Obama and His Illegal Alien Army

The mainstream news is being inundated with traitors pushing for amnesty for the 40 million invaders from the south.  Representative Linda Sanchez (D) CA was on MSNBC trying to tell the American people that we need these invaders as they are the glue that holds our neighborhoods together.  She is a member of the Hispanic Caucus that procured a meeting with President Obama this week. 

How can people from another country, who have broken our law coming here, have more power than the American citizens?  Every member of this Hispanic Caucus is an insurgent and our government is selling out literally to the lowest bidder.  The Mexican third world is conquering and taking the United States like Grant took Richmond. 

The people of the United States should be rising up and going out into the streets and into the countryside and physically removing these invaders.  Has it come to the point where the legal citizens of this country are being told that their laws will no longer be enforced and that their property is going to be handed over to a bunch of third world peasants who just walked over the border and put their hands out? 

This is an outrage and it is absolutely criminal.  The American people should be forming mobs and going to Washington DC and dragging these Mexicans who have infiltrated our government out of their offices, put them under citizen’s arrest for constructive treason and insurrection against the United States, and take them to jail and demand that they be held and prosecuted.  And if those running the courts and jails refuse, put them in jail and pick a new judge and jury out of the crowd to prosecute and punish these traitors.

I am so outraged by what I am seeing on my television.  Have we the American people become so spineless that we will allow ourselves to be run over by Mexicans whose forefathers our forefathers decisively chastised in two wars? 

Impeachment proceedings should be put into motion against Obama for aiding in a foreign invasion and insurrection against the United States. 

This is blatant treason out in the open for all to see.  It is not only our right but our duty to expel Obama and his Mexican peasant army.  It is insanity to call an illegal alien an undocumented worker.  Why don’t we just call murderers “misunderstood life relievers”?

What Obama and his alien army are doing is not only a crime but it is an international crime.  We must stop these foreigners and we must stop them now.  After which we must pass strict laws that say no one may serve in any government position unless they are natural born to two American parents who have been naturalized and have lived in the United States for twenty years. 

I will not believe that any Americans of Hispanic descent support this invasion.  If they do they should realize they are cutting their own throats and are not deserving of anything America has to offer, as they are putting a foreign country before that which they are claiming as their home, which would make them foreign traitors by definition and in need of deportation along with the rest.

Is Obama desperate enough to start signing executive orders in order to make it possible for citizens of another country to vote him back into office?  My fellow Americans we must stop this and stop it now.

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  1. Don’t worry, Illegals can’t vote. Most mexican citizens don’t want illegals here either. I know lots of Mexican Americans who have had their jobs taken or reduced by illegals. Don’t worry. The American woman has stood up, and now, slowly but surely, the American man is standing up. We will push back this National Socialist attempt to take-over our country.

    1. Illegals have already been voting as far back as Clinton’s second run. They do it using false identifications and I guess if Obama writes an executive order granting blanket amnesty, he would have all of the illegals’ votes because he will have, by proclamation of the king, made them citizens.

  2. Truer words were never spoken, Rachel ! I cannot understand how this treasonous fraud has stayed in office this long. What the Hell has happened to our country ? This ahole would’ve never gotten away the crap he’s been getting away with, 30 years ago. I’m 60 years old, Rachel, and I’ve been watching this go down the toilet, and it’s breaking my heart. Great article ! Keep ’em comin’.

  3. Too true Rachel! He is a traitor to his own citizens but I guess he wants all of the illegals to vote for him…yes, they all use fraudelent documents to vote, steal social services, our jobs, etc. The area I live in might as well be Mexico…only Spanish spoken….this is an outrage! They do not want to assimilate to our language, culture or values. And they bring their gangs, drugs and other violent crimes into our country….I hope that he does not win another term….god help us all….

    1. I hear what you are saying Losing Hope Fast. For a fairly short time I worked in a Spanish speaking neighborhood. There were a handful of people that came in every day that I had to pass of to other employees, because they did not speak English. One customer had the nerve to ask my why I don’t learn their language. Last time I checked this was America, why don’t they learn our language? I am very open to people from other places (heck aren’t we all at some point in our ancestry?), but this is supposed to be a melting pot. If I moved to another country, believe me I would be learning the language and as thoroughly as I could.

  4. Yeah Rachel! The situation is becoming so bad that its distressing to go to a bank, the store or anywhere else, since the illegals are everywhere, either working or…wasting our time as we have to wait and watch while they are being catered to ’cause of their language barrier and the inability to function here. But what is so f-ing distressing to see is how our social services have gone to lengths to cater to every one of the illegals who need help, before they will help citizens. I was so fortunate to be able to get signed on to the healthcare system in CO, but have been waiting for my “first appointment” for over 7 months. Each time I have gone to any facility to try to expedite that “first appointment” I see NO ONE but immigrants from every country imaginable, but mostly Mexico, using our services. They do not speak or understand English so EVERY employee has to be bi-lingual, and…posted on the walls there are pages full of all languages spoken that will be interpreted by an interpretor (paid for by us, I’m sure). The whole system is broken and being perpetuated. And another point for our worthless representatives…one of them (bought and paid for) in Boulder was responsible for bringing in hundreds of illegal immigrants from Russia, who promptly started cleaning businesses, small construction companies, etc, doing shit work for low pay. It was known about here, and covered up, of course.

    I have been hesitating making comments about this, and I know we have to believe in someone, but do we have to hear about the perfection of Ron Paul for the next year and a half. I too, want to believe, but I hope you writers will all read excerpts from his books regarding immigration. I have, and his views are not our views. In fact, many other progressive bloggers from websites have been surprised at his stance on the subject. Do a little reading from his book(s).

    Also, HAARP…what the government asses and their “owners” are doing to manipulate our weather is beyond devastating. I recommend you all checking out Dutchsinse on Youtube or his site. He and others are becoming very proficient in predicting the disastrous weather caused by the manipulation, and he has been right on, consistently. Predicted the storms in the midwest with accuracy. (The Examiner did an article on him, which I hope will not compromise him, like disappearance!) The Haarp sites are all over the nation, and combined with the chemtrails here, the weather is being changed. The government is messing with us and we are doing nothing. The water issues, our food sources, immigration, wars, corruption everywhere, and so-o-o- many more negative issues are bringing us to our knees and we are not doing anything to stop it. And to even think about waiting another year and a half, over 400 more DAYS of this crap, is unthinkable and irresponsible. To end up in some garbage FEMA camp is where we are headed if we don’t band together, with what little we may have, and move forward and eliminate the f…ks that are bent on destroying us. I am READY for my call to fight.

    1. Ready, I can’t say I’ve read Ron Paul’s books or know his stance on all issues. I don’t like his stance on drugs and I believe prostitution. I have to say I was shocked. I still think he is our best option. Regardless of what I think, we all have the right to our opinions and should be free to voice them without being shot down over it. It’s good to hear another point of view. I think we are all hoping for someone to make some positive changes in this country, but the reality is that with the positive (assuming that’s what it would be) there will be some things we also don’t like. I appreciate you stating your opinion.

      I am no expert on HAARP, but my family and talk about it sometimes. It’s not a good thing. I don’t hear people talk about it much unfortunately, thank you for bringing it up and reminding me I need to do at least a little reading on it to refresh myself.

      About your first point about illegals not speaking the language and being helped first, I don’t know which is worse that or the people that are hear legally and don’t speak the language. There are many of them that are legal. I have known of people that have been here legally for decades and are unable to even get by speaking English let alone be fluent. It should be a requirement for everyone to be in this country that they have to know how to speak the language. But that does not address the important point you brought up of everyone else getting helped first. It may in part, but not totally.

    2. Ready,
      Ron Paul’s views on immigration might not be exactly what we want. However his stance on the Constitution will take care of that, as he believes that all power is vested in the people. If we the people tell our president and other representatives that we want the illegals removed from our country forthwith, they are bound by their oath to carry out our dictates.
      I am going to write a letter to Ron Paul addressing this issue and will publish the letter and the results on this site.
      It is my absolute stance that as we are talking about 30 million illegal invaders it should be a matter of national referendum for the legal citizens to decide whether the illegals go or stay, as each one of us is having to give some of what is ours to them. Contrary to the lies they put in their polls I believe the majority of Americans want them removed.
      I will get to work on the letter as I soon as I get a free moment. It is strange, but as a 99er struggling to regain my footing, I find myself working more hours than I ever did on the job. It is a strange world indeed.

    3. ready-

      Jesse Ventura talks about HAARP all the time. Maybe we should take a closer look at that here as well. We’ll look to it. I’ve read alot about it.

  5. Kat,
    Thank you for reading my comment and giving feedback. I do see your point re legal immigrants being here and not being proud enough to be an American, to even learn English in support of what we do for them. You’re right, that is almost worse.

    We are in such a pathetic place in time, in America.

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