99ers and HR 589 Supporters Curtsy and Bow

I’m going to let you people in on a closely guarded secret and that is Britain’s Prince William is marrying a commoner, one Kate Middleton, today.  If you are not privy to this secret you have to be living under a rock.  Since November the mainstream propagandists have been shoving these piss ant monarchs in our faces like we were still a British colony.  Well, we are not. 

The very idea of a queen, king, prince, or princess is repugnant to the idea of a republic that places its emphasis on the natural god given rights of the individual.  The assertion that any person’s life is of a higher value for no other reason than the vagina they happened to come out of is enough to make a free man want to puke. 

To watch our fellow citizens all entranced by this royal puss bath makes me wonder just how many Americans are dropped squarely on their noggins as children.  The fact is this little worm excretion William’s great great great great great great great great grandfather tried to enslave my great great great great great great great grandfather.  And my family is still pissed. 

Do you people out there curtsying and bowing to these bastards understand exactly who these royal Windsors are?  The royal family is a bunch of in-breeders that have lived fat off of the misery of the poor for hundreds of years. 

Do you know that up until 1554 the king and or queen of England had in their service what was known as “The Groom of the Stool?”  These members of the high court were privileged with the duty of cleaning the excrement off of the king’s or queen’s arse after they took a dump.  Think about it.  If those considered “privileged” could only rate royal backside wiper, they would have to find a lowly colonist in America as below their dingle berries.  They actually jarred the excrements and stored them, hence, warehouses full of royal shite.

It is stated that this so called royal wedding is going to cost $102 million, of which the British people will be paying $32 million just for security.  Hell, let’s face it; they are paying for it all as the people of Britain give the royal family about $63 million per year just for being the royal family.  What a sham.  They should be called the royal welfare recipients as they are being paid for nothing more than breathing, eating, drinking, and committing incest.  That is unless one of them decided to marry a “commoner.” 

So how does this work?  One day the royal family is above you and then you receive a royal screwing that elevates you to a position just under God.  Only the stupidest morons would see this as an acceptable reality in the 21st century. 

But then there are a lot of British people who do not accept it, hence the attack on Prince Charles’ car and the need for $32 million in security for the “Royal Wedding.”

99ers, think about it this way.  If we could afford the publicity given to these foreign living insults to freedom and liberty, every person around the world would know what a 99er is.  What the hell are they doing on our television sets anyway?  We are not their subjects, or maybe they think we still are.  If so, I challenge Prince William to come to Chiloquin, Oregon and see if he can make me bend a knee.

I will close this article by addressing Kate Middleton.  Though by the end of this day you will have become what the majority of the people in this world most detest, as you were once a commoner I am going to throw you a bone.  I know how you hate all of the attention you are receiving as a result of your choice of a bedfellow and how you fear the pursuit of the paparazzi, so I am going to tell you how to eliminate the problem. 

Go to the royal shirt maker and have him make you a T-shirt that says, “99ers – The Forgotten People of America.”  Then every time you go out in public, wear it and start addressing the press immediately saying “The 99ers are the long term unemployed in America and are suffering at the hands of the international elite.”  Within a week you will be able to walk down any public street unmolested, hell, unnoticed. 

Lastly, I close with a great big American raspberry salute to the idea of royalty.

0 thoughts on “99ers and HR 589 Supporters Curtsy and Bow

  1. “Royalty” !!! they cant get enough of this BS on the news.. Im with you, the GOV and the so called Royalty! better get a gun, because I would never bend a knee for this crap! I was talking about this to my wife this morning, funny how you bring it up.. Couldnt of said it better Henry. Do you ever get the feeling this is what they want us to start doing.. Well hell im going to be in for a short life than.

  2. Thank you Henry. You just put into words exactly how I feel about this. It’s sad, pethetic, time consuming, and distracting just how much this crap is being shoved in our faces. I don’t know how many ways to say I don’t care today. Media is a wash, and with so many “Americans” feeding into this just goes to show why things are the way they are today…..anyway thanks again for the article.

  3. Henry, I felt the same way when I heard about people of America tuning in at 4am in the morning to see just plain crap. Millions of dollars spent for useless past so called garbage that they think their something more than anybody else. Their just pure nothing!
    People in trouble, starving and they spend millions on a wedding that is meaningless. They probably get divorced in a year or two and that was such a waste…Losers, the same with this country, such a waste on events and no one says nothing!

  4. Great article Henry. I feel the same way. I personally do not know of 1 person who is watching any of this crap on television. It is only another insult. Hell the money spent showing this could help out a lot of 99ers. I know there is someone out there who will help our cause and I am going to keep posting until ALL attention is on the 99ers. My prayers are with you all.

    1. Barbara,
      It’s reality TV, something to entertain the peon’s (you and me) and to once again take the american peoples mind off of the big picture, which is the destruction of the most productive society(economy) in the world, all for the purpose of benefiting these stinking MF’ers that have everything already and STILL are not satisfied. They have acquired all the power and strenght to maintain there position and I fear that it will take drastic action to bring this nation back to the principals it was founded on.

      1. Mark,
        Really? 16 Billion? Is that why all this money is “trickling” into my hands? Now we can stop worrying about the poor! Hey everybody…it’s “trickle time” in America!

        My God! What a crock!

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