99ers HR 589 Supporters Form Up

Well Obama’s approval ratings are continuing to fall.  So I guess some more American service people had better get ready to die in Libya in order to bring them back up as the UN Security Council has okayed not only a no-fly zone but any military action deemed necessary by any country to protect the insurgents in Libya.  And when it comes to another war in the Middle East what it will cost and how it will be financed is not an issue.

This scenario should show everyone that in the international political agenda human life is not a consideration.  Think about it like this.  If the true goal was nothing more than to get an incompetent president reelected it would be an extremely simple task. 

I personally did not vote for Obama or McCain, in fact I cannot even tell you the name of the person I voted for, as I simply read the views of the various candidates and cast my vote for the one that portrayed himself as most in line with our Constitution. 

I could never cast a vote for Barry Soetoro but I will tell you this, if old Barry stepped up and signed an executive order granting extended unemployment benefits to all long term unemployed through the 2012 election, I do not believe any sense of reason would stop his incompetent arse from being reelected. 

But instead of turning to those in need in the United States for support for his reelection the gangster Soetoro has instead decided to cast his lot with the international corporations that pile their wealth through wars.  Their money coupled with those in Barry’s secret slush funds, I guess is supposed to buy the next election.

The American people, and especially we 99ers, must once and for all make this strategy fail.  Until numbers in people outweigh revenue in deciding elections we are going to see no change in the status quo.  And if things continue down the present path we are going to find ourselves in the middle of a bloody revolution that should have never been necessary.

We must start communicating more efficiently.  All 99ers need to spread the word for their fellow citizens to come to From the Trenches and unite.  You must push for the Easter Project and for all 99ers to come out on the streets nationwide on April 2nd.  If we can just make a few small steps we can gain the momentum we need to become the unstoppable force that will lead the way to the restitution of our great Republic under our beloved Constitution.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free coalition shall prevail.

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  1. There’s not a day goes by where I send out 20 resumes or more a day. I research and I send to whomever. I’m completley ignored and being discriminated. It’s frustrating and it’s really starting to get me pissed. Let’s do a million or more march on Washington. This will make some sort of impact. We need to be in the news! We are being completed neglected like we don’t exist!

    1. I would love to do a march on Washington, I have only one problem i lost my 90 weeks back in Jan 22 and have 200 to my name i cant get there, and i think alot of great americans are in the same boat as me, I live with my sister(thank GOD) so i have a roof over my head but we march on D.C there gonna come at us with oh they can get there ass up for a rally but wont get a job, i’v heard it already. I’m 44 and started working at 14 with a paper route 28 years of holding a job now i cant get one, used to work two jobs when i had a kid. But i want 14 more weeks so i’m Lazy.

  2. Something smell’s fishy to me, it doesn’t make any sense how the republican party is committing political suicide like they are…it’s clear a great number of american worker’s 99er’s included are gonna vote these scum out come election time…no damage control or common sense is being used by the G.O.P and im starting to wonder why they would do this to themselves…to be honest i could care less but it stands to reason they must have a plan of some sort, president obama need’s to get off his ass and fight fight FIGHT!!! for the 99er’s if for no other reason than to look good in the spotlight, even if he really doesn’t care it would be better than what he is doing now (not much) giving in on every deal…sitting on the fence…is this what we voted for people???

    1. I agree. The RepubliCons seem to be unconcerned about their image or the effects of their political stance. They care not if the general public view their actions as being tyrannical or dictatorial in nature. I find it interesting that members of the RepubliCon Party have a one set mindset on any and all issues brought up for discussion. I wonder if the main requirement for being a Party member is to partake in a mass frontal lobe lobotomy of some sort. Which later renders member compliant to the mandates and ramblings of the Grand Poobah himself, Mitch McConnell. And meanwhile standing over in the left corner we have the Democrats. Idly milling about. Each one patiently awaiting their turn to partake in the use of that one viable living brain cell that they’ve been able to muster up to share between them. Their seemingly non-concern and lack of true willpower to oppose the RepubliCons on key issues is beyond amazing to say the least. Which leaves me to wonder if there really is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

      I’ve also been observing some of our politicians and political pundits in the news media while doing press release or interviews. There’s something going on with them that just doesn’t seem right. I can’t exactly put my finger on it but its involves their current behavior, body language and speech. Some seem nervous, apprehensive and/or uncomfortable when being asked to expound on key issues. Governor Scott Walker comes to mind and is a prime example of this. He seems so uncomfortable in his own skin. You would think the boogeyman is standing right behind him. Which brings me to another thought. What if a “shadow government” has been lurking in the wings and has now fully emerged and begun taking control of our judicial and legislative bodies of government. Rewriting new scripts for our politicians to recite, enact and enforce at all levels. Basically holding our politicians against their will and the American people unknowingly as hostage/bargaining tools? This brings to mind when in 2010 BO aka BS justified his decision in the negotiation process with the RepubliCons. Making his decision to continue tax breaks for the rich he stated ” I could not stand by and let the American people be held hostage.” The American people’s didn’t know they had been hijacked. That was a curve ball out of left field.

      At any rate I hope in the grand scheme of things the powers that be will not limit the power of our votes in future elections. Because if our votes truly mattered why are both parties being so reckless in their attitudes and treatment towards us. Are the unemployed/99ers, the poor, the middle class, the unions, et al being taken for granted? Or is because our votes don’t really matter to them any longer. Surely these types of maneuvers are not ones that would be used by those who care about how we the people think, feel, or will caste our votes in the upcoming elections. Therefore I’m constantly reminded of where I and others stand with our government on a smaller scale of involvement. But I cannot help but wonder where they will stand with us on a larger one. I pray its for the positive.

  3. I feel that with all that is going on right now, we have been ignored more than ever. So many people need help just to be able to feed their families. That is not a lot to ask. We have been in an emergency situation for years. What do we need to do to be heard? The Easter Project is a start but if we only have the amount of people signed up on this site joining us — it’s going to be a very small start. However, at least we are doing something. As long as we continue to do something we will continue to get stronger. You are right Henry about the Tier V. If the incompetent leader of this country will force extensions for the unemployed, he probably will be re-elected. I’m sure he will not be any different than the next traitor we put in the White House. Their plan has started and unless we stop them they will reduce everyone of us to poverty. That is their agenda. The 99ers have their own. My prayers are with you all.

  4. I am glad educated conversations are being conversed on such a serious issue to those who believe in now finally saying enough is enough…

  5. Somehow the phrase United States Of America and We The People have gotten lost. It should read United States Of The rest of the World,because the people of America have been forgotten.We need to get our phrase back and take care of our people first and then help someone else. Our own must come first. We built this nation and we want it back. Until the President( and i use that term useley) and Congress get that we will not move forward.Our people need Help and this has to be a priority.We can’t wait any longer.

  6. Based on the laws and actions of our president,senate and congress-the top 2% are getting plenty of good representation while the lower 98% get no representation! There is trouble brewing here in America and the flame is getting hotter.

  7. 90 million for Egypt, 21 million for Libya and they have no governments, but we don’t take care of our own people. Makes alot of sense to me!!!!


    Here is what happened today. I was talking to a friend about the need for local organizing for the March For Jobs on April 2nd. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a call for 99ers to mobilize in their local areas on that date to draw attention to the needs of the unemployed and underemployed in America.

    As I mentioned some of the challenges that come with any type of mobilization, she said “99ers are too broke and depressed to do any marching”.

    She’s partially right. Most of us ARE depressed and most of us ARE broke. After working for 20, 30, 40 years and always providing for ourselves, in the span of a few years we have lost homes, cars, savings, our children’s college tuition, 401Ks and what little pride we had left. If that is not bad enough, we find ourselves totally shellshocked that our President and Congress has closed their eyes and turned a deaf ear to what just a few years ago was a National Emergency when the Labor department reported unemployment was around 8%. Now that it is reported at 9% Congress and our President seem as if they could care less about unemployed Americans. They seem to be much more interested in what is happening in other countries. Where is the outrage from our elected officials?

    They are strangely, and sadly silent, materializing only sporadically to draw attention to the plight of the 99ers.

    We do have (as of this date) 75 cosponsors of HR 589, but they are uncommonly silent (for a politican that is) about a very large and growing part of their electorate right now.

    (By the way, those 9% figures are fabricated. The real unemployment figure in America today is over 23%).

    We are disgusted that the main stream media that call themselves journalists have been bought and paid for, choosing to ignore 60+ million unemployed and underemployed Americans to instead focus on Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

    We are utterly sickened that the rich have gotten significantly richer in the past few years while so many of us have lost everything.

    Well, almost everything.

    The one thing all 99ers have is a bit of fight within us.

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