17 thoughts on “Patriot Gathering – OKC

    1. BOOGER HOOK, we all got a kick out of that Martist! Funny man,,, pass the shine, thanks Henry! 115 at least…

      1. Glad to contribute some levity to fellow patriots. Laughter is almost the best medicine. Lead is the best medicine for your enemies! Apply liberally twice to the chest and once to the head. If desired results are not achieved, please repeat as necessary. I am not a doctor but I do play one on the range.

      1. Thanks, brother, feeling much better than this time last week… was getting that pacemaker sometime around now.

        On the upside, I am breathing much better now…, big plus.

        I’ve been checking out boots online (mostly reading reviews) since that’s all I really have to go by. I really don’t know which brands are the best quality (and you can’t always go strictly by price… I’ve seen some high-priced ones get some terrible reviews), so I thought I would ask Henry’s opinion first (being the mountain man that he is). One brand that seems to get consistently good reviews is Chippewa.


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