’60 Minutes’ Twitter feed hacked as ’48 Hours’ airs Marathon special

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Boston.com – by Obnoxious Boston Fan

The official twitter account of the CBS show “60 Minutes” was hacked late Saturday night and suspended for the second time in less than 24 hours, this time by someone posting sympathetic Tweets for the Syrian government and opposing the United States’ involvement there.

Earlier Saturday, both the “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours” accounts were hacked. But had been posting later in the day.

Both accounts were still down Sunday. CBS confirmed the earlier attack but not the second one.

The attack occurred while a “48 Hours” special about the Boston Marathon bombings was airing on the same network. That account was also suspended Saturday night.

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A group calling itself the “Syrian Cyber Army” took the credit this time – in a Tweet that originated in Indonesian.

An outfit called the “Syrian Electrionic Army” launched a similar attack on NPR last week.

The first hacked Tweet was posted at about 10:31 p.m. Eastern and a stream of about 20 posts ridiculing President Obama, the United States and supporting the Syrian government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, flowed continually for about 20 minutes before the account was finally suspended.

One Tweet showed a Photoshopped version of the president morphed into Alfred E. Neuman with the quote: “We don’t negotiate with terrorists because we are the terrorists.”

Wonder who’s next?



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16 thoughts on “’60 Minutes’ Twitter feed hacked as ’48 Hours’ airs Marathon special

  1. Now if they could only hack into MSM during prime time and send
    the message that the people are being duped by their treasonous

      1. What have I missed? I support the Syrian army
        and Assad and consider the rebels terrorists.
        Anybody getting “server error” when opening
        site or posting? Happening over and over.


        1. Leita,Relax Henry and his team are addressing the DESPERATE PITIFUL ATTEMPT at “saving face by the seditious scum,as we all know you cant put the genie back in the bottle especially a genie(patriots) as big as AMERICA’s

        2. Yes Leita, I am kind of thinking all those errors you are getting like the rest of us is from that CISPA stuff that got passed last week – ya know internet spying etc. etc. with out a warrent and at will for no reason. I have been haveing a ton of problems myself since they passed that damned cispac thing last week.

        3. Leita, that was happening to me a couple of months or so ago, but not lately.

          Irritating as hell, ain’t it?

          1. #1 NWO Hatr
            Yes, very irritating. Type a post and it goes no where.
            Kind of like numerous YT videos disappearing.

          2. hey all tell henry his nasties are back as the site wont take from my desktop shortcut but the cloudflare thing got me back to here. nite bertie if your in there LOL

          3. I spoke too soon. Just a couple minutes ago it came up “website offline”, but it’s back now.


          4. #1 NWO Hatr
            I had a time getting my reply to go thru to you.
            The Cloudflare thing came up a few times
            then I would hit “post comment” and nothing
            would happen. Is Cloudflare an enticement?

          5. Leita, I have no idea what Cloudflare does. I usually deal with FTT strictly through my e-mail, but when the offline thing came up, I used Firefox to access the site, and it worked. Then I went back to my e-mail, and it was working again also.

            Like I said, bizarre.

  2. “Wonder who’s next?”

    Well I’m not “next”, because they’re already hacking into my computer on a regular basis. Last night they repeatedly dumped a ton of crap into my machine when I was trying to download the latest discussion between Darryl Bradford Smith and Mohammad Rafeeq.

    I don’t know if many people here are familiar with those two, but they are by far the best source of info regarding our economic situation, and they’re both highly credentialed in that field. They explain complex economics in layman’s terms, and they’ve been 100% accurate and honest for more than a decade. Rafeeq is my economics guru.

    Also at that site (linked above), you’ll find a treasure-trove of information regarding the history of Zionism, and their crimes, as well as a bunch of great hard-to-find and out-of-print books on the subject that you can download for free. There are hundreds of hours of excellent interviews with numerous well-informed people that you can listen to as well.

    I always find good listening there when Spike is too busy to post the Word From The Trenches radio show to the archives.

  3. To ADMIN-ALERT!-this hack sets up a(supposed) precedent of vulnerability of the MSM-this hack can be used to dis credit the tweet from the Boston Globe, which announced a pre-planned detonation that in fact WAS the explosion at the finish line.
    ALSO I notice Drudge linking to a follow up on the victim in the “wheelchair” image-showing a different facial expression.
    IMHO-the tweet from Boston Globe and the “wheelchair pic”are the best pieces of evidence-and notice the spin start.

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