99ers Alert – HR 589 Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2011 is Introduced to Ways and Means Committee

In following the progress of the unemployment extension legislation it is revealed that it is being identified as HR 589 Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2011.  The emergency legislation was introduced Wednesday by Congresswoman Barbara Lee to the House Ways and Means Committee. 

This is an alert.  It is imperative that every 99er work to flood the Ways and Means Committee with emails demanding that the legislation expediently be moved through the committee and onto the House floor.  These are the individuals who sit on the Subcommittee on Human Resources of the Ways and Means Committee.  Also call the Capitol switchboard at 1-866-220-0044 and ask to speak to these members.  Don’t ask, demand, that HR 589 be put through.

Subcommittee on Human Resources

  • Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
  • Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
  • Jim McDermott, WA
  • John Lewis, GA
  • Joseph Crowley, NY
  • Adrian Smith, NE
  • Erik Paulsen, MN
  • Rick Berg, ND
  • Tom Price, GA
  • Diane Black, TN
  • Charles Boustany, LA     

If this legislation does not move forward because we 99ers failed to lend it adequate support we will be deserving of the further deprivations we are going to suffer.  On the other hand, if we show our force and the House Resolution is dismissed out of hand we will have at least identified one group of politicians that the 99ers as a force are going to vote out of office in 2012.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. failed us in delivering our resumes to Congress.  But the very fact that we provided so many that it was not economically feasible to print them is a demonstration of our ability to unite. 

We must give Congresswoman Barbara Lee and her co-sponsor Congressman Bobby Scott the chance we gave Jackson.  But they must understand that as sure as the newly elected Republicans have been given a probationary period by the Tea Party to prove themselves, we 99ers are giving Scott and Lee the same probation.

If they do not fight for this bill using every asset available to them to its conclusion we are not going to forget when the 2012 elections roll around. 

Of course it must be understood that our end goals remain:  end CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT, and all international socialist American policies that are causing the destruction of our country.  2012 will be a truly constitutional election is we make it that far. 

At any rate if HR 589 fails we cannot let it be said that it was because the 99ers failed to do their part.   So every 99er, to arms, let’s bury this subcommittee in an avalanche of phone calls and emails demonstrating our determination through unity.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

96 thoughts on “99ers Alert – HR 589 Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2011 is Introduced to Ways and Means Committee

  1. i am a 99er i look for work every day i still need help -everyone else has been bailed out please you must pass hr 589 and give all of us 99 ers much needed help
    it is not like i sit home and do nothing i try everyday -there is nothing out there !!!


  2. Henry I just finished calling the eleven on the committee and getting ready to send emails too. I appreciate your tireless committment and information. Let’s go 99ers we need to get busy faxing/tweeting/calling/emailing!

  3. I’m a construction worker out of work( 99er) our gov worries about egypt , we pay our gov to fix the problem here in the USA . you gov idiots don’t think whats going on in egypt cant happen here, think again pass the ext bill for 99ers or we will riot in the street s till you all are gone……….

    1. MV-AL,
      I believe you will have to go to the individual members and email them separately. I could not find an email address on the Ways and Means Committee website.

    2. Main Office:

      Ways and Means Committee Office
      1102 Longworth House Office Building
      Washington D.C. 20515
      P: 202-225-3625
      F: 202-225-2610

      Press Office:

      Ways and Means Press Office
      1101 Longworth House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515
      P: 202-226-4774
      F: 202-225-2610

      2010 MA House Ways and Means Committee
      Telephone: 617-722-2990
      Facsimile: 617-722-2998
      E-Mail: Rep.CharlesMurphy@hwm.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2380
      Fax: 617-722-2847
      Email: Rep.BarbaraL’Italien@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2380
      Facsimile: 617-722-2847
      E-Mail: Rep.StephenKulik@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2060
      Facsimile: 617-722-2849
      E-Mail Address: Rep.AngeloScaccia@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: (617) 722-2810
      Facsimile: 617-722-2846
      E-Mail: Rep.GloriaFox@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2582
      E-Mail: Rep.RobertKoczera@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2575
      Facsimile: 617-722-2238
      E-Mail: Rep.ChristineCanavan@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2430
      Facsimile: 617-722-2346
      E-Mail: Rep.JamesFagan@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2020
      E-Mail: Rep.JohnQuinn@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2380
      Facsimile: 617-722-2847
      E-Mail: Rep.ColleenGarry@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2305
      Facsimile: 617-722-2598
      E-Mail: Rep.GeraldineCreedon@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: (617) 722-2230
      Facsimile: (617) 722-2846
      E-Mail: Rep.MichaelRodrigues@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2460
      Facsimile: 617-722-2353
      E-Mail: Rep.RuthBalser@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2810
      E-Mail: Rep.WalterTimilty@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2263
      E-Mail: Rep.MichaelKane@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2230
      Email: Rep.ChristopherDonelan@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2637

      Telephone: 617-722-2396
      E-Mail Address: Rep.JosephDriscoll@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2210
      Facsimile: 617-722-2239
      E-Mail: Rep.DenisGuyer@Hou.State.MA.US

      Telephone: 617-722-2400
      Facsimile: 617-626-0127
      E-Mail: Rep.CarlSciortino@Hou.State.MA.US

      Telephone: 617-722-2011
      Facsimile: 617-722-2238
      E-Mail: Rep.TomSannicandro@Hou.State.MA.US

      Telephone: 617-722-2396
      E-Mail: Rep.JamesWelch@Hou.State.MA.US

      Telephone: 617-722-2396
      E-Mail: Rep.ChristopherSperanzo@Hou.State.MA.US

      Telephone: 617-722-2014
      Facsimile: 617-722-2215
      E-Mail: Rep.RobertRice@Hou.State.MA.US

      Telephone: 617-722-2460
      E-Mail: Rep.ThomasConroy@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2100
      Facsimile: 617-722-2390
      E-Mail: Rep.VinnyDemacedo@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: (617) 722-2305
      Facsimile: 617-722-2598
      E-Mail: Rep.RobertHargraves@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2396
      Facsimile: 617-722-2819
      Email: Rep.JeffreyPerry@hou.state.ma.us

      Telephone: 617-722-2230

      Telephone: 617-722-2240
      E-Mail: Rep.ToddSmola@Hou.State.MA.US

      Telephone: 617-722-2487
      Email: Rep.DanielWebster@hou.state.ma.us

  4. I am a 99er. During the time I have been off work I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree and applied for 2 -5 jobs every week without ever getting an interview. I now spend 8 + hours a day making resume updates, applying for jobs and following up on ones that I have applied to. I have had a couple interviews but companies are not hiring very fast. Many positions I apply for will not even start interviewing people until the job has been posted for 30 days.
    Currently I still have my home and my car. My unemployment ended 4 weeks ago. Soon I will not be able to pay my bills nor put fuel in my car to get to interviews. Even though many companies have jobs posted it does not mean they are going to fill them with the speed needed to keep the 99’s who are so close to being able to get a job stay off the streets.
    99’s need this bill to keep us off the streets while corporations slowly hire.

    1. This is what I’m saying. !!! Malissa is educated has alot to offer. But where are the offers and the jobs.??????????????? These politicians are not in the situation , job seekers are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are not out there on the front lines , seeing EVERY day how hopeless the job market is in this country now. How employers discriminate. How you can applied to 8 or more jobs per week and it makes NO difference. How employers are now discriminating against the long term unemployed. Our discrimination departments and laws are a joke. It is to easy for a company just to misrepresent intentions and lie and they do that so beautifully when it come’s to discrimination. On so many levels our government has failed in the jobs market and the laws associated to it.

      And they spend all thier time worrying about the wellfair of the poor in 3rd world countries, while they are creating a 3rd world country and people right here in the USA by turning thier backs on us. America could use a GOOD REVOLUTION to over turn our government.

    1. Get the repubs first cause they don’t care about everyone else, just the RICH!!! The very ones (majority) that will hold this desparately ndd bill passed!!!! They are KILLING this country slowly by surely!!! And that is soo sad cause the very ppl that elected them back into congress they have and will continue to turn their backs on them!!!! You ppl are their gophers!!!!

  5. We must have this bill pass.They should think of the 99ers as a big company,bank or wallstreet that needs a bail out.Lets do away with the smoke and mirrors,and do whats right for the american people.This is not only a fight for the 99ers,but a fight for america and the way we do things.AMERICA FIRST GREED DEAD LAST.

  6. Congress ,we came this far in the worst job market in history, right now you can see the market improving these next 14 weeks will be our life line to the new economy. Give us the chance to get there,God Bless You.Kevin Corr…

  7. My unemployment ran out in mid- december. I have Payed for my own Schooling at Bates community collage abd will finish by end of june. My Prior occupation of manufatured home sales of 12 years of employment is effected by the economy. So I hope and pray that our union and president and congress will hear our cry for emergincy help… Sincerly Dennis Criss/ Military Vetran 19K U.S.A Army

  8. I have worked 35+ years of my life, paid into unemployment insurance, paid taxes and did everything I was suppose to do, for what? To be 56 years old and to no fault of my own be laid off. I never thought I would ever have to collect unemployment and after applying to hundreds of jobs I am finding that “I’m too old too hire and too young too retire.” The only means when your unemployment runs out for most 99ers is their 401K to live on. But after taken out your 401K and paying a high penalty because your are not 59 1/2 years old yet and paying taxes on it, you can only hope that what little would be left will help pay the mortgage, your bills and put food on the table for a little while longer until jobs are created. Jobs should be the only thing the Democrats and Republicans should be working on, putting Americans back to work. Let’s face it without jobs this country does not exsit. Please do the right thing and take care of the hard working Americans that we once were and want to be again. Pass HR589.

    1. Dottie: Ditto to everything you wrote, except that “I have worked 50+ years…” and I am 69, not 56. If you think it’s hard for you, try on my shoes! Thank God for social security, but it pays me only $1119/month, and my rent (for a raggedy studio apartment in a ramshackle building in a decidedly unfashionable part of Los Angeles) is $800/month. I paid $500 of my January rent out of my last unemployment check (in January), and the $300 balance out of my February check, 2/9. I won’t pay a penny of my February rent until March 9, when I receive my social security check.
      My heart goes out to the 99ers who don’t even have social security money coming in—especially, those with families.

      We’ve paid our UI premiums, but now that we need the help that those premiums are supposed to be paying for, we’re deadbeats and bums. And extending any more “charity” to us will bankrupt the government. But RESTORING THE TAX RATE ON THE ULTRARICH TO THE EARLIER LEVEL—not “raising” their taxes—is quite OK, we need to do that!

      I’m sick.

  9. This bill NEEDS to be passed! Instead of helping other countries help your fellow Americans! Charity begins at home!

    1. Thank you Beth. You are right. Our politicians , ALL of them , will never now or in the future have any of our respect if they do not make this bill for 99er’s happen. It is the ONLY morally RIGHT thing to do.

  10. The repubs are KILLING this country and if this bill doesn’t pass, well, stop your whining cause you (some, too many) bought them back into congress!!! How do you expect this country to try and succeed when you insist on putting the Killers (repubs) back into congress! Just remember in 2012, they (repubs) want your votes but don’t care about the poor and middle class; just their own!!!! Its really on you to protect your families!!!!

  11. I will do everything that I can to help this bill pass. I ran out of benefits in late December and since have gone on welfare to pay for my food. My life is absolutely miserable with everyone on my back. I do not get much support. Those fourteen weeks may make a difference you never know. Extra money would boost morale and lift depression which is needed to land a job. Obama stated that the Egyptians wanted a change, well we do to. Or something similair might happen here. People are tired of being ignored and stepped on. I apply for multiple jobs everyday, and feel that it is hopeless. Why do I try to do anything, I am constantly failing. I understand that unemployment can not last forever nor should it. But in light of the previous tax breaks for the wealthy I think an additional fourteen weeks is justified.

    1. Hopelessinnj, I’m going thru hard times myself ( along with my 14 yr old son ), and all I can say is, keep coming to this website, speak your mind, blow of steam. It helps. Then get involved. God Bless you and yours.

  12. We have been tweeting, emailed, called and screamed and hollered. We have been doing this for months and still they are not listening. I have been watching T.V. all day and the only thing that is talked about is Egypt. What about what is going on in this country? I think its time to walk penn. ave because nothing else has worked. Peacefull demonstrations are in order now. The debates are nothing but the same questions over and over and over and inventing new ways to answer. Give me a break! Enough is enough!

  13. Hello,
    In the 34 years I’ve been working, that’s since the age of 14, I have always put in 150% of what I see as the norm to make it in this society.
    I’ve done my time, I’m 48+ yrs old, and should be working from an office chair, which I was doing until 2yrs ago.
    When the Eco/ Political crap hit the fan, and I was in that chair for many years (Without a college degree) I was not fortunate enough to have a family (financially broke quite enough) when I was a kid like some of the others around me, to get assistance for tuition, and my family could not help.
    some bean counting Gov formula kept this funding away from us, where there was plenty of affirmative action to go around, I was a white middle class catholic so there was nothing for me, while it gave the money away to welfare recipients, who already had better things than we did, and the governments guarantee’s as well of free housing etc….
    So I fought to become a better more rounded person myself, now when I should be reaping the fruits of my 30+ year struggle, I’m out in the cold and can’t even start over presently, because there is no need for an (overqualified) person in our new environment.
    We have given away jobs our kids could use and now our kids are doing jobs we could do just to get by, but it seems these jobs are also governed by people whom like to stick with young people as a rule.
    Guess how old the bosses are?
    Any way—-Because of taxes and costs like unemployment taxes our raises have always been lean, when you consider what we and the employer pays at the end of the week, I’m surprised Paul Revere doesn’t rise from the dead, and tell us how weak we have become because he would never have put up with this bullshit.
    Yearly outdoor workers pavers etc….. take advantage of this system…………..
    If I got 26 weeks for every year I have put in that would be something like 884 weeks.
    So at least that’s what has been paid in.
    All I’m asking is help us a bit longer until the politicians can fix their own mess we had nothing to do with.
    Let’s close our borders—-I’m going to have to accumulate a few low paying jobs till hit the grave, and the foreigners are in the way of that too.
    Please help the 99ers…..
    What a sickening despicable mess !

  14. I am a 99er-over 50 yrs old-college educated-unemployment ran out Dec 4 2010-I’m now homeless-still looking for work–not sure how to contact Ways and means-but I will find out and do it–others-please join me

    Let’s do this!!!!

  15. I am still in shock about what has happened to this country. This extension is essential. Without it, how can we get a foothold to get back on our feet? We need those jobs sent overseas back here. Why has this been done to us, our own government?

  16. please pass this bill HR 589, I am an Ultransound Technician, and want nothing more than to work, work nearly all my life and is this what i had to look forward to, Loosing my job after 25 years in the medical field, let me be the first to say thank you. I am now in school again to become a RN, (praying that history won’t repeat itself) in addition to seeking work to continue to feed and keep a roof over my 2 children and my head, don’t know how much longer I can since my UEB ended since March of 2010, again I plead please pass this bill HR 589

  17. Senators, Representatives and Congress,
    Work a little late on this one, let your dinner get cold, because as it does, so do our children
    This is not their fault.
    We have allowed this not them, but this will be our legacy to them, their fond memories of being children during this whole partisan political embarrassment.
    Shame on anyone who thinks we should just get over it!

  18. pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589, pass this bill HR 589,

  19. please pass this bill. ive been working since the age of 15 and im now 36 i have 2 daughters to support on my own and i really need this just as the other 99ers do. please help us

  20. What is being done for unemployment extensions for the 99ers .I find this very shameful, from the president on down to our representatives I have had a very successful career and work for over 30+ years and had been out of work Since Nov 2008. I look for work each and every day. All my savings is gone, 401k is gone. All my stock options are gone and I had to sell them at a loss because I needed to support my family. Plus to make matters worse, our government is stealing my SSI.
    Below are some day to day stressful things I go through and the tough times I am having every day. I and “MY FAMILY” are in need for Help before it’s too late. Plus our VP of the USA tells us to hang in there that’s easy for him to say. I am 53 years of age and should not have to go through this.
    1. Going through garbage cans for recyclables in parks, curb side garbage, parking lots.
    2. My wile has kidney failure and needs to go to treatment 3 times a week. I just struggle to get her there.
    3. Struggle to pay my cell phone for Job contacts.
    4. Room streets to find a wireless connection so I can send out resumes.
    5. Don’t have insurance for my vehicle. Hope I don’t get pulled over and it gets impounded for 30 days. If so, I won’t have the cash to get it out of impound, I can’t go to job interviews and take care of my sick wife.
    6. Wife’s car has already been repo.
    7. Don’t have enough money to pay for my wife’s MEDS she needs for her kidney failure. Have to beg the Kidney Doctor for samples.
    8. I sold everything I have worked for my entire life When I do get evicted I won’t have much to move.
    9. Bill collectors hassle me each and every day because I can pay my bills and my bad has credit impacted me from getting a job.
    10. Can barely feed my family and I do get help from second harvest but the food is not right diet my wife needs due to her kidney failure.
    11. PGE is about to be turned off because I can pay the bill.
    12. Can feed my dog. I go to the back of 7-11 stores and go through the garbage cans to get the old expired food so I can feed him.
    13. Beg for gas at the gas stations so I can take my wife to kidney treat and to job interviews.
    14. Just about ready to lose the roof over my families head.
    15. I have no Medical Insurance and need to have teeth worked so I can be presentable for Job interviews.
    16. Got to beg to get a haircut for Job interviews.
    17. Struggling just to have clean clothes and underwear for Job interviews.
    18. When I do get job interviews I am also told am over qualified.
    19. Try to make sure wife and kids have food before I eat.
    20. Go door to door asking people if they need their yards mowed or any other type of work.
    21. Looking for any job even if it is minimum wage. Pickup every penny and dime I lying on the ground.

    22. Go door to door in strip malls asking if they need someone to clean parking lots.

    The list just keeps going. This daily life as it is now. I feel like a piece of crap.
    Someone needs to stand up and show leadership in the House.

  21. I am a 55 year old 99er. My unemployment checks stoped 2 weeks ago. I have a shut off notice for my electricity. I have worked all my life. I just applied for food stamps first time ever. I am in Oregon rate is 10.6 percent. There are no jobs out there. The checks kept the heat on and a roof over my head. My home will now be the streets of Portland. I look for work everyday…There really needs to be help for the 99ers..What are we to do riot in the streets…

  22. Two weeks left of UEB benefits. Had a job thru a temp service to only be laid off again. Have twenty to thirty job apps out at this moment. Have had only one interview to be told I was over qualified. To me it seems like all the training and experiance I worked so hard for, being a good employee only got me laid off for no reason of my own and now I’m over qualified. Don’t know what else to do. So please pass this extension so I will have that much more time to find something. W/O it ill guess ill just be another person in the welfare line or standing on the end of your city street with a sign that says will work for food. I’ve done nothing wrong but I’m being treated like I did. HELP US!!!!

  23. I’m a fairly new 99er and just laded a temp job to get by for this month. The company I’m working with said they used to have 80 employees a few years ago. Now they have less than 20 and the majority are all temp workers none with a steady job. NO ONE is spending money in the economy and it’s the governments greedy ways they is destroying this country. They want the NWO and it’s up for us AMERICNS to stop them. Just like in egypt we need to start rioting and burning buildings that’s the only thing that will get us any attention, they can do it why the hell can’t we?!

    1. Dominic,
      We are not Egyptians. When we have a revolution we will not allow the military dictatorship to be excused just because the top dog stepped down. And we will not allow our Constitution to be tossed out the window by a military panel. We instead need to arrest all the traitors, take back the wealth they have stolen, and put them on a deportation barge which we will beach on the shores of Somolia.
      Also, we will not destroy any public buildings as they belong to us. Tearing them up is equivilant to breaking the dishes during a fight with your spouse.
      No, it is not going to be as easy on these scum bags as it was on the Egyptian tyrant.

  24. After 24 months of vigoriously interviewing and searching for work. I am in one week a 99er. I am 61, just went through a divorce in 2009, need to work to support myself. I have applied to more than 700 jobs, been interview 16 times at a local heathcare conglomerate that boasts that they employ 4000 people. I have excellent jobs skills, contract management background, plus many other office and business skills and experience. I am being discriminated against daily in the job market. Age discrimination is the biggest type of discrimination in this country today in the job market. On top of this the job market is REALLY not there. There are probably 15-20 people applying to every job. I had one employer tell me they had 115 applications for an administrative assistants job I applied to. I have applied to every level of job opening and am willing to take any job.

    Our politicians wheeling and dealing, greedy companies, and greedy wall street, and greedy rich americans made this HORROR or all of us 99er’s. Good hard working middle americans who are losing everything they have because of mis management on all levels in our government. The 99er HR589 bill is the least that these pervaors of distruction could do to help these long suffering americans. We will not be denied. If this bill is NOT passed there could be rioting as in Egypt, Europe. There will be in the next elections the dimise of ALL the people who would not morally work to make this bill pass.

  25. Please pass the bill people are really suffering and it is as though they are being ignored by congress, my benefits ran out in December and since then my life has been in turmoil i am in my 50’s and have been on multiple job interviews where there are at least 10 people for every job, I have worked since i was 14 and instead of looking forward to retiring, i am trying to figure out how to catch a ride from here to there after losing my car that was almost paid for.




  27. please help us keep what little we have left………….. 14 weeks can help. spring will bring better things. its got to get better.

  28. i am trying every day to find work -i have gone on three interviews in two years and have received a call back –i keep trying–but to no avail–this countnry gives bail out to everyone other than those our own people who really need it –what happened in egypt could happen here -if the 99 ers get desperate enough and we are desperate–i have all my life worked hard suffered indignation–was insulted many times –all we are asking for is A LITTLE MORE HELP–
    please pass this bill NOW..!!!

  29. I have e-mailed and called everybody to get this passed. They need to pass this now. Please keep calling and e-mailing…….thanks

  30. I am 52, a female,and a 99er sence november 2010. I have worked sence age 9 picking up trash out of neighbors yards and going to the corner store for small items for them,raking, yards, mowing lawns. I am not lazy and never have been. As a teenand young adult I worked in motels doing laundry, resturants doing dishes, hospitals doing maid work, parks picking up trash, cotton fields of kansas picking and planting cotton, mcdonalds , wendys. I have worked in mortgage banking, factories, furniture stores, offices, insurance companies. I have and Associates, I am a certified mental retardation tech. and a certified medical coder. I am willing to do anything to bring in a income. I have a back injury that limit me from working some of the occupations that I did when I was younger. I am on the edge!!!!!!!!!! my mortgage is 3 months behind, my utilities are behind,my phone will be shut off today. How do you get a job without a phone!!! I can hardly keep gas in my car (thank god for help from my daughter, she give me $20 here and there for gas) I dont have any dependent children so I can only get food stamps from the department of family and children services. I get up at 6 am every morning and look for jobs, here in ga a lot of businesses do not post their jobs through the department of labor, its word of mouth i guess, they also do not advertise them in the paper, so I run from business to bussiness, if gas allows, feeling out applications. I have worked all my life to have decent credit, (that is gone) and god the creditors are calling constantely making threats. I dont know how I am gonna pay my state and federal taxes this year either. I cry at least once a day,I am so depressed it has began to feel unnatural. God help us, because the government won’t, so you need to face it.

  31. I am a 99er. During the time I have been off work I’ve been very busy using my time wisely, finishing my civil engineering degree, which I currently still am going to school. This is my last semester and I get my degree. I also apply for 2 -5 jobs every week without ever getting an interview. I now spend 8 + hours a day making resume updates, applying for jobs and following up on ones that I have applied to. I have had a couple interviews but companies are not hiring very fast. Many positions I apply for will not even start interviewing people until the job has been posted for 30 days.
    Currently I still have my home and my car and all the other bills (electric, water, food, etc.) just keep coming in. My unemployment ended 2 weeks ago. Soon I will not be able to pay my bills nor put fuel in my car to get to interviews. Even though many companies have jobs posted it does not mean they are going to fill them with the speed needed to keep the 99′s who are so close to being able to get a job stay off the streets.
    99′s need this bill to keep us off the streets while corporations slowly hire. Please help with this HR 589, even for 12 more weeks until I find a job or I will be in the streets for sure! Where is “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” !

  32. I don’t plan on contacting anyone. Much as I support the bill, Democrats could have passed an extension when they had a super majority but didn’t. They know that it’s not going to pass and are deliberating making this an issue for the 2012 elections.

    When 2012 rolls around, I’m casting my votes for Republicans, like I did in November, because the Democrats failed to support the American People, who continue to suffer because of inaction by the Democrats.

  33. voting in more republicans!!!!!!!!!! yeah thats gonna make things even better for us. Have you ever heard the old addage, cutting off your nose to spite your face, well that is what you will be doing by voteing in more republicans. We would not be in this situation if there had been enough democrats at the time to pass the extension, but there was not, and to keep everyone from getting screwed over the democrats had to take it out. We need to realize that a house devided cannot stand, and stop doing things because we are mad or hurting and think. You are talking about putting more republicans in office, the same republicans that called us lazy, the same republicans that gave the rich a great tax deal, the same republicans that have a work week laid out for them selves of (work 2 weeks, take a week off ) for the next year. These people don’t even see us!!! we are invisible to them, and you talk about putting more of them in office. They have not opened their mouths about what kinds of cuts they would like to put forth, why, because if they did we would not put them in office and would revolt. They sit and smile and make pretty, just waiting to get the vote of people like you, and when they get in office they are gonna screw us all. God help us.

    1. Obviously you did not read yesterday’s article titled, “99ers Break the False Left-Right Paradigm, Push HR 589 and Eliminate NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT (WTO)” It is not Democrats vs. Republicans. It is them vs. us.
      As for your assertions that the Democrats couldn’t pass the Tier 5, you are wrong. The Democrats had a super majority and could have passed anything they wanted. But they like the Republicans ignored us and instead focused their attention on gays in the military and amnesty for illegal aliens.
      Take the red pill. Wake up from the matrix and see that when it comes to our multi billion dollar politicians, they serve the people that pay to put them into office.
      Kemcha is way off base also. In the last election we did not vote Republicans in, we voted out incumbants. And if we have not gained recognition by the next election, we must vote out incumbants again. No matter if they are Democrat or Republican. We must teach them that they will either answer to our needs or we will send their sorry arses home with the next election without exception.

      1. I agree with the false left-right paradigm and we need to replace them all. However, everyone in politics will say anything to get elected. How can we know who to believe? I don’t trust any of them.

        1. Angel-NYC,
          It’s simple to tell when politicians are lying. Any time their lips move, they are lying. That is what they do for a living and nothing is going to change until people become so desparate that they actually refuse to vote until candidates are brought forth from their own ranks and the Contitution is enforced to the point that we as individuals can punish politicians who lie. It probably isn’t going to occur short of a bloody revolution, so the very best we can do up until then is vote incumbants out as this at least slows them down in building power and limits the amount we have to pay them for the rest of their lives after they leave office.

  34. Why should we vote to get more republicians in office when NOT ONE of them stood up and voted for an extension for us 99ers. WE NEED TO STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER, lets take a page out of the republican book. EXAMPLE, there is a republican running for president, he has a third grad education, and the world knows he is gonna run the country into the ground, every republican out there will stand behind him and praise him and tell us he is the best thing since sliced cheese. We on the other hand can have the opposite canidate and would not stick behind him for more than a hot minute, soon as some republican says something negative against him and tell some outlandish lie, there we go, running to the other side. I have been a democrate all my life, and let me tell you, I am sick of democrates not having any balls, we need to stand up for our party and fight till the end and get a spine before the republicans break our backs.

  35. i have called elliot engels office I have called the capital awitchboard office i have tried to impress upon them how important it was to pass hr 589 we need a little more help==who cares about egypt –there will another egypt in washington–the secty told me they would pass on the messages

  36. My only concern is getting to the White House. As a 99er, I know I can’t get there from where I live, which is California, especially since I would have to walk. I’m not normally paranoid, but would it be wrong to ask if our benevolent Republicans had already thought of that? They are safe, knowing that we are too poor to march on Washington. I know I would be there in a hot second except that I don’t have money for gas,to get to the market, let alone faster modes of transportation.

    I’m with you Henry – we need to pay attention and make sure not one encumbent gets a vote, regardless of whether they are democrats or republicans!

    1. Yes, there should have been a March on DC a year ago, when more of us could afford it. That’s why we’re organizing the National Rally (see Organized Resistance). I see it as kind of like “Hands Across America.” If we all do it at the same time, from where we are, they WILL notice. At this point, none of us can afford a trip to DC.

  37. I want to say, I did not mean to come off like an a_hole, yesterday, and I apologize. As for the little red pill, I have an appointment at the end of the month for that. I am just so sick of what is going on. I feel like that kid in school that all the so- called upper crust kids either made fun of, or totally ignored as if you did’nt exsiet until they needed your vote for student council or something, then they are all in your face smiling, talking and shaking your hand.

    1. Martha,
      Sorry to hear about your appointment for the pill, but you are not alone. Another 2 million will joined the ranks of the 99ers this year and another 3 million will start down the pathway. The only bright side is the reality is forcing us to unite. You are welcomed among our ranks.

    2. Martha,
      I didn’t see you as coming across as a a_hole, just passionate. We’re all dealing with feelings of anger, hurt, bitterness.

  38. We are being hood-winked into focusing on illegal aliens, (they are taking all our jobs?) the question should be, where is the polls that tell us how many of our jobs are being out-sourced ever year, and how much of our tax money is the government giving these companies (in the form of tax breaks and others) helping to support out-sourcing. I bet it would blow our minds. I think illegal aliens take less than 1percent of 1 percent of the jobs, and if all of our jobs were not being out-sourced we would not miss the few jobs that the illegals have. If you think about the america debt situation, they use to say, its the people on welfare, now it is the people on social security, who are they gonna blame it on next. A lot of our problems are because of the greedy rich and their co-horts, the rich have more than they can spend in 10 life times and yet they want more, they are willing to bankrupt this country to get it, my only confort is ,Thank god they can’t take it with them when they die. hee hee.

    1. Martha,
      You are absolutely right about the dirty deeds of the rich in being paid to outsource our jobs. But the fact remains there are 15 million unemployed Americans at the same time 13 million of our jobs are being worked by illegal aliens. I have nothing against the illegal aliens except the fact that they are here illegally and taking that which belongs to us. Quite frankly I don’t know about you but I have nothing left to give, especially to someone from another country.
      I guess you could look at illegal immigration as yet another form of foreign aid which is being distributed to foreigners right here in our country while we 99ers are being told by our government that they can’t afford to help us.

  39. i am a 99er and have been looking for a job every week to no avail. iam 61 years old and have worked all my life and my wife and i raised 3 children, but because of my age (i think) nobody will talk to me. Please help because we have used up our savings and might lose our house next. Thank You Grandpa & Vietnam Vet 68-69

  40. “The Greatest Generation”,Political and Corporate Greed and Corruption have helped to Destroy The Great Economy We Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we need to return to the Ideals of the Greatest Generation, whatever helps build a strong America Structurally and economically, so all Americans can enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece of the American Dream!!! We must Fight to end the corporate and Political greedy and corrupt practices that have destroyed the middle class backbone of this great nation. Americans once took pride in its companies with patriotic loyalty but that has ended, now all of our jobs go overseas and nothing is made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must bring Americas great manufacturing industry back home, I know i would pay more if i had it, for better quality American made Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats How I Was Raised With Patriotic Loyalty “Made In America”By Americans Its Not Separatism Its Patriotism!WE also need equal Trade agreements with other countries and better and stricter oversight and accountabilty with our banking industry.

  41. Patriotic Phil says:

    “The Greatest Generation”,Political and

    Corporate Greed and Corruption have

    helped to Destroy The Great Economy We

    Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we

    need to return to the Ideals of the

    Greatest Generation, whatever helps

    build a strong America Structurally and

    economically, so all Americans can

    enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece

    of the American Dream!!! We must Fight

    to end the corporate and Political

    greedy and corrupt practices that have

    destroyed the middle class backbone of

    this great nation. Americans once took

    pride in its companies with patriotic

    loyalty but that has ended, now all of

    our jobs go overseas and nothing is

    made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We

    must bring Americas great manufacturing

    industry back home, I know i would pay

    more if i had it, for better quality

    “American” made Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats How I Was Raised With Patriotic

    Loyalty “Made In America”By “Americans”

    Its Not Separatism Its”Patriotism”!If

    they build it somewhere else,then let

    them sell it somewhere else(“corporate”

    and “consumer” loyalty/patriotism)keep

    America strong,”end outsourcing” . WE

    also need equal Trade agreements with

    other countries and better and stricter

    oversight and accountabilty with our

    banking industry.

  42. we are up to 66 that support this bill now. Keep calling e-mailing what ever it takes. I spend 1 hour out of my day calling and e-mailing all the reps and the white house and whom ever else needs to get on board to help the 99 ers. We are hurting out here and they need to help. It is so depressed here in Oregon. Have never seen it this bad. I keep seeing more homeless families on the streets now and so many people living in cars. It should not be like this.

  43. Looks like our goverment forgot about the 99ers.The more people come off the unemployment roll the better it looks for them.Like the 9% unemployment rate,come on ,who’s playing with the numbers.But the stock market keeps going up,and jobs keep going overseas,I don’t get it.And I realy don’t our goverment gets it,or do they.Did they right america off.Are they trying to make as much money as they can before it happens.China is laughing at as we give them most of our jobs ,our companies make big profits ,and then we barrow money off of them to run our country.Don’t barrow money,put a higher import tax on them.OUR GOVERMENT MUST REALY LOOK LIKE JERKS TO THE REST OF WORLD.We need a goverment that puts america and its people first.And that goes for our state goverments to . They make a mess and we keep paying for it over and over.Now the 99ers need help for the mess they made .The 99ers won’t go away,the numbers will get biger.Pass this bill and stop the bull.

    1. we are and have always been the laughing stock of the world we never get paid back from are bailouts,and im not talking about corporate america i am talking about other countries for wars (FRANCE) etc.etc.etc.and humanitarian aid etc.etc.etc.and now we dont enforce equal trade and we send our jobs out of the country,so yes we look like jerks!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I cant believe my, our own country just totally forgot about us i was born and raised in the usa i cant give up on my country i know they will come through for us 99rs

    1. the truth is hidden from the people who have jobs, they have no idea how bad it really is out there until they become one of the unlucky ever growing population of 99ers and the politicians don’t care about the poor or middle class unless it effects them! Its these corrupt c.e.o.’s, lobbyists and politicians who put us all in this mess!!!!!!!!!!! HR 589, they don’t care,we must be heard,so please don’t stop trying to be counted!!

  45. Someone please help me understand why do we have to beg for assistance from our own country. When Haiti needed help Emergency funds they were automatically released please help Haiti! Why not help your own fellow “Americans” Sweep around your own front door America. God shed his Grace on Thee….. I can not believe there are millions of Americans that need help and the government keeps turning them down. Shame on you. If I were blessed to help each and everyone of you I would it is sad to see the comments of our fellow Americans begging for bread it brings me to tears. 99ers remember to keep the faith I know sometimes our faith gets weak but God will make a way out of no way and I am a witness. Continue to Stand on his Word. Help is on the way stay strong.

  46. Screw these politicians who make over 6 figures sitting there ass in the house and congress. They don’t care about us who are about to be homeless as they vote raises for themselves. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer thats how our society has set this precedent since the beginning of time. If they don’t vote for this bill they can all go to hell and hopefully what comes around goes around.

  47. About the house and congress, Unbelievable! What an insult to suggest that we are not doing our part to find work. From California, I have contacted my Congressman John Garamendi several times, along with Boxer, Feinstein, Pres. Obama, Vice Pres. Biden. I joined Pop Vox to support the H.R.589 Bill and asked my family and friends to support it too. Here is what I wrote: I lost my job of ten years to the down fall of the economy, therefore, through no fault of my own I am unemployed. At 54 years of age I will lose my home of 25.5 years and all my pet rescues will be homeless once again if I am not offered a job soon. I have applied to jobs for the last 2 years, enrolled with East Bay Works, and even put myself through a Accounting Program. No one can say I have not tried hard enough to find gain full employment. So, I feel that this emergency extension will help until the economy gets a little better and employers are willing and not afraid to hire.
    I can not believe the comments coming from the opposing side. Are you kidding me!

    1. Stephanie, I read this today on a post by Naomi Cohn:
      “New note to readers. A television reporter would like to interview an unemployed woman age 50 to 62 who worked several years for the same company. If you fit this category and are willing to appear on camera, please contact Naomi Cohn at NaomiCohn@gmail.com. Thank you.”
      No idea who the “reporter” is, but you seem to fit the bill.

  48. We MUST extend the benefits to the unemployed…These are our fellow citizens who have worked their entire lives and have lost their jobs through no fault of their own…We can help other countries but not our next door neighbor…Reading some of these posts makes me cry…They want to work but jobs are not available…and if you are 50+ the hiring manager who is 30 doesn’t want to hire you…It is time for our government to take of our own…

  49. I called this number today 1-866-220-0044, and was transferred to a Joe and then a Tim (would not give last names) in Washington DC who said contact your local Congressman regarding HR589. My local congressman is John Garamendi. John Garamendi referred me to East Bay Works/One Stop Career Center in a computer generated letter sent back from his office. I’ve been working with EBW for 2 years and still no job offer. This seems to be an infinite loop with nobody stepping in to break it’s cycle.

  50. This is my last post, I have faced the fact that there is no help comming. The government has not MENTIONED the 99ers in 4 months, that tells me they are treating us as invisible people, and the rest of the nation is not talking about us either, that is, until they become one of us, until they have gone through their savings and are about to lose their homes, and cars and everything. There is a saying, and I don’t remember it very well but the gest of it is, when they came for them, I said nothing, then they came for me, and there was no one left to say anything for me. Everyone seems to be the three monkeys, see no evil, here no evil, speak no evil, but the way things are going, it won’t be long before they are walking in our shoes.

    1. Martha,
      Please don’t harm yourself. Don’t let them win. You’re not alone. We’re all in the same boat.
      By any chance does my above reply to Stephanie Peterson apply to you? If so, go for it!
      Be strong.

  51. I agree 1billion percent. HR589 needs to be passed, no acception. I have been off
    unemployment since Sept.2010. Even since I started unemployment, I’ve frantically looking for
    work, went through programs and anything I needed to do. To this day I was waiting on an interview just see someone who have just got out of jail get hired before my eyes, I’m losing my faith and will, my car, my house ..because of what? Not to mention how this affects our future America, “OUR CHILDREN”. What does United mean, when we are just divided!
    PASS THE BILL we don’t want Con-merica

  52. I became a 99er in DEC, even since losing my job due to the fact of it closing down completely, i have applied to every place i can think of called every place i can think of and no one has even given me a call back, no one here is hiring. Please Pass this bill!!!!

  53. please after working 45 years still looking every day for a job. i also am a 99er.please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.pass hr589.

  54. after 45 years of working lost job.looking everyday still no job.i also am a 99er please pass hr589!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I am a 99er as well and I will be homeless if the bill is not passed. If you don’t pass this bill you will be creating war, and it won’t be in Egypt. What will our country stand for if you don’t listen to the “PEOPLE” that stand for our Country.

  56. I am a 99er.I also do not like lables so lets just say I have been looking for work for over 110 weeks and I am totally disgusted with the way we are not important to the WHITE HOUSE .I have worked my whole life,20 years.I just feel like its a big smoke and mirrors game .Something always seems to come up .Oh lets bomb lybia.Oh lets bail out GM WHAT about us. I back HR 589. It may by us time but our jobs still go over sea.Maybe with all this tragety in japan we will get some of our jobs back.GOD WORKS in mysterious ways.Remember lets hold our heads hi and avoid depression.Lets form a march on the white house front lawn .If WE march in washington I can drive 4 people.They need to see plus million on their front step to wake THEM up.

    1. I agree that! that is what we are gonna have to do, thats great you can take 4 people in your car, I can take 4 also, lets organize a stand for all of us 99ers that desperatly need this extension. I myself have been evicted from my home, living with younger brother who also is unemployed , his benifits are about to come to an end. Lets organize a march, demand what we deserve.

    2. Every one that post their story about needing hr 589 tier 5. Start posting your name, instead of a user name,let’em know who you are.

  57. I’m a 99er and have exhasuted my benefits in November 2010. I did have one interview after two+ years of looking for work,(long term unemployed, Strike one). Still searching, because nothing materialized. Applied for food stamps, denied because of a felony conviction (Strike two). Poor credit rating, because of massive debt (Strike three). Cops took my car for driving without a license (Four strikes). Some employers are playing the race card, (Five strikes). Congress, please do the right thing and pass HR589 soon.
    I read an article in the paper this morning where two guys stole a backhoe and tried to steal an ATM from Chase Bank, the robbers failed to get the money. They were probably 99ers!!!

  58. I am also a 99er..i have been out of work sence november,2007…i have not received an UI benefits sence 2009…i come to the library to use the internet,apply for jobs,try to get help any way i can.I have bachlor degrees in law and can not get work..i have no money,food or a place to live..i don’t own a vehicle and i can not get approved for social services,as, in the state of PA, you have to have a residence to receive..and we have no homeless shelters either..congress need to pass this bill and help us rather then HELPING THEIRSELVES!!! GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Pass this damn extension for 99ers, you rich ass politicians. If yiou want to keep your jobs you better pass it, now! we dont have time to wait on you to decide on how to create a job for all of us. Their are too many people saying the same thing on evry website i see. There are not enough jobs for evwrybody you stupid idiots. jesus christ, what part of that dont you understand. son of a bitch. tired of the bullshit responses about why they cant pass the ext for us. Stop sending $ to these 3rd whole terrorist countries, anbd start taking care of the American people , your jobs are in jeopardy, dont think we cant fire your asses. Believe it acuse you will be fired , all of you bastards.

  60. Help Me so that I can help myself I have worked for 34 years and my unemployment will be over in a few months. I had downed sized as much as possible gave back my car and trying to keep my home. All I am asking for is more time to find a job. I spend more that 5 hours each day looking for work I have applied for so many jobs I have applied for the same ones more than twice.
    Please if you have any compassion please pass this bill the 99ers are not just sitting on our ass waiting on money we are all desperately looking for work.

  61. I was filed for personal bankrupcy today, and yes I fully agree with this comment
    Take the red pill. Wake up from the matrix and see that when it comes to our multi billion dollar politicians, they serve the people that pay to put them into office.

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