4 thoughts on “80% Americans now infected with Common Parasite

  1. Here I thought the parasites were Zionist bankers, well if Baking soda is all we need to get rid of these Parasites. Think of all the Ammo we will save!

    1. lol. Guess I should start buying baking soda by the pallet.
      How many tons does it take to “die-off” a zionist banker using baking soda?

      Good one Wade.

  2. Candida is one of those opportunistic diseases that feeds itself.

    Candida feeds itself by giving you cravings for bread, pasta, white rice, beer and alcohol, etc. … anything that turns to sugar in the metabolic process thus feeding itself.
    . . .

  3. Only thing missing from the list of symptoms is tinnitus… I’d say not only do 80 percent of Americans have it, so do 80 percent of Asians (rice), 80 percent of Europeans (beer, pasta) and 80 percent of Middle Easterners (bread)…if all it takes is eating garlic, then I feel a lot better…and I eat it raw…the whole toe that is!

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