Japan’s Nuclear Crisis – Lies, Lies, and More Lies

It is now nine days since the earth quake and tsunami in Japan and it has been an interesting span of time.  We have learned that everything we have been taught about nuclear reactions and radiation was absolutely wrong.  Saturday morning CNN was reporting that radiation was as natural to our bodies as mother’s milk and sunshine. 

As for the radiation levels in the United States the reporting has been scant, however if you listen closely to the reporters it is revealed that even in their world of fantasy the radiation in Japan may very well get into our food chain.  But hey, the solution is simple.  If the cow’s milk is radiated, just do not drink it.  And of course our government officials, through the mainstream news, will let us know if the milk is radiated. 

So what about the fish in the waters off of Japan?  Do not be concerned as the radiation apparently is having no affect on them.  You see, fish in Japan have a natural resistance to radioactivity.  In fact they seem to thrive on it as will be evidenced when Japanese fishermen start bringing in three hundred pound sardines.

The fact that 20% of the United States’ energy comes from nuclear power plants is being hyped as, get this, “our best clean energy source.”  In fact the propaganda blitz designed to save the guaranteed loans for the multi-billion dollar nuclear energy industry is becoming laughable. 

I think every citizen should be contacting their local representatives and telling them that not only do they want the subsidies for this filthy source of energy to stop, but also we want the plants operating now to be shut down and mothballed. 

Also our government should immediately begin an investigation of the oil and nuclear energy industries to expose their wanton sabotage of clean free energy inventions.  Once all the patents are retrieved they should be released to the world along with an apology to the people for unnecessarily radiating our bodies for the past fifty years.

God guide us in these dark times.

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  1. It is said that the radiation inventory for the Japan disaster is 30 to 40 times more than the Chernobyl disaster. Below is a translated to English article that talks a little about it. Also a video that everybody should watch. The nuclear accident or so-called accident in Japan is no joke. A massive problem that will effect human life for many years to come. The propagandists will keep it quiet in order for them to achieve some sick end goal.



    Video – A must see in order to understand the magnitude of Chernobyl

  2. I found it particularly horribly funny that the media reported that the radiation in Tokyo, as high as an abdominal x-ray,was safe because it is “only” the level of an x-Ray. Our govt must really think people are stupid, never wondering why the nice xray tech is standing covered in lead, behind a protective wall….
    If they are trying to calm people, it’s not working-they simply reinforce the truth, which is our govt doesn’t care about it’s own citizens and our media lies to us constantly.

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