Japanese Nuclear Meltdown

The death toll in Japan continues to rise after Friday’s 9.0 earthquake followed by a tsunami.  And five days into the disaster the Japanese people are having to deal with three nuclear reactors in different stages of meltdown. 

It is a very precarious situation, made even more precarious by the mainstream media’s blatant attempt to downplay the situation, leading many to ask, “Is it so bad they cannot tell us the truth?” One nuclear specialist on CNN, Monday morning speaking just one hour after a hydrogen explosion at one of the reactors, labeled the meltdowns as “a controlled crisis.” 

My generation came to age with full knowledge and a healthy fear of radioactive materials, complete with film footage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; one day after, two days after, two weeks, two years, twenty years, and now seventy-six years after.  The lesson learned is that nuclear material emitting radiation is extremely slow to stop killing. 

Therefore when these clowns from the mainstream media step up and start trivializing the situation, I’m ready to dive under my desk.  In making a comment in reference to our service people who were exposed, one reporter’s attitude was “No big deal.  You just wash it off with a little soap and water.”  What she failed to mention was that when that soap and water hits the basin it will have to be sealed and stored somewhere safe for the next 35,000 years.

Seriously, how dumb do they think we are?  This same reporter said that the service people exposed only got the equivalent of 30 days of natural exposure to radiation.  Of course they were exposed to that 30 days of normal radiation in the space of one hour, making it a blast of 720 times the natural exposure.  I guess they think we can’t do math either.

One thing for sure, if the mainstream media is hyping a situation you can figure it’s not really as bad as they are portraying.  However if they are downplaying a situation, look out.  And why would they cover up the truth in such a critical situation?  Simple.  Money.

At the time of the Three Mile Island’s partial meltdown in 1979 there were 129 nuclear power plants approved for construction.  Of course as a result of the meltdown, only 53 were completed as there were more federal requirements which were more stringent.  This coupled with local opposition worked to slow the spread of nuclear power plants.

As we all know as a part of our new, clean, green safe energy there is a proposal to build 25 new nuclear power plants.  The crisis in Japan could very well put a halt to this construction, which would result in billionaires losing profit.  So you see the crisis in Japan just can’t be as bad as it seems.

Do you know how many nuclear power plants we actually need?  Zero.  Our sun produces enough energy to supply our planet many times over.  But we can’t have that.  Why?  Because the control of energy is used as a mechanism to control human activity. 

Just think how it would be if every human being had all the free energy they cared to use.  No power bills.  Each person could produce his or her own food using a hydroponic garden, thus food, light, and heat could no longer be used to compel performance from anyone, by anyone.  And of course, we wouldn’t have that nasty nuclear by-product, which is deadly to our species and has a half life of 35,000 years, piling up all around us.

The people of this planet need to wake up and see those in power for what they truly are.  God protect us from these psychopathic control freaks.

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  1. I too was surprised by that “soap and water” comment I heard on the media. What about the particles they breathed into their lungs or ingested????

    1. Oh, Frank! Don’t be silly! Evlyting fine! No wolly till IEAE say bad tings! You too tense!

      Maybe need karioke nite! Is good place for nuke plant! Rite on oshun in Tsunami zone!

      Is good not happen in Amelica! Shut up…go buy Toyota!

      1. Oh…so solly…that’s IAEA…was tinking “International Extermination Association through Energy ” Is seclet society…mean more money for lich fokes!

    1. A lot of the radiation will be carried by low level winds as well. Shipping is a big concern because the radiation will stick to the ships carrying into port with them causing all kinds of problems. This mess goes far beyond just high level jet stream carrying the radiation. Shipping will have to be re-routed causing massive fuel problems as well as airlines having to stay out of the jet stream because of contamination also. Assuming this stuff gets that high up. Jet stream starts at 25,000 above sea level and up to 75,000 .

      Everything air transport, sea everything will have to re-routed causing massive problems. Ships at sea especially are in big trouble because they will be contaminated and everything aboard. None of this has been talked about yet.

  2. great article rick i emed a short video to henry to foward to you about how we can make fuel i thought it was amazing

    1. Hey Robert,

      Just wondering. what does “about how we can make fuel i thought it was amazing”

      What is “fuel i thought it was amazing?” Is that a new kind of fuel that we just think about and it appears? PLEASE do let us know about this!

  3. Oops…I meant what does…..”fuel I thought it was amazing” MEAN? Sorry…left out the last word of the sentence…..stupid me! DUH!!! I’m sure you will explain. Just wondering….do you have a problem with punctuation?

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