99ers, Henry Finds Funding for HR 589

There is an article in April’s edition of Reader’s Digest titled, “How the Great Recession Changed Us.”  Talk about a blatant attempt to polish a turd.  According to the U.S. Census there was an 11.7% increase in the number of households containing more than one family between 2008 and 2010.  But this is a good thing because it makes families become closer.  Of course they don’t like each other as much anymore, but they sure as hell are closer.

500,000 people age 35 and older were forced to move back in with their parents, siblings, or other kin in the same time period.  There was an 8% increase in the number of kids who have moved back in with their grandparents from 2009 to 2010, but remember, things are getting better.

827 million boxes of macaroni and cheese were sold in 2010, up 27% over the past five years according to the Mintel International Group.  Macaroni and cheese; here where I live we call that Purina Human Chow. 

From 2007 to 2010 American households lost $11 trillion in real estates, savings, stocks, and including a third of the value of their homes. 

More than 50% of all U. S. workers either lost their jobs or were forced to take cuts in their hours or pay during the recession.  But of course we all know the recession has been over since April of last year and if you believe that I have some beach front property in Arizona I’ll sell you. 

In 2008 there were 25 bank failures, in 2009 there were 140, 157 in 2010, and there have already been 25 bank failures in 2011.  If they keep failing at this rate there should be at least 100 more banks that will fail in 2011.

More than 1 million homes were repossessed in 2010.  It is predicted that 1.5 million will be repossessed in 2011.  Things are definitely getting better.

HR 589, which was introduced February 9, 2011, seems all but dead as there seems to be a problem with finding funding for this massive $15 billion project.  Barry Soetoro AKA Barak Obama has turned the excess from the stimulus monies, some $787 billion, into his private, secret slush fund.  In not being secure in just one slush fund, he is busy creating a second one to be funded by cap and trade tax, which is expected to accumulate $600 billion over the next ten years.

Okay, let’s add those together.  That’s $1.387 trillion.  And what the hey, just for shits and giggles, let’s throw in another $20 billion that we will be giving to corporate farms for not growing crops 2011.  That comes to $1.407 trillion.   Divide $15 billion into that and you get enough money to fund HR 589 ninety-three times over.

I have to believe that Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, and company do not have access to the internet or they would have found these ready sources of funding already.  It was actually quite easy.  The fact is every damn one of them knows about this money and that it is just sitting there, drawing interest, while that low down sleaze bag Barry entertains himself with his daily golf games.  That is every politician out there working diligently to take more money from the have-nots to give to the haves, knows this money exists.  And to say the 99ers can have no relief because HR 589 cannot be funded is nothing short of unmitigated bullshit.

If Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, and company had an inkling of sincerity in reference to their purported concern for the 99ers they would be throwing these accounts in the faces of John Boehner and company every day and in every way until the bastards were shamed into passing the legislation. 

The existence of these monies and the fact that they are no doubt being held in reserve for buyoffs to insure Barry’s reelection cannot be forgotten by we the 99ers, nor any of those who make up the 50% of the working population that has been robbed and abused by these corporate scumbags.

I tell you Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, considering what you have to know and your failure to act upon that information; you cannot be separated in any way from John Boehner and his friends, or any other incumbent for that matter, who is going to have his or her ass voted out in 2012.  If nothing else, we the 99ers are going to keep every lie and duplicite act front and center right up until the election.  Be assured that come 2012 the 99ers will remember.

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  1. I heard not too long ago on one of the news networks where someone said that there was unspent stimulus money that had been allocated for unemployment benefits and had not been tapped into. It was alleged that BO was using the funds for his own personal use and for the financing of his 2012 campaign. Maybe that’s why the Republicans keep saying that any extensions for 99ers has to be paid for. They know the real deal and are trying to force his hand to get up off the pot. I assume that by using that money for what it was meant for would greatly weaken his and fellow Democrats chances for re-election. It’s sad that funds for the unemployed/99ers and programs designed to assist the poor, seniors and children are being cut and sacrificed to meet their own selfish agenda. Just think. Swift decisions to financially assist and/or aid other countries in their time of need or to promote one of their pet projects are met with no hesitation from either party. While millions of us desperately cling to and wait for an answer to our pressing situation.

    Unfortunately HR 589 may drag on for some time with excuse after excuse by both parties why it can not be addressed properly. Seems now that Lee and Scott have agreed to find others means to pay for the extension of benefits, Boehner and Company are dragging their feet on meeting with them due to other pressing world calamities that are in need of their attention at the moment. Perhaps that letter is just another publicity stunt or hoax being used to appease us. While giving the illusion that they do have their irons in the fire (remember we received a lot of strokes during the Nov 2010 elections) . Or could it be that BO and fellow Democrats do not mention or are somewhat reluctant to bring up the subject of the 99ers due to their shame and guilt for using us as their escape goats in this diabolical plan. If so, they best remember that what goes around comes around.

  2. OK.. so what do we do with this information??? I am diligent with contacting my congressman & senate, sending emails, making phone calls… But what do I/we with this new information??
    I’m over 45 and cant get a job @ McDonald’s let alone the field that I’m trained to do, I applied for housekeeping @ a huge unnamed chain hotel and apparently my English is too good to get a job as a housekeeper…. So, again I ask… What do I do with this new information??? I’m at my wits END.

    1. Lou-

      What needs to be done is that this information be e-mailed directly without hesitation to every democratic senator in the country for answers. Don’t bother with the republicans, they could care less.

      Start with the originators of the bill HR589 like Barbra Lee, Bobby Scott etc.

  3. I don’t think there is anything much more to say! Thinking of my next meal is now a priority instead of paying rent and utilities, remember Nixon was the first president to be impeached but sure as hell won’t be the last… I was a ” I believe “, but you took all belief and am now feeling betrade. First time in my lifetime I collect unemployment and this is what I get in return for all of my years worked! I lost my life and all you do is sit on money… I get hungry just like you, and put my pants on one leg at a time. HELP!?

  4. No one will listen to anyone one of you, or even me. They have their money, their security, their ‘issues’. We are nothing to them. They dont realize we vote them in, and we fund 100% of what they do. 100%.

    Yet they dont listen.

    Have to stood with a sign at your courthouse lately?

  5. The rich get richer and the middle class get poorer. The poor drop off the charts – they are never counted. John “Boner” is a hypocrite with his fake tears and every Republican that follows his BS. I work as a recruiter, and it is heart wrenching to close the door on so many talented and jobless people. I even get threatning voicemails when the candidate isn’t picked. Unemployed people NEED assistance until they can regroup or get hired. Even if it takes 3 years. They have families and children and even worst they are uninsured. Legalize pot and tax it – i’m sure we will have a healthy slush fund. Or put a special tax on homes over 1 million, luxury cars and $500 haircuts!!

  6. I have been unemployed for over 4 years. I recently spoke to a recruiter who asked me what I have been doing. I replied LOOKING for a job, sending out hundreds of resumes, applying for hundreds of jobs! I cannot believe Obama and the rest of the democratic party has let me down. Why was no bill was passed when we controlled all 3 branches providing benefits WHENEVER the unemployment rate is above 7.5%? Now we have to rely on the Republicans to help. As a baby boomer close to turning 60 I can tell you age disrimination was invented under GWB and this president has done nothing to stunt its growth. I can’t wait to vote the bums out but who will take their place? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, not just a song, a history lesson!

  7. $16 billion is required to fund HR589. The Democrats want to use emergency funding to pay for the bill. The Republicans insist on spending cuts to pay for the bill. Democrats feel that if they bend on using emergency spending for unemployment benefits, the Republicans will continually demand spending cuts or other means of funding unemployment benefits besides emergency spending.
    A compromise where each side agrees to accept a 50/50 split on the two funding methods would seem to be a rational approach to the impasse. Is it possible that such a reasoned, rational approach could be embraced by both sides? Or will the embrace of unreasoned ideology once again derail what may be the last gasp for many of us? I try my best to be positive in the face of the political gamesmanship, but there is little precedent to expect that both sides will put aside their moronic, self-serving ideology to lend us the help so many unemployed AMERICANS so desperately need.
    My last employer was Honeywell Aerospace and I previously worked for General Electric and Lockheed Martin. I search for work EVERY DAY but I am over qualified, too old, or have been unemployed too long (nearly 3 yrs.). I’ve sold all my possessions of any value. I am a decorated combat veteran who answered my country’s call. And my country has seemingly discarded me as unworthy of assistance and compassion.

  8. JJA; I agree with you 100%…and although that is what most American’s teach their children (compormise)…the “adults” (and I use that term VERY losely, referring to our “legislator’s) cannot seem to “practice what they preach”!

    Not only that…but look at the trillions of dollar’s we send in aid to toher countries (countries that harbor terrorists, hate Amaerica/American’s, threaten us with nuclear weapons, etc., etc., etc. Yet NO AID for our own people who are losing everything they have worked MANY years for; those who cannot feed thier family, or keep a roof over their heads; those who cannot keep electricity or gas in their homes; cannot pay to have a phone (so that perspective employer’s can reach them-IF/when one shows interest); and I won’t even mention having money for gas to go job hunting!!

    JJA, I have seen many employment add’s (and even been told this) “do not apply if you are not currently employed”! SERIOUSLY?!?! Also, at 46 yrs. old, I am “ancient and decrepid” as far as employer’s are concerned! REALLY?!?! Pesonally, if I were in the position to hire new employees (and have been, in the past…) I would prefer someone with a little age, experience (wordk AND life), dedication/loyalty, and someone who has something to lose (like a home, a family, etc.)….ESPECIALLY with the current economy!!! I would WANT someone with a proven track record…because inexperience, disloyalty, “nothing to lose”…..those people are not going to strive and work harder then expected, to make my business a success…to make my business stand above the rest, and survive this horrible economic time that we are in!!!

    I’ve been out of work for 2 yrs…I am a social service worker (at times that we need people who do the work I do, more then ever, gvt. cuts funding to the programs, and the “helper” becomes the “helpless”)!

    I am ashamed that people like you, who have served our country, are having the gvt. you selflessly served turn their back on you! I am ashamed that our gvt. (which was created “by the people, for the people”) is turning their back on all of us!!!

    Are there even enough bridges in our country for us all to live under???

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