Unemployment Standard of Living

First Published 11-8-10

Apparently the people of India want Harley Davidson motorcycles but do not want to pay the import tax for the finished product.  President Obama, being a one world citizen, has found a way to help his brothers and sisters in India.  Harley Davidson will be building an assembly plant in India.  I wonder if we paid for their CEO to fly there, stay in a lavish motel, and eat the finest cuisine before going forth to pick out the site for the new plant.

Isn’t this how our auto industry was originally infiltrated?  First assembly was moved overseas and then parts manufacturing.  I think Americans should boycott Harley Davidson until they agree to manufacture and assemble all of their products in the U. S.  Right now they are saying that the motorcycles assembled in India will only be sold in India, but we all know how fast that can change.

I have heard new calls for the reduction of the minimum wage and benefits for American workers, and the reasoning is always the same.  We need to make cuts in order to compete with India, North Korea, and China.  The workers in this country had better take a long hard look at the standards of living in India, North Korea, and China.  These people, for every intent and purpose, are slaves and we had better realize that the only way to compete with slave labor is with slave labor.

Barry Soetoro has made it clear that the only solution he is going to offer for our economic crisis is further involvement in the failing one world economy.  He is a one-worlder and our country is nothing more to him than another world state, which he and his one world corporate masters are seeking to bring to its knees.

We cannot forget that Barry went before the United Nations and condemned the United States.   Or that he openly sided with the foreign country of Mexico in filing law suits against the sovereign state of Arizona.  He is a traitor who is hell bent on turning our once great nation into nothing more than another third world, slave economy being milked dry by a one world tyrannical communistic government.

He must be stopped; which raises the question, how?  The American people have got to band together and consolidate what wealth we have left and use it to force a freeze on all imports, a huge tax on all American products being exported for further manufacture, and a freeze on the export of any natural resource, except in the form of100%  manufactured goods.

We also need to force an audit of all American businesses that are manufacturing overseas to find out how much they have made and are holding in foreign banks and then tax them.  Maybe if they realize that their out-of-country profits are going to be taxed whether they bring them home or not, they will do the right thing.

The bottom line is we cannot allow our standard of living to fall a single notch further.  And every citizen had better realize that unless we want our children and grandchildren being dictated to in Mandarin Chinese, we have got to take this country back for them.

At present our country’s standard of living is being monitored via the middle class.  This is a huge mistake because it does not show the drastic reductions that occur when citizens are cast from the middle class into the unemployed standard of living.

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  1. United States of Unemployed – USU ?

    In “ Mint “ [ June 25, 2011 ], Liz Mathew and Ruhi Tewari, present following findings from the 66th round of NSSO [ National Sample Survey Office – India ] survey :

    Ø Number of Jobs generated

    # Between 1999-2000 to 2004 / 05 …….. 62 Million

    # Between 2004 /05 to 2009 / 10 …….. 2 Million

    Ø Growth in Employment Rate

    # 2004 / 05 ……………………………………………………42 %

    # 2009 / 10 …………………………………………………..39.2 %

    Ø Addition to workforce ( 2004 to 2009 ) …………..55 Million

    Conclusion ?

    Since only 2 million Indians could get jobs out of 55 million added to the workforce , 53 million joined the ranks of “ Un-Employed “ in 5 years between 2004 / 5 to 2009 / 10.

    It would be a safe guess to say that another 53 million will join this “ Army of Jobless ” in the next 5 years , ending with 2014.

    Let no one doubt that India is on its way to become another United States – a “ United States of Unemployed – USU “ !

    With regards

    hemen Parekh


    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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