side of the fence and they better take off their shoes and do some serious counting before they do so, because we the people being oppressed are heavily heavily heavily armed and we outnumbers these mob criminals, thousands to one.

  5. It was a Revolution the last time these sic fcks tried this shit …are they pushing the “Civil War” BS because they know its nothing like that and they wish it were ?( they are trying very had to get us all to fight each other , so we will leave them out of this)

    hey I get it that maybe some of my fellow men are stupid and have no clue what the second article is for ..but I highly doubt many gun owners are pissed at their fellow man .. , they are pissed at the Government , and last I checked that is NOT a Civil War ..but a Revolution

    am I wrong?

    1. I believe that it is an uprising of the people to crack down on crime and to hang those who have committed hangable offenses, treason and sedition. And I believe the enemy would do anything to make it anything else other than the people simply asserting their lawful authority and enforcing the ratified law of this land.

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