99ers and Tier 5 Vote the Employment Illusion

First Published 11-2-10

It is Election Day, time to go forth and make a difference…… or not.  There have already been allegations of voter fraud and intimidation in the states of Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

How many illegal aliens do you believe will be voting in this election?  I don’t know.  You don’t know.  And the election officials in the fifty states? They don’t know.  What we all do know is that illegal aliens will be casting ballots.

The electronic voting machines that were supposed to be tamper proof have been proven not to be.  Paper mail-in ballots are wrought with fraud, as I bore witness years ago as a mayoral candidate in my hometown.

So, with all of these obstacles, how are we supposed to come up with an honest consensus of the people?  The answer is we cannot, will not, and have never.  The fact is there has never been an honest election in this country since its inception.

We have space probes that are at present traveling to other galaxies, and we can’t devise a tamper proof system?  Sure we can, we are just not going to, because if we did, that would mean that the people could conceivably take control of their government and force it to function for their benefit.

75% of Americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction.  Will today’s vote cause a change in the direction we are headed?  No it will not.  We are at present living under a totalitarian corporate system that allows us naught but the illusion that we have even the slightest control over our destiny.

When I placed my ballot into the ballot box today, I had no more feeling of empowerment than I would had I blown my nose into a napkin and thrown it into the trash.  I had been hoping against hope that the massive awakening I have been witnessing in the populous would frighten those in positions of power to act with reason in reference to the shaping of the policies that will be defining our country for the next couple of years.  It has not.

The only logical explanation that stands to reason for the establishment’s callous and uncaring attitudes towards those they are supposed to be serving is that they want a war.  They are not going to veer from the path set by Bill Clinton and carried forth by George Bush, Jr. and into our present by Barack Obama.  They are intent on the wholesale slaughter of Americans and when it happens, they will be sitting back and watching with smiles on their faces.  Like their predecessors, Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao, they lust for a feeling that only the cries of dying children can provide.

Tomorrow, when the dust has settled and the propagandists are relaying to you what you have decided, ask yourself, was there one candidate that you could honestly say represented more than a few of your personal political views?  I can say that there is not one that has represented a single view that I agree with without also representing a view that I adamantly oppose.

When the lame duck congress reconvenes, we are going to look back on these last two years as the good old days when they at least used to pretend to listen to us.

I am going now to sharpen my knives and oil my guns.  I may have been a fool to harbor the illusion that perhaps the awakening of the people might affect a political change, but I am not a damn fool that’s going to stand by and wait to have chains clamped on my legs.

I know there will be some of you out there who will try to make light of the stance that I and others are taking, but the fact is, I don’t care.  If you cannot see the truth of your own enslavement then I suggest that you keep your Democratic or Republican faith and continue to vote for the employment illusion.

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