99ers HR 589 Supporters Do Not Tolerate the Green Weenies

Well our so called government has sent warships to aid the Japanese and also, through the Suez Canal, to anchor off the coast of Libya.  You see the people in Libya are being oppressed.  They are not being allowed their pursuit of happiness.  Therefore, our politicians are chomping at the bit to rush to their aid.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the 99ers’ lives were thought worthy of salvation by our so called government?

The people in Wisconsin are now taking action to recall Governor Scott and his backers, both Demopublican and Republicrat, in retaliation for their blatant abuses of power in attacking the working people in that state.  The propaganda push has been that the public workers needed to lose their bargaining rights because their pay and pensions had caused a deficit. 

The truth which has been swept under the carpet is the reason that the deficit came to be was the traitors in that government gave huge tax cuts to the corporate rich in that state.  You know, kind of like George Bush, Barak Obama, and company giving huge tax cuts to the top 2% which were paid for with the jobs of the 99ers. 

Everybody who is not a multi-millionaire out there has got to stop worshiping the rich.  It disgusts me when I see Americans attacking their fellow workers while licking the boots of the elite who would see them enslaved and eventually exterminated. 

Those who would attack their fellow workers have to be considered the yellowest cowards imaginable.  And if you are one of these people, I’ll tell you this; if you are so bold and self-righteous as to think you have the right to straighten this situation out, why don’t you pump up your little green weenie muscles and take on someone who can give you a better fight than the poor. 

You know, like the Koch Brothers, who have bought and paid for your politicians and would see you on your knees if it weren’t for those who are standing up against them. 

I’ll also let you know that if you side with the corporations against your fellow workers, when this revolution is over we are no longer going to tolerate your presence in this country, as you are going to find your sorry arses on one of the deportation barges headed for the third world.

As for you 99ers out there, we need to get the Easter Project into high gear.  And who knows, maybe some of these green weenie tough guys will try to stop us and we can have the pleasure of knocking a few knots on their heads.  Personally I would hitchhike to get to that fight.

And don’t forget April 2nd and the Nationwide Protests that are planned.  We must start becoming active before it is too late.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. It’s a disgrace and a disgusting what goes on. The number one reason is money! Japan and other countries the government support are all for what our country stands for. Money! We as a country or they the so called government feels they have to do what they think the world feel that’s right. We the 99ers, probably at one time the greatest influence on America means nothing to America at all. We are just like used toilet paper that was flushed and washed away! We really don’t have any impact on our nation anymore because our nation has enough money to get them to support their mansions. As long as these people are in office getting paid their salaries, they don’t care about us. When you look at the stats from 2000 and 2010 it’s not to far off, in other words the government is making enough of money from the existing working people to have a wonderful life.
    We are just outcasts, our contributions mean nothing and they really could care if we work or die!
    Let’s fight this battle! This battle is for our survival! The government really doesn’t care if we live or die! We have to make the difference for us! For our families and friends! We have to fight and make a point that this lousy government is trying to cover up some of the greatest Americans (99ers) and make like all is well. Please listen to Henry and make a stand this coming Easter and or everyday. This is your life and our fight to exist and survive!

  2. I think it is time to show this failing joke of a government that “WE THE PEOPLE” aren’t going to be taken as suckers anymore…..It IS time to march and protest and show them that this government is a complete joke. Obama has the right to make it all happen too but he was an accident like a child born not on purpose, best part of him ran down the leg! It’s time for ANARCHY….just like the Egyptians did and other countries are doing. The problem is that AMERICANS have no backbone and are more or less sissy’s and do nothing but talk about it……LETS ACT PEOPLE……revolt!

  3. GREAT ARTICLE!!! Very well said and yes its time to stop asking and begging and start knocking heads in washington, ya know the one thing ya dont hear anymore is about the guy who got this economy rolling down hill in the first place george bush jr…why the hell is he getting off so lite? Throw his ass in jail and throw away the key already people!

    1. I can tell you why he’s getting off so lite… G W Bush got out of serving in combat, got into office (TX Gov, then Pres.), and has gotten out of the mess he made through “Daddy’s $$$.” When he was first elected (before 9/11), my first response was “OMG! We’re going to War!”
      Well done article, as always, Henry.

  4. i am a 99er whose job went overseas. why doesnt congress halt all benefits to illegal aliens and give us our damn lifeline. wth dont the AMERICAN PEOPLE come 1st? take all the money illegal aliens get from welfare and give it to us for our 14 week extension. atleast we paid our taxes, after all you cannot get unemployment unless YOU PAID INTO IT.

  5. Well one of the issues that is not often talked about is the masonic influence in this country, i know a lot of people tend to disreguard any talk of the masons as “conspiracy theory” but its no secret that a majority of american leadership has masonic ties and it might be note worthy to have a second look at this group of people who run this country…call them out and put the spotlight on them!…from what ive seen they are the ones in congress and senate making it look like there is a power struggle but in fact they are all of the same masonic family, dont look at the party’s and what seperate’s them , look at what bind’s them together…bush jr and john kerry were both members of skull and bones one is a republican and one a democrat but they are cut from the same cloth as far as brotherhood and like it or not they are not interested in helping americans or saving this country…maybe its time to reboot and start fresh with real hard working americans in office…maybe its time we got back to basic’s and took the money out of washington so they cant waste it while growing more and more wealthy for themselves, you can only push the little guy so far before he has nothing to lose and then ya better run because he will bring friends, a good start is to VOTE OUT ANY AND ALL G.O.P MEMBERS!


    Here is what happened today. I was talking to a friend about the need for local organizing for the March For Jobs on April 2nd. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a call for 99ers to mobilize in their local areas on that date to draw attention to the needs of the unemployed and underemployed in America.

    As I mentioned some of the challenges that come with any type of mobilization, she said “99ers are too broke and depressed to do any marching”.

    She’s partially right. Most of us ARE depressed and most of us ARE broke. After working for 20, 30, 40 years and always providing for ourselves, in the span of a few years we have lost homes, cars, savings, our children’s college tuition, 401Ks and what little pride we had left. If that is not bad enough, we find ourselves totally shellshocked that our President and Congress has closed their eyes and turned a deaf ear to what just a few years ago was a National Emergency when the Labor department reported unemployment was around 8%. Now that it is reported at 9% Congress and our President seem as if they could care less about unemployed Americans. They seem to be much more interested in what is happening in other countries. Where is the outrage from our elected officials?

    They are strangely, and sadly silent, materializing only sporadically to draw attention to the plight of the 99ers.

    We do have (as of this date) 75 cosponsors of HR 589, but they are uncommonly silent (for a politican that is) about a very large and growing part of their electorate right now.

    (By the way, those 9% figures are fabricated. The real unemployment figure in America today is over 23%).

    We are disgusted that the main stream media that call themselves journalists have been bought and paid for, choosing to ignore 60+ million unemployed and underemployed Americans to instead focus on Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

    We are utterly sickened that the rich have gotten significantly richer in the past few years while so many of us have lost everything.

    Well, almost everything.

    The one thing all 99ers have is a bit of fight within us.

    For an Update on the National March For Jobs April 2nd go to


  7. All good comments above, now if only the President and congress would look at how bad off the 99ers are. The government needs to HELP the American people ist. What about all the money the USA has sent to other countries do we ever see any returned? Look at the companies helped with a bailout now they are moving elsewhere, taking jobs with them. HELP the 99ers……………….

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