99ers and Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Remedies

First Published 11-9-10

I have been writing articles on Tier 5 unemployment and related issues for a couple of months now.  I am a 99er and my unemployment ran out back in May.  So what I put forth is from a 99er’s perspective.  Someone was complaining on the comments board yesterday because I did not mention the Tier 5 unemployment extension.

Well, so as not to offend, here goes.  Boy, we really need a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  God, please give us a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  And I sure hope President Obama knows we really need a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  Well there you go, that should do it.  Now everybody can start watching the mail for their check.

In case anyone’s interested, it looks as if the filthy rich members of the international corporate mafia have applied adequate pressure to assure a compromise in reference to the Bush tax cuts.  If they get their way the cuts will be extended to the top 2% permanently, at a cost of $700 billion over the next ten years.  Now let’s see, at $30 billion a tier for unemployment extensions that would be 23.  But then what the hell does that have to do with a Tier 5?

Maybe if we all pick a minute in an hour in a day, and all chant in unison, “Tier 5, Tier 5, Tier 5”, it may just magically appear.  Some people out there are so pathetic they make me want to puke.

On the other hand, one lady from Georgia put up a post asking the readers who came on the comment section to put the abbreviation of their state after their names, as she wants to try to organize the 99ers, state by state.  I think it is a good idea and I immediately responded and added OR to the end of my name.  I have seen very little response thus far.  And why is this?  Because people would rather curl up in the fetal position and cry, “It’s not fair”, than stand up and take affirmative action to try to change the situation.  You people had better start using your minds and every other resource available to you, like the gal in Georgia, or you are finished.

When our forefathers were confronted with a tyrannical government that wanted to take everything they owned and make them slaves, they communicated and organized themselves into an army that put down the oppressors and won this country for us.  And they didn’t have the advantage of a computer, radio, television, or telephone.

When you have a functioning government that is under the control of the people, the old adage, the squeaky gear gets the grease, applies.  When you do not, you had better have the intestinal fortitude to pick up a hammer and beat the machine into scrap, so that you can melt it down and start over.

I guess what I’m trying so hard to say here is, quit your whining and grow some damn guts.  Because in your slide into apathy you are trying to drag me down with you.  And, by God, I will not go down without a fight.  So everybody out there; stand up, dry your tears, and start looking for some remedies, like the girl from Georgia.

God bless the Republic!  Death to the new world order!  We shall prevail!

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  1. You are absolutely right about people hiding behind their computer screen afraid to come out and organize. I have written my blog on unemployment since June 2010, made a speech in Washington DC on 10/2/10 at the RFK Stadium Pre-Event sponsored by UCubed for jobs and unemployment extensions, called and met some of my federal legislators and have visited some of their offices. In addition, I have asked, begged and demanded to speak in front of a Senate Committee on Jobs, Unemployment Extensions, and Finance. Why? Because I’m educated, have tons of common sense, I have a LOT to say and of course, I’m UNEMPLOYED. They NEED to hear from us, the millions in the trenches.

    Still there are only two of us (that I know of) in the Metro Denver area of the great state of Colorado that stand up and are heard. Although we are strong-willed, educated women, we are still unemployed, er, long term unemployed, and still don’t have people joining in except from behind their monitors.

    My friend writes for the Denver Unemployment Examiner, and I write a blog (http://survivingintherecession.blogspot.com). For your readers, please subscribe to this site and our sites too. We deal in FACT, there will be no speculation, no opinions, just the FACTS.

    I have been in contact with many organizers and group leaders, we have come to the same conclusion – “unemployed and uninvolved”. Perhaps the reason is that people are ashamed to tell others “I’m unemployed”, other people are waiting for someone else to protest/argue/fight for them, then there are the ones who are simply rowing up the “River of Denial” with no oars. For those reading this – which one are you?

    These are the same people who are in the same boat with me and millions of others. STAND UP AND BE HEARD! For those of you who don’t believe it, there IS strength in numbers. I’ve been saying this all along, yet rarely does anyone contact me.

    My friends and I are fighting for all of us – who else will stand up with us? Will it be YOU?

    1. Mike, everyone is educated whether you have life long skills or have a formal education.

      I will say something that I have noticed as to what you aren’t – you’re not a woman! 🙂

  2. I heard about Rep. Jackson’s request on CBS2 Chicago TV and sent him my resume etc. promptly. It would be productive if we could have a “Million Unemployed March” on Washington, but of course that’s one way we get dissed: most of us can’t afford the trip etc. We can’t afford to pay lobbyists. FYI I’m only eligible for 20 weeks of unemployment compensation, because the job it’s based on is seasonal, part-time, and low-pay. Now I’m getting $65/week which won’t even pay for the roof over my head, which is the cheapest dwelling this side of a homeless shelter. I wrote an article about how to solve long-term unemployment and all underemployment. I sent it to Rep. Jackson, but would like to send it to you if you ask and provide an e-mail address I can use. Ideas which aren’t discussed in public are as good as not shared.

  3. Jean: I also sent in my resume and a short summery as requested. I would like to read your article that you wrote on solving the long-term unemployment as I also have some ideas. Let me know when you are ready and I will provide you with me e-mail address.

  4. Henry : I tried to e-mail you once before and my machine wouldn’t let me saying that your e-mail address was too long and was unable to deliver it I tried again with the same result I have the new windows 7 maybe that is the problem.

    1. Dee Dee, This is the first time I have heard of anyone have a problem getting through to my email. I don’t know what the problem is. I just tried it on yahoo email and it worked just fine.

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