Will We Join Indiana’s Unemployed?

First Published 11-1-10

Question:  How many socialists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer:  One hundred, one to screw the bulb in and ninety-nine to counsel the bulb so that it can deal with the idea of being screwed.

It would appear that the unemployment offices in Indiana are frightened at the prospect of dealing with the large influx of angry unemployed who will be exhausting their benefits at the end of November.  They have hired armed guards who will be standing sentinel at their offices.

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” As the government has hired the armed guards it would seem that the government is afraid, but as the armed guards are there to hurt or maybe kill those who the government fears, is there liberty or is there tyranny?  I guess we will all find out come the end of November.

Our so called representatives will not be back in Washington and ready to take care of any business until the 15th of November.  There have been a lot of you out there asserting that we who believe our present batch of legislatures to be completely without a care, for the plight of the 99ers and unemployed are harboring misplaced fears.  Well we are about to find out who is right and who is wrong.

The lame duck congress can easily pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension and avoid the need for armed guards, but will they?  I think not, otherwise, why would they have hired the armed guards in the first place?  It seems clear that those presently holding the offices of our representatives are beholden only to the international corporate mafia’s money.

Think about a government that starves a portion of the population to the point of revolt and then hires armed mercenaries to keep them at bay.  Well it didn’t work during the Revolutionary War when the English brought in the Prussians; in fact, the only difference the colonists found between the Germans and the British was the sounds they made while they were dying.

Maybe it would be a good idea for those working at the unemployment offices to simply walk off and leave their jobs.  Hell, what do we even need the staff at the unemployment offices for anyway if there are no benefits for them to distribute?

Sounding a little too radical?  Like maybe I need counseling?  Not to worry, apparently the unemployment offices are also hiring counselors who will come to the offices and teach the job clerks how to deal with and counsel those who have exhausted their benefits.  Personally I can’t think of anything that anyone could say that would make my current impoverished situation palatable to me.  In fact I believe that anyone who tries to do so will only accomplish enraging me further.

So if the members of this lame duck congress have a single brain cell left in their collective head and can see the threat to the peace that the failure to pass a Tier 5 extension will cause, they had better get with the program and get it done before they too need to hire mercenaries to guard them from those they supposedly represent.  Come on Congress; pony up before every state joins with Indiana’s unemployed.

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