99ers HR 589 Supporters Don’t Think About It, Just Do It

As radiation from Japan rains down on the west coast of the U.S., American war planes prepare to invade Libya, and millions of 99ers continue to suffer the grossest deprivations, King Soetoro and his wife Michelle Antoinette are basking in the sun of Brazil.  

If you think about it, Obama has become so insignificant as a leader in any sense of the word, that we should be wondering what we are paying him for.  If he completely disappeared and no one could find him the only difference would be that our corporate controllers would not be able to claim to be lording over us with any legitimacy. 

I heard it being reported in the mainstream propaganda that we need Brazil.  That’s not true.  In all actuality the corporate elite want Brazil’s natural resources and cheap labor.  You see they made a lot of money last year and they need someplace to invest it, anywhere but the United States.

Companies in Texas have sold out of Geiger counters which should seem like a good thing in the midst of all the bad in that some American workers might make a dollar or two producing more.  But it is no-can-do as some of the crucial components for the devices are only manufactured in Japan and production there has stopped.

Do you realize that 60 cents out of every dollar the United States spends on defense must by law go to a foreign country?  This is a result of William Jefferson Clinton’s treason in passing legislation which dictates the 60% exportation of our military contracts. This has since been affirmed by George W. Bush and now Barak Obama. 

This treason is continuing at two levels. 

Number one of course, Americans are being denied the work in manufacturing our own war machine. 

Number two, should we go to war with any of the countries supplying critical components to our war apparatus, all that country would have to do to hurt us is simply quit sending parts.

Those holding our highest seats of power have been working for our destruction for the past thirty years and right in our faces. 

Considering the Japanese nuclear crisis and our country’s subsidies for nuclear energy, I think it should be noted that during the Clinton administration, Bill, Hillary, and a bunch of their friends bought up large shares of soft coal reserves in Indonesia.  Afterwards, Slick Willy used his office to make a large part of Utah’s desert a national park. 

You see this national park holds the largest soft coal deposit on the planet and after Clinton put it off limits the stock he and his cohorts held in the Indonesian deposits went through the roof.  The Clintons and their friends made billions while the people of the United States were left to subsidize nuclear energy.

99ers every day we have less to lose and more to gain as I think our enemies fully intend to take our birthdays away in the end equation.  I see more people on the site taking up the cause of the Easter Project.  If the 99ers can accomplish this one feat I believe in my heart it will be a stepping stone towards our redemption.

Don’t spend all day thinking about it, just do it.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Very well said! Its no suprise the 99er’s have been put on the back burner and dont be suprised if a “conflict” or all out war breaks out just before election time , the G.O.P will need a distraction because they have nothing to run on, vote out the republican’s!!!

    1. Thanks a lot, 99-4-revolt, for promoting the BS that keeps us fighting each other instead of our real enemy: Big Money.

      Read the article again: it goes Obama, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton.

      But by all means keep pushing the crap that electing Democrats will help us!

  2. Great article Henry. I am just in a state of shock that the man who calls himself the President of the United States ignores everything and goes on vacation. We have some serious shit going on here at home and he needs to address it. Never have I seen so much corruption and so many laws being violated. Why is Walker not in jail? The House continues to work on matters that are not important right now. Anything to avoid talking about 99ers, unemployed or jobs. Next we will hear that the House has proposed a bill to come up with a way to find out how many tons of pig shit a pig can produce in a 24 hour period. We are getting there Henry, I know it has been a slow process but good will always prevail over evil. In the end we will be heard and will become a priority. Time to get to work. My prayers are with you all.

  3. He went to Brazil in an attempt to promote jobs in America? WHEN WILL THIS B__S__!!!
    stop. My friend is a commercial painter, he tells me all the crews are made up with Brazilans, a pizza chain here in Boston is under investigation for hiring 50 illegals from Brazil—-The only way “he” can create jobs here is to send these illegals back to Brazil-not to go there to promote America! For crying out loud, that’s why they come-and he’s over there with open arms-F-ing disgusting!

    1. I forgot to add something. The govenor here in MA just got back from a 2 week trip to the middle east and europe. HE HAD THE BALLS TO TELL US THE SAME THING!
      The trip was to create jobs! What are these politicians trying to do? remind the world that we exist?

  4. I have sent so many E-Mails to the White House and to my Rep in NJ, hoping they take off their blinders and open their hearts to see, and feel for the 99ers in this country. When this country needed support, we were there for them. We need Washington to stop acting like spoiled little children and put their “BIG PANTS ON” and start creating good jobs in this country. We need Washington to pass H.R.589 NOW!

  5. According to the news, the US has so far spent 70 million dollars on ths libya
    horse shit. I think the Enola Gay could do it cheaper with money left over for
    the 99ers. Where are our priorities, I am confused.


    Here is what happened today. I was talking to a friend about the need for local organizing for the March For Jobs on April 2nd. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a call for 99ers to mobilize in their local areas on that date to draw attention to the needs of the unemployed and underemployed in America.

    As I mentioned some of the challenges that come with any type of mobilization, she said “99ers are too broke and depressed to do any marching”.

    She’s partially right. Most of us ARE depressed and most of us ARE broke. After working for 20, 30, 40 years and always providing for ourselves, in the span of a few years we have lost homes, cars, savings, our children’s college tuition, 401Ks and what little pride we had left. If that is not bad enough, we find ourselves totally shellshocked that our President and Congress has closed their eyes and turned a deaf ear to what just a few years ago was a National Emergency when the Labor department reported unemployment was around 8%. Now that it is reported at 9% Congress and our President seem as if they could care less about unemployed Americans. They seem to be much more interested in what is happening in other countries. Where is the outrage from our elected officials?

    They are strangely, and sadly silent, materializing only sporadically to draw attention to the plight of the 99ers.

    We do have (as of this date) 75 cosponsors of HR 589, but they are uncommonly silent (for a politican that is) about a very large and growing part of their electorate right now.

    (By the way, those 9% figures are fabricated. The real unemployment figure in America today is over 23%).

    We are disgusted that the main stream media that call themselves journalists have been bought and paid for, choosing to ignore 60+ million unemployed and underemployed Americans to instead focus on Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

    We are utterly sickened that the rich have gotten significantly richer in the past few years while so many of us have lost everything.

    Well, almost everything.

    The one thing all 99ers have is a bit of fight within us.

    For an Update on The March For Jobs April 2nd go to


  7. I just got an email that says barry is loaning Brazil 2 billion dollars for off shore
    drilling. All the oil that comes from this is under contract to China. Where does
    he keep getting the money from?

    1. Mark, barry is involved with so much shaddy shit, I must of forgot about
      your great article. This is just unbeliveable, I had to read your piece twice,
      and I am still shaking my head in disbelief.
      Thanks for reminding me of the article.

  8. Our goverment feels the pain of the unemployed,the only thing they feel is their pockets getting biger.Its a shame they turn their backs on the 99ers,and so did the news.How maney more people will our goverment turn their backs on?2012 is comeing fast vote them all out and put in a party that will put america and its people first,if their is one.ALL the DEMS AND THE GOP IS TALK AND USE SMOKE AND MIRRORS TO FOOL THE PEOPLE.They are fooling no one.Maybe if the 99ers own oil wells they would get some help.VOTE THE BUMS OUT IF NOT AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT WILL BE GONE FOR MOST.

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