Historic Day in Egypt as Mubarak Steps Down in Face of Revolution

Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman announced today that President Mubarak is stepping down.  Apparently Mubarak will be turning his power over to the military.  How this whole scenario is going to play out, no one can be sure, but there are talks of doing away with the Egyptian constitution.  I guess this leaves Egyptian under martial law which is essentially the state they were in before they started.  It will be interesting to see how the Islamic Brotherhood reacts to the new power vacuum.

I believe if the Egyptian people had any sense they would draft a new constitution from the United States Constitution, copying it verbatim.  I think even the corrupt U.S. government would have a hard time not coming out in full support of the Egyptian people.  And how cool would it be to see the Obama administration have to support our Constitution in another country at the same time they are violating it here? 

It would also be interesting to see the Egyptian army’s reaction to millions of Egyptians rearming themselves under the 2nd Amendment.  And then to see the individual citizens of Egypt dragging ex-government officials into court, stripping them of their wealth, and putting them in jail or deporting them to Israel.  I believe an attempt at installing a true free Republic in Egypt would rock the Middle East and we would know overnight exactly what the international plan has been. 

If anyone from Egypt reads this article, think about its content.  Here is your chance to make the two-faced United States government put up or shut up.  You would also be doing a service to the people of the United States as this is an excellent opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy that is the unconstitutional United States government, as the present activities in Washington DC represent a running violation of the core principals outlined in our beloved Constitution.

God guide the events of the day to bring about truth and justice.

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