Alabama Legislature Strikes a Blow for Legal Americans

Alabama’s legislature has passed an Arizona style immigration bill which is now awaiting the signature of Governor Robert Bentley.  The bill was passed on votes of 67-29 in the House and 25-7 in the Senate.  The new law will allow for law enforcement to investigate the legal status of those they reasonably suspect of being in the country illegally.

It will also make it a crime for an illegal alien to apply for a job in the state.  The law will also require all employers to use E-Verify to establish the citizenship of all applicants.  Sanctuary cities will be outlawed.  Further it will make it a crime to transport and or harbor illegal aliens.  And I like this one best of all.  Any business twice convicted of hiring illegals will lose their business license.

Of course the American Civil Liberties Union is threatening to file suit if the governor signs the bill into law and this is an outrage.  How dare an organization operating tax free in the United States assert that people who have crossed our borders illegally and are in fact invaders have any rights at all in our country, let alone any rights that supersede our rights as United States citizens to be secure in our property (jobs, economy, and tax dollars) against unlawful seizure, because in reality these thing are being seized by the illegals.

They are foreigners breaching our sovereignty and violating our laws, coming into our country and seizing our welfare, our food stamps, our housing, our jobs, and our future.  And they are being assisted by insurgents that have been planted in our highest seats of power.

The list of states putting forth Arizona style legislation is growing day by day as Americans are showing their outrage at having their jobs and livelihood stolen during a time when our own people are going hungry in the streets and in tent cities.

These are natural born Americans who have worked all their lives and are now having to watch as people who cannot even speak their language swarm over our southern border and take everything they have worked for and paid into, as they, as legal citizens, are being denied the basic necessities of life in their country which is in fact their property.

I think we had better be watching real close when these ACLU cases come to trial as there will no doubt be an effort by the foreign insurgents in our government to stack the juries with their fifth column sympathizers.

I am glad to see the states finally taking action.  I guess they are beginning to think about what could happen if they continue to ignore those who conquered this continent.  I look forward to the day that every state has passed the Arizona style law and the traitors in our federal government are facing each and every one of us and our retaliation if they dare try to tell us, “No you can’t.”

Here is one for you Mr. Soetoro, “Yes we can seal our borders.  Yes we can deport every illegal.  Yes we can punish the rich corporations who are supporting this invasion.  Yes we can declare that no one is coming here to work our jobs on visas.  And yes we can enforce our rights as legal citizens of the United States.”

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  1. When ever I see the acronym A-C-L-U, I can’t help remember 1973’s “Walking Tall”. A crime syndicate terrorizes a small community and eventually maims the town Sheriff and kills his wife in a shoot out. Sheriff Pusser (Joe Don Baker) reaches his boiling point and drives his police cruiser at full speed right into the gang’s headquarters, then the fed-up townspeople show up to empty the building’s contents and burns it in a bonfire.

    Oh well, I can dream can’t I?


    To this smarmy organization…please take American out of your name, as that is an insult to patriotic Americans. Any organization, politician or police chief who aid and support the illegals. need to be fired immediately, as they do not represent America or its legal citizens. They serve no purpose in this country. We can deport them along with all the illegals !!

  3. Excellent article, Ms. Cohen. I’m very proud of my home state although it’s been many years since I’ve lived there. In 2012, we will face the most important election of all time. No other election was based on whether our country was going to survive as a sovereign nation or would we finally collapse under the weight of the invaders. The present administration would like to give citizenship to those who’ve laughed at our laws. We must not let this happen. Please think carefully about whom you will choose. So far, I don’t see anyone who has the courage to stand up to the individuals and organizations who welcome the criminals. I’m praying for someone with the courage of Eisenhower. He was the last one who cared for this country and its citizens above all others.

  4. As the TEA PARTY emanates from the decrepit, but still flourishing Republican Party, my vote will go to Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) in 2012. To me, and possibly millions of other TEA Partier’s that she rivals all of the other presidential possibilities. With a (B-) grade on her stand against illegal immigration, she is a very sharp lady and unless you are against feminine personages in the White House for whatever reason, she is distinctly ahead of the class. Her score card so far as attributed to her illegal immigration record that is important to taxpayers, as she has stated that opposes Immigration reform that really is a disguised Amnesty. If it wasn’t for such a non-profit Foundation as the Heritage, the amount of money to support another amnesty of $2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS would have not released. Dollar numbers like this remain intentionally unrecorded, especially in the Liberal oriented media.

    This makes absolute conclusive sagacity, when the first main 1986 Immigration act cost $76 Billion. What really doesn’t make any sense, that the Pew Research Center, delivered an explosive problem, that while our own unemployed walk the streets, 8 million foreign nationals plus have jobs. In the same issue “Attrition through Enforcement” is the mandatory operation of E-Verify, Secure Communities on a nationwide policing basis. She also opposes any federal funding for Sanctuary City ordinances, and a much tougher border for our national security. The controversial instant citizenship for babies of illegal parents has drawn her ire, plus she wants to reduce all immigration legal and illegal. Bachmann is intensely loyal to an America to free ourselves of this blight of a multiculturalism society. She sees it as highly volatile to the English language and is embittered by the changes, she sees as eroding our way of life.

    We do have the rampant illegal immigration in Sanctuary States as California and Nevada so we must watch for election fraud in voter registrations, as well as many other States? The 2012 voter attendance could very well be a turning point in immigration law, without too much interference from adverse entities, who see this as a constraint to their power. The Governor of California, the Mayors of big cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles are ineffective and in the Leftist Capitol monopoly of Sacramento and are unlikely to enforce any E-Verify, Secure Communities as they don’t want to demonize the illegal population. Only by dislodging the hypocrites in Sacramento from their “Super-Glue” seats, will anything change to release the taxpaying public from the ordeal from the $26 billion dollar deficit? Then again, is Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick going to renege on E-Verify or the police law “Secure Communities?” How many other Governors throughout America are going to drop out.of these policing laws, without thinking of the ramifications on taxpayers? Illegal aliens will begin pouring across their state border, searching for the public welfare trough.

    With the E-Verify law and Secure Communities law recognized by the Supreme Court, as one journalist stated” The dam has been breached.’ This removes the torment from State Capitols that can now go ahead, spreading the good news that the Liberals, cannot easily rescind. States now have the right to activate their own mandated E-Verify, so all workers must pass through the verifying steel gauntlet for a job. Businesses have finally are going to be held liable through sweeping audits, that if they knowingly hire illegal alien workers, their goose is cooked? Now the penalty phase must be rigidly enforced, which should include not only a canceled business license for a week, but at least six months, but loss of company assets, large fines and for incorrigible companies six months to five years in jail.

    This would be a harsh example for anybody, willing to take the risk on hiring illegal labor. As ugly as it might seem American citizens and legal residents, should carefully observe employed at their workplace. Because of the rampant fraud in companies of every imaginable situation, there has been an upsurge in Whistle Blowers. People should not betray themselves in spiteful retaliation to get back at an unreasonable manager or an owner, who refuses to raise their wages. This is for the sake of placing a jobless legal countryman, who has a family to support or a home behind in several payments. Only to validate legal workers who are just being hired, just doesn’t cut it. Everybody on the payroll should be checked and those with irregularities had better travel to the nearest Social Security office. This will save any human services department being sued for discrimination by any legalized immigrant who thinks he has a right to work.

    None of these deterrents would have been needed if every administration over the past thirty years, had accomplished building a real border fence, and defended the nation with the laws provided in the 1986 Immigration Act. Liberals, Democrats, Republicans and other party affiliates, with the bleeding hearts of churches and a wide array of special interests groups are to blame for this mess. By pulling the desperate, the indigent, the impoverished, the criminals, the economic foreigners here, we are now drowned in a federal and State wide financial reservoir of debt. America is a magnet for every poor nation’s people in the world. But by taking in these unfortunates, it just adds to the layers of our own under unprivileged, forcing them further into poverty? It’s inconceivable to thousands of pro-sovereignty organizations, why the legislators never made it a felony to trespass in the United States, without proper documents? No other industrial country is lax in its laws as the US, otherwise police would have a right to question a person on their immigration status; specially today with people coming across our Southern border, with intentions to harm us?

    If Congress is under new federal management in 2012, Tea Party representatives will never again let different party entities; drive America to the brink of insolvency. Try explaining it to your children or grandchildren, that when they are taxpayers in future years, the IRS man is going to arrive demanding extra money from their wages to pay for the support of illegal people who came here from our uncompleted border fence, or arrived here as a tourist and had no intentions of leaving?

    Liberals for some obscure reason see the TEA Party as a waning minority of old, white people. But if you wander around the huge crowds, you see a growing discontent from every race of ordinary people. The Tea Party does not discriminate against any person of color as long as they came through legal immigration channels to join the American people. It is important to understand that immigrants, who apply to come here, should have the necessary skills to earn a living and already be secure in a job from a reputable company. Rooted American workers should have first priority, when it comes to any kind of highly skilled occupations. America is in the doldrums economically through undeclared wars on two fronts, costing a million a day. If you see American rebounding back from this nasty recession, look towards the new faces in Congress, as not yet corrupted by political ambition, wealth and power. I don’t see this in the Conservative moderates known as the Tea Party, whose ambitions will be held responsible by the American–TEA PARTY–people?

    The American people who unemployed need to contact their federal and State Representatives to insist they enact mandatory E-Verify for every State at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.

    1. Brittanicus,
      Your argument is well constructed and on point. However, point on point. Michelle Bachman supports Paul Ryan’s budget plan which deregulates and gives further tax breaks to the same people who have brought us to the brink of ruin and stolen $28 trillion from us.
      As for E-Verify, this is a national ID system and when we see it in its complete form it is going to contain not only our citizenship, but our medical records, our credit reports, in fact every record created throughout our lives. And of course any blackballs the elite wish to put with our names in order to punish us with their power if we advocate against their causes.
      The fact is a national ID system is purposefully being put forth as a necessity. Said necessity becoming a necessity through the traitors in our government’s failure to enforce our sovereignty.
      No, I say we Americans of the American race just go out and everybody we think is illegal, we check. And if they are, we toss their asses out. If they aren’t, we invite them to come help us find the ones that are.
      We cannot allow the solution to every problem become a reason to further eliminate our freedoms, liberties, and personal privacy. The solution to dealing with a problem that is a result of a failure to enforce a law is not to create further law, as this can only serve to harass those who obey the law.

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