Vote Fraud and Intimidation

First Published 11-3-10

What a great country.  Fifteen counties in Missouri evidently have over 100% voter registration.  I wonder how many dead people there voted in this election.

In many states voters who came to the polls yesterday were told that they had already voted via absentee ballots.

Other states reported van loads of voters being driven to different precincts to vote over and over again.

In the state of Texas, there were precincts whose identification signs outside of their buildings were in Spanish.  It is being said that illegal aliens were told to get out and vote if they want to secure their amnesty.  I wonder who is providing them with ballots and how they are doing so.

President Obama said last week, that anyone who is against open borders is our enemy.  I suppose that when he says, “our enemy” he means himself and the Mexican nationals that he represents.

It is reported that Black Panthers (an African-American revolutionary organization) and Brown Berets (a Chicano nationalist activist group) with billy clubs were stopping American citizens from voting.

Now to the Diebold voting machines:  The Diebold voting machines practically brought voting to a standstill in New York yesterday morning.  Those running the machines had been said to have told many voters to just write their vote down on a slip of paper and trust them to put their vote into the machines when they came back online.

In the state of Nevada there were complaints to the effect that the votes being registered in the Diebold voting machines were the exact opposite of what the voters intended.   Hence, straight Republican tickets became straight Democratic tickets and vice versa.  Also in Nevada there were complaints that said the only candidate that would come up on the screen was Harry Reid.  I guess that would take the aggravation out of trying to decide who you want to vote for.

These Diebold voting machines were used in 34 states in 2008 and were found to be a serious problem.  So were they replaced?  Hell, no, what better way to cover up voter fraud than to have voting machines that the citizenry already know to be faulty.  Half way through the voting day there had already been more complaints of voter fraud, intimidation, and malfunctioning voting machines than there was in 2008.  I wonder how much the American tax payer paid for these faulty voting machines.

Mark Koernke, patriot spokesperson, made an excellent point on yesterday’s Liberty Tree Radio Intelligence Report.  It went something like this:  If you go down to your local Quickie Mart you will find on the counter a machine designed for itemizing, calculating, and tallying items and numbers by the hundreds.  These machines operate 24 hours a day; 7 days a week and they keep a printed paper record of everything that goes through them.  This amazing machine is called a cash register, and if the person who owns the store was to find the slightest flaw in its calculating ability, he or she would throw it out in the parking lot and beat it into a pile of junk with a ball peen hammer and then get a hold of the person that sold it to them and demand replacement and compensation for any monies lost.  But then hey, we are talking about important things, like candy bars and potato chips.  I mean really, what’s a few thousand votes one way or another?

I say if any incident of voter fraud, intimidation, or voter machine malfunction is proven to be true, the results in that district should be nullified and there should be a re-vote.  But that’s not going to happen as the only ones who have the power to stop the fraud are the ones perpetrating it.

I’m sure we will hear a lot of protests of outrage, but when the next election rolls around, if I’m still here, I will no doubt be writing yet another article entitled, “Vote Fraud and Intimidation”.

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